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A Pirates Life For Me [OPEN]

Thalira prepared her YT-2400, the 'Monarch' for docking as she got close to her destination; a trading space station in deep space of the outer rim. She had a contact who told her of a trade going down that consisted of a dozen crates of weaponry - mostly medium tech guns - that she wanted to steal and sell on the black market for a profit. Her contact also introduced her to [member="Thraxis"] and [member="Ichor"] , two men who showed interest in assisting Thalira with the job. Thalira was the first person to arrive at the station, but the other two would be arriving shortly after.

One of the 'Monarchs' terminals began flashing, indicating the ship was being hailed by the station. Thalira pressed a button to accept the hail, and a moment later a mans voice sounded through the comms. "Your ship's ID is registered for docking for three hours. Docking Bay 74 is open for you. Enjoy your stay." After that a click sounded out, signaling that the hail was ended by the other side. Getting docking permissions was quick and easy for this station, and Thalira appreciated that. Thalira slowly docked the 'Monarch' into Docking Bay 74, as she was previously instructed to.

Once docked, Thalira made her way to a large open room where the trade would be going down. She stayed for a few minutes, getting a feel for the place, then made her way to a station cantina, where she was supposed to meet with her two partners so that she could explain the plan to them. Of course she already shared the basics about the plan, but it was time to get more details. Though truthfully, even then it wasn't even fully thought up, as Thalira needed to make a few final adjustments to it when she saw the place it would happen. So while she waited for her accomplices, she finalized the plan.
Cologne. Check.

Mouth spray. Check.

Fancy tie. Check.

Cigarettes. Check.

Pocket revolver. Check.

Darryl was ready to get this day started and finalize this deal. Last night was rough, he could see that on his face on the mirror. Two tablets ended up rapidly in his mouth to fight back the encroaching headache. The entrepreneur brushed his hands over his suit a few times before scanning his hotel room for anything that he might've forgotten.

Nope. Nothing. Trade stations' living areas weren't really known for being spacious so there wasn't much to look around for. Darryl arrived yesterday and had left his small luggage in the docks where he aimed to be by the end of this arms deal he had brokered and on his way home with a good stash of credits.

The con man found a good opportunity in brokering an arms deal between two parties. Commission was pretty good and he couldn't wait to feel it in his pocket. Today was gonna be a good day.

Unless something terribly bad happened.

[member="Thalira Kiing"] | [member="Thraxis"] | [member="Ichor"]​
"The sword has to be more than a simple weapon; it has to be an answer to life's questions."
- - -
A severely damaged Flarestar-class attack shuttle shook and shuttered as the station's tractor beams assisted it into the docking bay. The ship had obviously taken heavy damage, and while the cause of such damage had been reported as a meteor shower, the carbon scoring of cannon fire was obvious on it's hull. The shuttle's exit ramp hissed open, highlighting an interesting shadow.

A lanky individual stepped out of the Flarestar, covered in cloth wraps and durasteel plates. A decorated war-skirt fluttered slightly in the breeze, the red fabric dancing in the wind created by the sudden depressurization. Yellow eyes glowed under a wide-brimmed war helmet. Two separate vibroblades were visible on the Kyuzo's person, one across his back, the other strapped tightly to his side.

Ichor strode powerfully off of the Pirate ship, alone. He had stolen the vessel from a cadre of Weequay scoundrels, and they hadn't seemed too happy about it. Hence the damage.

Suffice to say, he'd be happy to part with it.

The green-skinned Kyuzo walked through the trading station, looking over the various wares and goods on display with a disinterested eye. Then he found the cantina, the place he was supposed to meet the crew. The Grumbling Gorrt. Very classy name.

Ichor walked through the sliding doors, and went to the bar, surveying the area. His eyes finally rested upon a form showed to him by a new contact. The mastermind behind their little plot.

The Honorless One stepped up to [member="Thalira Kiing"], a twinkle in his eye.

"Kiing, Thalira." His voice was deep and robotic, the words coming out with some difficulty. "Good to see you have made it. I am Ichor." He tipped his hat coyly, both as a greeting, and as congratulations to himself.

Galactic Basic was a difficult language.

"We will be... procuring some goods, correct?"

