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A Common Gathering


Fire Queen
It had been a while since there was any kind of celebration or get-together at the Palace. More often than not, it seemed as though Kay and her Ministers and staff had only been aroundeachother for meetings and during times of trouble.

Now was not one of those times.

Through the advice of her Royal Advisor [member="Adron Malvern"], she had the ballroom prepared for a delightful evening. Music was rehearsing quietly, instruments tuned while decorative art pieces were being strategically placed around the room. It was a formal affair, yet she had hoped that everyone would be able to enjoy themselves and be comfortable.

Kay had instructed her assistant [member="Rys'sya"] to send out the invitations, giving them all the time and place. It was going to be a strange evening, she was sure, but more so for herself.

After getting changed into one of her gowns, she stepped into the ballroom to await her guests. Afterall, it was her duty to greet them. Hopefully everything will run smoothly.


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[SIZE=12pt]Adron stood in the center of the main hall to the ballroom, a small glass in his hands. There was still some time before the festivities began, yet the Advisor had decided to partake early. What did the commonfolk call it, pregaming? Perhaps not the most professional thing he had done in his time, yet lately he was realizing he needed a drink every so often or things were more irritating than he could handle. After passing off the glass to one of the passing servants, the man adjust his collar and made his way to Kay. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]He had chosen a tasteful, yet eccentric, vest with a purple design that flowed over his torso. The black cotton shirt he wore underneath was a bit warm, yet he had decided to spare himself a tie for the evening and instead a small silver pendant hung from his neck, the standard of Commenor embedded on it. With the matching black trousers he wore, he stood an impressive form. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]As he approached Kay she may notice a rejuvenating light in the man’s eyes as they scanned her form. Of course she was nothing short of beauty, and the dark colors she was wrapped in worked wonders with her eyes and her hair. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]He bent low at the waist in a formal bow, his hand outstretched to take hers. “My Queen.” He greeted, holding a smile as he gestured to the room surrounding them. “The ballroom is exceptionally beautiful this evening, of course it pales in comparison to you.” He complimented, before taking a place beside her. “I am sure this will be a promising evening.”[/SIZE]

[member="Lady Kay"]


Fire Queen
[member="Adron Malvern"] was the first to arrive to the ballroom. In some way she wasn't entirely surprised. She looked him over, noticing the Commenori pendant that he wore. The man was always well dressed and today was no exception.

Kay bowed her head as he greeted her, placing her hand in his. Perhaps a weight had been lifted from his shoulders, for he looked rejuvinated, enhancing his features.

She smiled, dipping her head a little as she blushed with his compliment. "Thank you." Her eyes darted around the ballroom, watching the musicians prepare themselves. "I certainly hope so. We could all use a delightful evening to forget our troubles."
Seriously? Why do I have to go to these stupid things and my Sister doesn't...

Caedyn Arenais stood before a mirror taller than he was looking over his own reflection, his hands working to straighten his attire, the closest thing he had to anything resembling a formal gathering. The Je'daii Order didn't do much of these sorts of things and when they did, his tunic and robe were entirely appropriate given their background yet here on Commenor it was a slightly different story. On the bright side however, he supposed it was good that someone was here to represent his home back on Svivren and the Order for which he was a member to.

It didn't take him long at all to reach the main hall however, he'd been using one of the personnel suites to quickly correct himself and soon continued on his way to see who had already arrived and who of them he might know of. His Mom was there already of course, he could feel her presence in the Force before he had even reached the room and upon stepping through, she seemed to be talking with [member="Adron Malvern"] though the two weren't at all acquainted as of yet. His Training Lightsaber bounced lightly against his right hip as he walked over towards them, the only weapon he had brought with him given the ceremony and one that could not result in a fatality least it be in defense of blaster fire; the symbol of his training however was always to be on his person as was only right for the Padawan of [member="Asha Hex"].

"Hey Mom..." Caedyn greeted the [member="Lady Kay"] with a certain lack of enthusiasm; the truth was that he had no idea how to talk to girls, let alone how to dance with one of them so he didn't see why he had to be here really. It was then that he turned to look to Adron curiously at first before speaking up in greeting to him also, "Hey Mister" the boy offered a gentle smile before glancing around the grandiose room; "Am I going to know any of the people that come to this thing?".
With a slight nod, Adron agreed with the Queen. "Truer words never spoken."

