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A present for my boy.


CEO of Verres Trading
Since I recently got my new species, the Ashlan Wolf, approved, I would like some help in the thread to obtain two of them, one for me, and one for Vulpesen. Of course, such a quest would be no fun on my own and thus I would like a bit of company.

Anyone can join the thread, and I don't believe there's anyway I can OOC stop any of you from obtaining your own wolf(not that I wold want to). So, as soon as I have quite a number of people joined up, I shall set off.

No fighting rivals to the death (unless you really want to die)
No preventing me from getting my Ashlan Wolves (after all, thats hy I'm doing this, and If i can't get them through here due to an incomplete thread, I'll just buy them IC as the beast trader I am)
Please do not join if you don't think you can follow it to the end.
Have a good time.
The Rovagug


CEO of Verres Trading
We'll be headed to Myrkyr, so unless you intend to spy on some back water Mandalorian planet...