- [member="Darryl Montreux"] - [member="Thraxis"] -
A large ship more akin to that of larger ships engine that one of its own descended down, the sound of squabbles and poor Pirate accents filled the brim of the ship as slowly the back ramp descended down, a cloud of fog hovering out as the ranks filled out, they thought they were moving in unison, a beat to their step but this was far from the truth. In actual fact they were drunk beyond belief, strapped to each back a large half emptied keg of booze was tied around, single long chains rolling around with a clatter as they made their way out, bouncing and bumping into each other before the final soldier emerged from the rear of the ship.

Darkness embodied his armour, long stretch marks of war wounds placed along it as he looked back and fourth at the rabble he had gathered, a menacing approach taking as a dumb goofy grin stretched across a Gammorean. Thraxis stood opposed, looking up at the rather large soldier before breaking character, letting loose laughter, the rest of the soldiers cheering with him. "Oh man... I just couldn't keep it up." He chuckled with the crew as they began to file out looking for this Cantina he had heard a job was sitting at. They were a menace and a plague, they didn't follow the rule of you look with your eyes, not your hands. They fiddled and left marks of alcohol on what they claimed to be priceless jewelry as slowly they made it to the bar. The obnoxious noise echoing and rumbling into the Bar before a door slowly swung on its hinges. "Right. Time for round two." He whispered to himself, taking in a deep breath before taking his first few steps into the bar, the Gammoreans rolling around him and quickly filling any empty seats. Some had people wallowing in misery, others had games of chance strewn along the tables. But though the green tide a single Black mass stood solid and in silence.

He turned back and forth, scanning the room with monotoned emotions, unnatural motions as he found his targets. It wasn't too had, the one wearing the strange shield stood out as he made his approach, wisping through the crowd of Gammoreans like a ghost before sitting down at the table, elbows planted his fingers intertwining and locking in place as he looked between them, letting tension build up before a chuckle was let out. Then it grew to a laughter as he dropped the act. "Aha... Oh... I'm sorry. I tried to do the whole. Ohh look at me aren't I tough routine." A comedic tone taken as he undercut the tension, he did it with everything these days, tension-torn from underneath its feet before it could even start. He extended a hand, arms crossed over each other as he went for a handshake. "Name's Thraxis. Nice to met ya." He stated looking back and forth between the two hoping they would repay his gesture in kind.

[member="Ichor"] | [member="Darryl Montreux"] | [member="Thalira Kiing"]
As Thalira sat there waiting, a tall alien clad in armor approached her. She recognized him as one of her partners in this mission. After he introduced himself and finished speaking, Thalira smirked at him. "That's exactly what we'll be doing here. We've got a great deal here and we need to take it before it's too late." Thalira was curious about Ichor. There was an interesting feeling about him, and Thalira wanted to find out more about him out of curiosity.

Shortly after Ichor arrived, a wave of Gammoreans entered the cantina, followed by a peculiar man. He approached Thalira and Ichor and introduced himself as Thraxis, the third member of this party. His rather comical entrance put Thalira off, wondering if the mutual contact was even being serious about setting the group up.

"Good, if we are all here we can start this thing." She spoke hesitantly. "This job might be a bit tricky. The crates are being guarded by security right now, and they wont be vulnerable enough until they're actually being handed off to the buyer. That's when we will take action. The crates should be on cargo carriers, so they would be easy to grab and get away with, we just have to get away before security shows up. We will have to fight our way through a security post or two on the way to the docking bays. If anything is locked down I can hack it open, but that means it might be best to store the crates on my ship. Once we get out of the station we can meet back up at Nar Shaddaa and split the loot."

Thalira looked at her soon-to-be partners in crime to see if they visibly approved of the plan. "Any questions, comments, or concerns?"

[member="Ichor"] | [member="Thraxis"] | [member="Darryl Montreux"]
Ichor smiled at Thalira, his facial expression softening. "Then let us take it, then." The Kyuzo warrior's muscles tensed quickly with anticipation, his words harshly accented. He felt the excitement of a heist begin to well in his very being, the anticipation of a daring escapade.

He turned his head slightly as a herd of Gamorreans flooded the cantina, and his smile faded, again becoming neutral. He spotted a figure make it's way to their table. Thraxis.

Ichor looked at the extended hand the pirate gave him, head cocked to the side confusedly. He decided to ignore the gesture, instead inclining his head in respect, his war shield bobbing with the same motion. "Glad to meet your acquaintance, Thraxis. I am Ichor." Despite the harshness and difficulty in his words, the intelligent glint in his eye showed he was smarter than his speech pattern would have some believe.

