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LFG A Force-Sensitive Problem

Nykoria Tallis

Shades of Purple
Two new IC concerns have emerged for Nykoria since I last posted here:
  • She has just crashed her swoop during a street race on Coruscant. The bike is in need of extensive repairs after the opponent used a dirty trick to knock Kori out of the race. That leaves room for interactions with sympathetic mechanics and the likes.

  • She is getting closer and closer to going bankrupt (especially after losing the race money and crashing the bike). That means Kori might be more open to taking on job opportunities she'd otherwise question. Of course, she's not desperate to delve into something nasty or illegal, but she'll give any other opportunities for making money more thought.
I figured either of the two things could be good excuses for more RP. ;-)
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I suspect this character would be a really good fit for a project we’re cooking up in the First Order. To make a long story short, we’re looking for folks who, for whatever reason, don’t necessarily fit in with the archetypes of any one major faction, but who are nonetheless looking to interact and network with others.

While this takes a couple of different forms, the project you’d fit in well with we’re calling the Mynocks. The elevator pitch is, there are places who need help in the form of humanitarian assistance that a governmental agency might not be able to go officially. But, politics be damned, we still want to help. Smugglers who can get supplies, doctors, etc across borders, mercenaries to provide them security, that sort of thing. The pay is exorbitant, the missions are dangerous, and the healthcare plan covers dental. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you’re interested.

Nykoria Tallis Nykoria Tallis