There was a moment of pause when Adron spotted the crowned Prince of Commenor. He had seen the man in passing, yet the two had never had the pleasure of an introduction. While he addressed Lady Kay, Adron clasped his hands behind his back with a slight smile offered to the man. Of course that smile faded the moment he heard the words. Mister. Rubbing a hand against his chin, he wondered if he looked so old that his title should be mister?! Force help him, he didn't have any gray hairs did he?

Clearing his throat, Adron inclined his head to the prince respectfully. "Prince Arenais. My name is Adron, I am the Queen's advisor." He removed a hand from the small of his back to offer it to the boy before him.

Adron's eyes fell down to the boy's lightsaber that hung from his waist. He would look to the weapon with a narched brow before gesturing to it. "I hope you're not hoping to use that. As the Queen's advisor I am of course at the disposal of the entire royal family. Take my advice, Prince. In the future, leave your weapon behind or at least make it unseen." He advised.

[member="Caedyn Arenais"][member="Lady Kay"]

Loreena Arenais-Valhoun

CEO of MandalArms
Lori spied her twin brother [member="Caedyn Arenais"] from the hallway. She grinned in spite of herself and tiptoed along behind him. Of course she wasn't close enough for him to hear her stifle a giggle, for his mind was clearly elsewhere. She recognized his dowdiness, the same gait that he used when he would roam the halls in school to go to a class that he didn't want to. Perhaps he felt that this party was like that.

But it was a party! It was going to be fun! And Lori was determined to make sure that Cae had fun too.

As her brother was talking to [member="Lady Kay"] and [member="Adron Malvern"] , she quietly snuck up behind him and suddenly wrapped her arms tightly around him. "Got ya!!" Lori broke out in a fit of laughter that ended with a snort. Unlike Cae, who seemed cool as a cucumber in most situations, she tended to be goofy and unrefined.
The Spacepiress of Chaos
The last few months had passed in a rather eventful way - and in that time she had ensured to keep her head down or in the very least hidden. Her own machinations had brought an end to her former name, ensuring that at the very least many whom had a target upon her would believe that she was dead; after all, Thraxis had taken the body and she had even heard that her wife to be had a fuss over getting it back the last she was on Geonosis. Though now she stood there at the threshold, quiet and somber for a moment before a heavy sigh escaped from beneath the heavy hood that covered her features.

Slowly stepping into the ballroom, a small gust of wind brought on by her movement flared the coat out, the hilts of the lightsabers upon her hips revealing for a moment. As the fabric settled once more, she stepped forward, stopping as she peered over those few already gathered before her attention settled upon the woman. The Queen looked better - though at least not as tired as the last time Amelia had seen her - and tonight would hold a surprise in the least. For now though she wanted the gauge the lay of the land as it were, keeping her attention upon those that may have otherwise had some hand in the previous dealings and events in the last few months. For that night, she had forgone the armor she'd have normally worn to keep herself hidden - rather wearing a gown she found rather pleasing to her eyes.

Of course there was already one individual among them that she focused upon, one that she felt had no reason to be among the Commenori. In her mind an Imperial Adviser had no place at the side of the Queen - though she couldn't make any such feeling known directly - after all, just a few short months ago she herself was a wanted woman. A soft smirk crossed her lips before she moved towards the table with the various refreshments, her hand carefully selecting an empty glass from among the table. Inspecting it for a moment, she set it down before pulling a crystal decanter from her bag that hung from the small of her back.

Slowly she pulled the plug free with a small, though still somewhat audible pop, before slowly pouring the sanguine liquid within the glass before her. Carefully she would replace the stopper before just as quickly spiriting the item away into her bag. Slender fingers wrapped around the glass, bring it to her lips as the sanguine liquid slipped across them. Slowly she would turn, her attention once more falling upon the Queen and those already gathered around her.

Thus she brought her hand up, as if offering a toast to the Queen, her glass held high before she brought it back down - though through the entirety she kept her hood covering her face, not yet ready to reveal herself.

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Fire Queen

Kay had hoped that there would be a good turnout tonight. Although just what everyone else was up to, she wasn't entirely sure. It could be that most were too busy, or perhaps they were too far away to make it on time. Regardless, she planned on making the best of it.

A smile graced her face as [member="Caedyn Arenais"] walked in. She had been seeing her son quite a bit, and for that she was thankful. Without Veiere around, she needed to have someone in their family to hold onto. Already she could see the leadership qualities within him. He was the best of both his parents, and in that she was proud.