Ichor opted to stand as Thalira relayed her plan, one hand cradling his chin in thought, the other lightly resting on his vibroblade. He listened intently, sometimes nodding his head in understanding. As she finished, the Kyuzo spoke up softly.

"First, a comment." Ichor's features suddenly grew hard and stubborn. "The weapons will not leave my charge. I will go with Kiing, Thalira on her ship, and accompany the crates to Nar Shaddaa." He spoke with conviction, as if it were already decided, at least, in his mind.

"Second, a question." Ichor blinked, musing. ​"How far away will this deal be occurring from the docking bays?"

- [member="Thalira Kiing"] - [member="Thraxis"] - [member="Darryl Montreux"] -
Thraxis wrist twisted, brought back as seemingly no one was willing to give him a shake, though Ichor did give a courteous nod. Well. Thats at least a step in the right direction. "ahh, Ichor. Good to meet ya." He said aloud, a cheer in his voice as he pulled from beneath a table a small cup of gin, twisting the contents of the glass with a twist of the wrist as he looked towards Kiing as she spoke of the plan, a damp expression spread across his face, though the mask helped to hide the fact that he didn't like it. Not because it was flawed, it seemed fairly straight forward and easy to perform. But the idea of a Heist. All the heists he had been told would succedded, had only ever ended in abject defeat and left him stranded on some planet unimpressed and pissed off.

Though he didn't voice his concerns, his job was to be the hired gun, and the hired gun don't talk smack about no plan unless it was suicidal. Though even than he would rather hold his tongue. His head bobbing up and down in aggreance. "Yeap, get in there, shoot some stuff up and grab the cargo. Sounds fullproof." He gave a jolly cheer, a hand slapping agaisnt the table as he pulled himself to full height, raising the glass in the air as the Gammoreans turned with him, arms raised as their flabs of meat swayed with the jolt of movement, before chugging down their Drinks. Thraxis was about to do the same, before realizing his mask had been left on.

Than Ichor spoke up, his feautres twisted and controted, as he grew serious and dark in his words, unmoved by any others words. His points were fair and he wasn't about to go arguing agaisnt the man, if he wanted it so badly than who was he too complain. He had his own ship, he knew the coordinates too Nar Shadaa, though didn't know the loaction to meet up. "Quick little question, where do you want us to meet up at once we get back to Nar Shadaa?" He inquired, head turned to the side, his ear pointed while a hand pressed agaisnt the side, clasped to amplify the answer.
[member="Ichor"] | [member="Thalira Kiing"] | [member="Darryl Montreux"]
Thalira was glad to see her partners were asking questions. It meant they didn't just accept everything without asking questions, and that meant they weren't idiots. Thalira was glad she wasn't dealing with idiots. Her partners both seemed competent enough based on their first impressions. Speaking of them, when Ichor stated he would be going with Thalira when they left the station with the weapon crates, she didn't feel the need to comment on it. He seemed adamant in the decision, and there would be no convincing him otherwise. Though, Thalira didn't even care if he wanted to stay with the crates. She wasn't trying to scam them.

"The deal will be happening in a big open hall," Thalira began to address Ichor's question. "My ship would be about two or three halls away. I made sure to get a docking bay close to the hall for this exact reason." She turned to Thraxis. "I don't know how far your ship is from mine, so if you head there when Ichor and I get in mine, I can fly out of the station and work on taking out security fighters and turrets to give you time. Maybe your green friends over there can assist you in getting back to your ship." Thalira supposed that the gamorreans were with him since they arrived the same time he did.

Then Thraxis asked the important question as to where they were supposed to meet up when everything was said and done. "Right, we'll be meeting up at an empty storage unit next to another cantina, The Giant Gizka. I know the owner of the place, and he also owns the storage unit. He's letting us conclude business there." Thalira looked over her two companions before speaking again. "Anything else? Or should we see about getting this thing started?"

[member="Ichor"] | [member="Thraxis"] | [member="Darryl Montreux"]
Ichor heard a sudden uproar of laughter behind him, and he looked over his shoulder. Some drunken human had ran into a Gamorrean, and had been rewarded with a swift punch upside the head. Apparently, the rest of that table found the action hilarious. Ichor didn't see any humor in the defeat of an inebriated enemy, so he slowly turned his attention back to his own table, yellow eyes shining.

