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A den of Scum and villainy (Blacksuns)


Thus Saith the Lord
Vex tumbled out of bed followed by the clink of several bottles and too women. This worried Vex he swore there had been a third women and a wild cat. He was soon disrupted by the monotonous knocking that had woken him up. His head was thumping "Kark off" He screamed clutching his head "B ... b... bb ... but you hav been named Vee go " the henchman on the other-side of the door bubbled. Vex lent back onto the animal skin rug, He was Vigo now "I amend my previous orders Kark off and bring me a henchman with two brain cells." He listened to the thudding as his henchman marched off. He stood up and clapped his hands "Any one who isn't a dwarf get out" He shuffled over to the wardrobe he pulled out his nicest clothes.
(15 minutes Latter)
He strolled down the stairs "You yes henchman Don't speak just right what I say down" He said then began walking off He began reciting his requirements "We are having a Dancers and Jedi party if they aren't in costume they don't get in ... I want an army of caterers ... This fountain should be running on Champagne not water and I want Ladies and gentlemen of Pleasure lots of them ... Oh and send out invitations" Then he left to the kitchen his entrance heralded by swearing and the sound of shattering glass.

Night fell and Vex's mansion was ready for a party, alcohol and other intoxicants were every where. and the house was filled with scantly clad ... staff. Vex was stood at the door in custom fitted Jedi Robes.

Aela Kellov

One mean S.O.B.
Aela arrived with a large robe over herself, it looking enough like a Jedi robe. She walked up to the entrance and greeted the new Vigo of the Black Suns. She'd never met @Vex Tythion in person but she'd heard enough about him to know he was a little man who could cause big trouble for any who crossed him. While Aela was a bit unsure if this man could fill the former Vigo's shoes, and they were some pretty big shoes for his little feet to fill, at the same time when she first saw him she began to think otherwise.

Stopping in front of him she said "You're Tythion, right?" She bent over to shake his hand saying "Aela Kellov. Hunter. Merc. Anything in-between." After he spoke with her she said "Not sure about the whole dress-up thing. Took me a while to find a robe this big." After glancing inside and seeing all the "exotic guests" for the party, she leaned down and whispered "But for those who I take home for the night there's something better underneath."


Thus Saith the Lord
"Why yes I am and you must be ... taken" He grinned He shook her hand "Mrs. Kellov, don't let me forget that there is something better underneath" He set off walking into the mansion "I Like strong women" He purred. Vex Tythion had no worries about filling the previous Vigo's shoes if it come to it he could put the shoes on one of his many ... staff. He handed Aela a bucket sized cup "This is for you you will find an assortment of liquor hidden in plain sight around the house. He went over to the auditoriums main fountain and pulled his own cup through the cascading water and gulped down the whisky that now filled the bottom of his glass.