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Approved Tech A Lover's Healing Potion

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  • Manufacturer: Elise Vizsla Elise Vizsla
  • Affiliation: Darth Malum of House Marr Darth Malum of House Marr
  • Market Status: Closed-Market.
  • Model: N/A.
  • Modularity: Only by a Novanian Shaman.
  • Production: Unique.
  • Material: Novanian/ Archaisian Force Imbued herbs; Bacta; Force Imbuement.

  • Classification: Drug/ Stimulant.
  • Method of Consumption: Orally, Injection, or through open wounds. Can only be used once.
  • Average Life: Battlemind effects last for 2-5 minutes. Healing takes a minute to fully complete and dissipate.
  • Nutritional Value/Allergies/Side Effects/ Purpose: The potion is a last resort healing measure, and a temporary gifter of the Battlemind Force ability. After the potion expires, the user deals with a killer hangover and withdrawal session that lasts for several hours.

  • A mixture of Force imbued Novanian herbs, bacta, and Force imbuement allows for insanely rapid healing of injuries, wounds and sicknesses. Regardless of how severe the wound is, the potion will heal it in approximately one minute.
  • The mixture imbues the person who took the potion with Battlemind, giving them a much needed boost in power for up to five minutes of combat.
  • The potion has Elise Vizsla's Force Signature ebbed into it, releasing a comforting sensation where she is the source.
  • When affected by Force Nullification, the potion loses all its Force Imbued effects, essentially being reduced to a regular bacta shot.
  • The potion has a bitter, sour taste and a horrid aftertaste.
  • The potion glows in its bottle, and when it is consumed it will cause all injuries and wounds to glow red as they heal.

  • Healing: This concoction is insanely potent as a healing potion. The combination of unique herbs, bacta, and Force imbuement upon the potion is a blessing. This potion can completely heal injuries, even broken bones, torn tissues, strained muscles, and life-threatening blows, in approximately one minute of time, rapidly working as the minute progresses. This potion also works on most diseases and poisons, dispelling the effects and killing the substance.
  • Second Wind: Through the integration of Battlemind into the mixture, this potion gives its user a temporary boost of power with all of Battlemind's effects between two and five minutes.
  • Remember Me: The potion's creator, Elise Vizsla, imbued her own Force Signature into the potion. When the potion is taken, the user is comforted by her essence, and given a calming, soothing feeling as if she was there comforting and loving the user.

  • Make It Count: This potion can only be used one time, and one time only. A rare and unique formula, it is insanely difficult and taxing to create, and can only be crafted once at a time.
  • No Pain No Gain: The healing process itself does not apply any numbing effects. This means any pain from injuries - and even the pain of healing so rapidly - can take its toll on the person who consumed the potion.
  • No Good If You're Dead: This potion cannot revive someone if they have died.
  • Get Out Of There: After the Battlemind effect wears off, the potion seemingly reverses in all effects and powers. Furthermore, the strain of such a potent potion can leave the user feeling weariness and weakness, as well as hangover symptoms such as headache, wooziness. and imbalance. This potion is best used as a life saver, so the user can get out of their current situation without dying.
  • A Sacrifice: Whenever the elixir is used, wherever and whenever, the potion's creator will feel her own essence drain temporarily. As if the life force was sucked from her, she will deal with withdrawal from the potion itself, as her own Force Signature is temporarily sacrificed to save the potion's user.
  • Force Nullification: When affected by Force Nullification, the potion loses all its Force Imbued effects, essentially being reduced to a regular bacta shot.
  • Tastes Horrible!: This potion itself tastes like bantha dung left in the sun, mixed with the most bitter of herbs, and then stirred into radioactive waste. Needless to say, it is a foul experience that will never be forgotten. If the potion is to be ingested, be sure not to gag!

A powerful potion made from Novanian herbs, various applications of the Force, and bacta - this miracle in a bottle serves the purpose of healing and saving the user, Malum Marr. Inspired when Elise Vizsla saw what the Jedi had done to him during the Caldera Crisis, Elise resolved the make sure that did not happen again. Pouring even her very Force Essence into the potion, this labor of love was made to heal any injuries while the user is alive, to comfort Malum with her own presence, and to give him enough of a second wind to fight his way out of the situation before him. However, the potion took its toll on Elise herself, weakening her significantly both when she made it, and inevitably when the potion is used. Furthermore, there are no pain killers or numbing effects to this potion. Once the potion is used, the user will feel cathartic and weary from the rapid effects. This is a onetime potion, with so much poured into it and sacrificed. It cannot be used more than once; and it should only be used as a last resort.

"I love you. Stay safe and come back to me..."

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Very cool, I love it! I found one problem, I would like to ask you to add to the weaknesses, what will happen with the potion, how affect its effects the Force suppression/nullification effects?
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