The Kyuzo nodded his approval as Thalira answered his question, mentally applauding her preparation. He didn't concern himself with what would happen after they acquired the crates. They would cross that bridge if they actually stole the weapons.

Ichor crossed his arms again, his muscles relaxing. "Buffon rossi mar chisio. The plan is acceptable." The pirate accidentally slipped into his native tongue, quickly correcting himself. He nodded to the pair, an inherent happiness fueling the Kyuzo.

The promise of action was on the horizon, and Ichor wouldn't miss it for the world

- [member="Thraxis"] - [member="Thalira Kiing"] - [member="Darryl Montreux"] -
He turned, a mistake was made from the soldiers, he tossed a small pouch of credits to the inbreitaed man. Though followed up with a thumbs up to teh Gammoreans as they got back to their drinking. He looked back and fourth between them, the finer points of the plan hammered out for them as he nodded along, a blank expression drawn acaross his face before a question was raised. "Not a damn clue where my ship is. We just... Oh we will figure that part out when we get there." He continued with a shrug, hands raised before pushing himself out form the table, chair pushed back before he turned and took a step up, a mug raised to the men as they turned with drunken joy. "Ya hear that men? We gonna get to fight this day!" He shook his arms shaked up and down as another choir of noise echoed about, joy filling the air as once more they drank themselves silly. He assumed by 'get back to your ship' really meant take them along for the war. Though it wasn't his brightest plan, looking over them they were a drunken rabble more than they were a fighting force.

"Well, now that I know where to meet up, sounds like we got a plan." He said, this time actually departing formt eh tbale, tkaing a couteous bow as the Gammoreans slowly rallied from their seats, "I will meet ya in the fray Captain. We shall keep them off ya while you make your escape than meet up with you." He turned to his men, arms raised as they followed in a cheer, an inebriated movement taken as they bumped and collided with each other, their folds of fat interlocking here and there in a disgusting display before tearing apart with a sickened slap as the alcohol tried to keep them connected.

As they rolled out a single man sat there, feet tapping on the floor as he had to respond to a complaint of people getting too grabby. His mouth was about to open, taking a step towards Thraxis before having a slightly large pouch of coin put into his hand, followed by a single finger pressed against his lips. "Shhh. We gotta get to our ship." He said as they funneled out, slowly moving in a cacophony of noise back to the ship. Today was gonna be a good day to fight.
[member="Ichor"] | [member="Thalira Kiing"]
Thalira just watched as Thraxis rallied his gammorean rabble for the upcoming battle. She couldn't help but to let out a chuckle towards the humor of the mans strange ways, and how his crew was a bunch of drunk big green brutes. But as Thraxis and his crew left the cantina, Thalira gave a look of confusion when he spoke to the man who was clearly annoyed with the excited new customers. With nothing to say about it, Thalira stood up from her seat and looked to Ichor. "Shall we?" She asked him, before leading the way out of the cantina, to the hall where the trade was going to happen. When they got there, the place had a good amount of activity, but it wasn't completely crowded. And also, they still had a bit of time before the trade actually happened.

[member="Ichor"] | [member="Thraxis"] | [member="Darryl Montreux"]
The Admiralty
Codex Judge

A large lizard was moving calmly through the corridors.

Coincidentally it was the same corridor that [member="Thalira Kiing"], [member="Ichor"] and [member="Thraxis"] were aiming for their heist to be executed. The Trandoshan had nothing to do with the deal itself nor with the heist, but he was quite oblivious to the mounting pressure in the atmosphere that always came before blood spilled on the floor. Mostly, because he was tightly trying to practice the sales pitch he had to come up with for the station administrator. The word on the street was that Trade Station Baresh had a sanitation problem.


The toilets didn't flush right, the tubes were karked all manners to hell and apparently Deck Aleph to Cresh had been flooded last week with waste. That could spread sickness, if it kept happening, so Czerka had send him.

After all, sanitation was his bread and butter, if they landed this contract? That would probably give them a way in on the other trade and refueling stations spread through the Outer Rim. He crouched down - right behind a couple of loose crates - to tie his laces. That obscured his rather large form from what was about to go down. Not that Vaine noticed.

His eyes were still glassy as he tried to remember the pretty words he had come up with on the way here.

