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A question for factory staff types

So it's recently come to my attention that there have been ships made that take advantage of the Anaxes War College system, because regardless of whether or not they're intended to be armed, they are intended for combat roles, which is where the problem arises. The issue in question is that due to current regulations, you can make a ship that would fit into a max length, height, or width of whatever might be included in a particular class of warship. That means I could technically build "Heavy Frigates" that are 500 meters long, 500 meters wide, and 500 meters tall, arm them as such, and they would meet factory standard for such vessels. And in fleeting situations such ships would be considered the same level as an actual 500 meter long vessel such as the MC40a. So lets take a look into that.

A MC40a as per the factory template, is 500 meters long, 200 meters wide, and 130 meters tall. That means in total it has a volume available to it of 13 million cubic meters.

Meanwhile a Victory Class Star Destroyer, is 900 meters long, 450 meters wide, and is 270 meters tall as per the template. That means that this heavy cruiser has in total of 109.3 million cubic meters in volume on the vessel.

Then lets look at the supposed Heavy Frigate I propositioned earlier. It is 500 meters long, 500 meters wide, and 500 meters tall. That means in total on a vessel that to standard Anaxes War College system rates a 500 meter rating, I have now created a ship which has 125 million cubic meters in volume. And for those of you who are science nerds, you know that weight vs volume on anything, is not a linear scale.

My question is there any way to fix this, or report something that's so blatantly taking advantage of the system? Because in theory you could not only arm these vessels, you could make these ships into massive weapons platforms that could outfight a Victory class Star Destroyer type of vessel, and yet be counted as a 500 meter ship. I know this is an RP site, and that most of the factory tech made here is supposed to be just fancy/flashy stuff that's intended for characters to have much cooler/neater stuff, but I can't help but think this is something that would be abused. I know we stick with Anaxes War College system because it makes the most sense, and in the setting it's actually pretty accurate as far as the level of capabilities of vessels, but I don't get the feeling that people would take that into account when they build ships. I don't know what to suggest for changes or anything to make it more fair, but I'm just curious as to if there is even a thing in Factory rules or if Factory staff have a precedent for dealing with something like this.
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Not a Factory Judge, but good look convincing other fleeters your shiny shooty thing shoots harder than their shiny shooty thing, despite equivalent ratings, just because it's thicker; space stations semi-frequently have such measurements and yet are rarely seen as superior because of it.

I really don't think this is or will be a problem given that people barely pay attention to ratings, let alone any measurement other than length.
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just as Adrian pointed out, due to how the roleplaying on here works, ratings, much less the size and scope of a ship within certain limits don't rly matter at all anyway. I also don't think you'll find many people whoch specifically design cubical and spherical ships...given ships are generally eye candy on here anyway :p

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Sergei "Jack" Jachovich Sergei "Jack" Jachovich

The way that the system balances is through the ratings. Yess, a 500x500x500 ship can be seen as a massive Frigate, however, it's offensive power is directly linked to its ratings.

Both the cube and the MC40a could have a similar extreme rating, and therefore be capable of throwing out a similar level of damage. It doesn't matter how many weapons each ship has individually, the extreme rating is the balancing factor that counts the most in this situation.

In a similar way that the number of fighter squadrons which can be unleashed are the same regardless of the square cubage available.

If you do notice a submission which is broken and needs to be looked at again, then under the current factory system the best option if for a member of the community to submit a report to bring it to staff's attention.