[member="Darryl Montreux"]​
Ichor moved out of the way slightly as Thraxis stood, his honor guard forming behind him. The Kyuzo stared them down, evaluating their worth. As they left, Ichor's eyes trailed them, noting the exchange between the group and a man.

Money seems to flow from him like water through a broken dam.

Ichor returned his attention to the table, and the woman that was now getting up from it. She spoke, and the Kyuzo nodded, adjusting his hat. "Let us begin."

Ichor walked slightly behind and to the right of Thalira as they exited the bar. Each step held an inner confidence, propelling him forward. His eyes scanned the faces of each being before him, his demeanor ever vigilant.

Finally, they made it to where the trade was going to take place. Ichor kept his head low, pondering.

"Now we wait," he said, chuckling to himself. Ichor scanned the room, his eyes flashing under his war helmet. Plenty of people, but no weapons deal in sight.

Ichor could be patient.

- [member="Thraxis"] - [member="Thalira Kiing"] - [member="Dalan Vaine"] - [member="Darryl Montreux"] -
The numbers funnelled, out, often shifting and moulding, he couldn't keep track of their numbers and was fairly certain that when he did a headcount on them when they got into the ship there numbers had swelled by a quarter. He scratched his head, wondering if the Gammoreans had simply pushed out fully grown children or if some random Gammoreans slowly filed into the group, not knowing what they were getting themselves in for. He paused for a second, counting the numbers before a child Gammorean approached, a hand pulling at his trenchcoat with large bulbous eyes filled with innocence. Thraxis got down on his knees, hands clasped as the child talked. "Hey mister. I think my daddy got stuck in your rabble. Can I go fish him out?" The child inquired, mustering up all the cuteness a Gammorean could, which was only comparable to the amount of Sympathy a starved Rancor had.

Thraxis sighed, looking up the ramp, it wasn't filled to the brim and they could fit more numbers, "Yeah sure. Go ahead." He chuckled, a level of sincerity as the child wandered up the ramp, his voice deafened by a dozen drunkards pushing against each other. As the kid got off the ramp into the actual ship Thraxis quickly darted, pulling up the ramp and closing it shut, he could seldom here the kid's screams, a plethora of curses directed at him as he was tricked. "Right. I ain't attracting the entire Gammorean populace onto my damn ship." He groaned, taking a few steps away as he saw in the distance a few more Gammoreans approach. A brow raised, a foot tapping against the ground as his arms crossed. He wasn't fitting anymore in and that was his final verdict. They got the message, no words exchanged as they quickly slithered away before he let loose a sigh. "Well. Got some time to kill I suppose. Better go to this meeting. Can't let them loose their most valuable member I suppose." He left out a fit of hysteria, that was a joke. A valuable pirate, he wasn't one with the Jackals, he wasn't one with the Cartel and he sure as hell guessed he wasn't one here.

Slowly he mozied through the crowded populace of the markets, slipping and sliding through, he had no idea where this meeting was to take place, realising perhaps he should have asked for that prior. Now that he thought about it, he didn't even know when they were to depart. The first thought that came to mind was his response to everything. Questions for later. However, for once the questions were for now and he broke into a frantic pace, slipping and sliding past the people before hearing the coo and call of booze. He turned, some portly old man had set up shop and he turned on his heels, a hand coiled around his helmet as he perused through the fine selection of booze.
[member="Ichor"] | [member="Thalira Kiing"] | [member="Dalan Vaine"] | [member="Darryl Montreux"]
Since they still had time to wait for the weapon trade to happen, Thalira made sure no station officials were looking, and when the coast was clear she went over to a terminal in the wall. She started typing away on it, bringing up restricted security menus as she hacked the terminal with ease. She had to input a few passwords, but they were easy for her to uncover from their hidden databases. After finding some hidden security codes, she closed out of all the menus and screens, bringing the terminal to it's original view. She also entered faulty code into the database, so by the time security noticed there was a breach in the system, it would be impossible to find out what happened.

Thalira found her way back to where Ichor was before any security officers could show up to even see her at the terminals. She unhooked a datapad from her belt and brought up the main screen. She brought up a hidden screen after clicking a few on-screen keys, then waited as her datapad wirelessly connected to the security terminal she was at moments ago. From there she had access to the entire station level's security. "See those security cameras?" Thalira asked Ichor, pointing to several security cameras on the wall, though none were in the position to see them well enough. "I've got complete access to those things. Once the trade starts and we swoop in to take those crates of weapons, Security's gonna be blind for a bit." She spoke proudly of her successful feat to the kyuzo. It would buy them a little bit of time when they had to escape.

[member="Thraxis"] | [member="Ichor"] | [member="Dalan Vaine"] | [member="Darryl Montreux"]
Such coincidence.

Munching on a value-for-money pretzel and with a cheap coffee cup in one hand from the local convenience store, Darryl approached the location where the crates of weaponry were before they were to be positioned at the hall where the actual deal was to happen.

"Hey, hey! Trandoshan! The hell you doing here? Place is off limits." Darryl frowned at the sight of a trandoshan tying his laces next to one of the crates. He did not recognize the man and felt uncomfortable having a complete stranger so close to a deal that would pile him in quite some money.

He cautiously approached the big lizard man as he tossed the empty bag of pretzel into a nearby trashcan. The con man stopped half a dozen feet away from the Trandoshan.

[member="Dalan Vaine"] | [member="Thalira Kiing"] | [member="Ichor"] | [member="Thraxis"]​
Ichor noticed [member="Thalira Kiing"] dart off, and watched, interested. His gaze became razor-sharp as he once-over'd the room yet again, making sure her action would go unnoticed. Satisfied, he crossed his arms, the obvious question of 'what are you doing' was almost on his lips.

Then she returned, and before he could ask his question, she answered it. Thalira pointed to the cameras, and Ichor looked on, keeping his shield in place with pinched fingers. A smile crinkled his features behind his breath mask. He hadn't thought of that.

"Good work, Kiing, Thalira," he praised appreciatively. "Now we can literally rob them blind." Ichor chuckled at his own joke, trying to look inconspicuous. He leaned against a wall, keeping his face hidden by his hat.

From what he had seen so far, the woman was intelligent to a tee, with the street smarts to boot. A good combination, in Ichor's mind. Perhaps even more so, he was excited to see [member="Thraxis"] and his men attack. Subterfuge and subtle tricks were all fine and well, but nothing excited him more than a battle.

The battle that was just on the horizon.

- [member="Darryl Montreux"] - [member="Dalan Vaine"] -
Welp. He was wrong, the so called fine collection of booze was nothing more than bottled water scented to smell like the finest booze in the land. He sculled it down, always good to keep hydrated, though he tended towards the more alcoholic section, he was sure his kidneys would appreciate the few gallons he had bought. Or maybe he could trick the Gammoreans, in their state they would drink just about anything if it kept them buzzed up.

He found a seat next to the nearest bathroom stall, he was going to get his money worth from this crap collection of smelly water. One after another all that fell to the ground was empty bottles of glass, shattering at his footsteps as he made a nuisance of himself. A few guards wandering up, only to be met with a raised brow and a bottle of water. As long as the name held up, they weren't gonna say no to a bottle of rare alcohol.
[member="Ichor"] | [member="Darryl Montreux"] | [member="Thalira Kiing"] |[member="Dalan Vaine"]
The Admiralty
Codex Judge
He rose from his crouched position and it turned out the Trandoshan was about four heads taller than the munching man.

Looking down on the humanoid Dalan's thick carapace ridges rose up, before frowning in surprise. There hadn't been any signs that this place was off-limits and neither was there any security to suggest such. But what Vaine did notice was that the human was staring at the crates every couple of seconds - as if he was nervous about his proximity to them. That suggested there was something there in the crates and something good at that.

Clearly the human was an amateur, because Dalan had done this thing before.

"No signs, Bas." It would sound as boss, but it meant something entirely else. "Ztop ztaring at the cratez, bas, if you don't want attention on it, ya?"

"First time zelling crap you zhouldn't be zelling?"

[member="Thalira Kiing"] | [member="Ichor"] | [member="Thraxis"] | [member="Darryl Montreux"]​
The damn lizard was too damn tall, Darryl would find out and he almost choked on his pretzel. A hard gulp signaled that the food had indeed passed through successfully.

He took a deep breath to keep his ground. "Shh-, keep your voice low!! Not everyone needs to know what's going on here, alright?"

"My partners will pay you off if you look the other way while this goes, alright?"

[member="Dalan Vaine"] | [member="Thalira Kiing"] | [member="Ichor"] | [member="Thraxis"]​

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