Just as she was about to speak, [member="Adron Malvern"] jumped in first, introducing himself and then giving his advice on the weapons policy for such events. "It's alright, Lord Malvern, I'm sure that he didn't know." Once again she was interrupted, her attention now on [member="Loreena Arenais"] as the twin mysteriously popped out from nowhere and grabbed hold of her brother. Kay laughed in spite of herself, watching the interaction of the two. It was good to see that little had changed between them. "Glad to see that you both are in good spirits. Now try to stay out of trouble, alright?"

Movement from the corner of her eye caught her attention. Kay turned her head to spot [member="The Whispering Tyrant"] give her a bit of a toast. She bowed her head to the cloaked woman. Some people were more inclined to hide themselves during events where there'll be a bunch of people. And that was okay.

Kay turned her attention back to the twins. "Now no pranks tonight, Lori. There are guards here and I don't want you to get hurt. Understood?" The girl was quite well known for it. Especially when Cae was around.
Caedyn frowned. At first there was uncertainty and confusion over why he was being told not to bring his lightsaber, he didn't know [member="Adron Malvern"] in the slightest. His reaction soon took a shift to his defense as he replied quickly "My lightsaber goes where I go". Over the years his Mom had found herself a good lot of advisors but Caedyn had never been around to meet them, that was his Mom's business and his path was with the Je'daii now. Being treated like he was royalty, treated differently because he was born into their family, he had always hated it at school and had been so fond of the freedom of expectations and the fresh start that came with traveling the Galaxy alongside his Master...-While Commenor was where his Mother was, being Queen was what she liked doing; it wasn't something Caedyn ever planned on living up to.

The boy didn't have time to elaborate, even if Adron did have questions; the arms of his Sister wrapped around him tightly and she basically yelled in his ears "GOT YA!". He couldn't help but grin at her arrival, now knowing that he wasn't going to be the only kid in this boring ol' place. She gave him a big hug, one that was well needed for they hadn't seen each other for quite some time now, Caedyn trying to hug her in return, getting his arms up over hers and chuckling to himself before saying to her, "You've gotten way better at sneaking up on me!" though it did help when her target had been distracted by others.

"What've you been upto ?" He asked [member="Loreena Arenais"] unable to remember just how long it had been since they'd seen each other, probably back when he had gone to meet with her in the Mandalorian territories and instead been intercepted by a Sith Hunter. The Chase hadn't lasted long however, thanks to some of Lori's Mandalorian friends that also knew their Mother.

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Darben Skirae

Well-Known Member
Darbek Skirae had brought Renla along for this meeting of minds. Or rather more of a delightful evening, in the ball room. He had a suit, while she had her bright green dress. She held his hand as they went out of the speeder and in they went to the ball room. Renla let go of his hand, and off she went to socialise. Meanwhile Darben headed right over to [member="Lady Kay"] to let her know he had arrived. "Miss Kay" he said to her, bowing to her respectably.

"Thank you for the invite, Kay. Could use an evening like this certainly." And he certainly could use one such as this.

Loreena Arenais-Valhoun

CEO of MandalArms
Lori always felt better when she was with [member="Caedyn Arenais"] , even when he annoyed her at times. The twin's connection was very strong and she hoped that it would be for always. She let him go, but remained close beside him with her arm wrapped around his shoulders. Boy, he was taller now!

She grinned as he complimented her on her sneakiness. "Thanks Sno--" Lori was about to call him by one of her nicknames for him, but decided that this wasn't the place for that. --I mean, thanks bro. It's not an easy thing to do in heels."

When he asked her what she had been up to, she shrugged her shoulders a little, not wanting to get into any of the bad stuff. Instead she decided to go the route of humour. "What have I been up to? Just training, tinkering, and hanging out with your girlfriend [member="Beth Australis"] a bit." She snickered, looking to see if he'd go read in the face at all.

Upon hearing her mother tell her to not do any pranks, Lori sighed. "Oh fiiiiiiiine. I'll leave them all alone...." Of course she crossed her fingers behind her back, as kids would do when making a promise that they didn't intend to keep.

She then spotted Renla and [member="Darben Skirae"] as they approached. "Hi Renla! How are you? You look so pretty! Doesn't she look pretty, Cae!" Yup, if she couldn't prank her brother at the moment, she'd most certainlly put him on the spot.

[member="The Whispering Tyrant"] [member="Adron Malvern"]
Adron didn't seem to pay the young prince's comment too much attention. Though he did offer the man a slightly knowing smile. "Yes, I'm sure." He said, in response to his statement about keeping his weapon with him at all times. The Royal Advisor could see he was a prodigy of the Force, likely the light side if his parents character were any indication. To Adron it was almost amusing to see the boy Jedi, traipsing around with that weapon, misguided. When the prince's sister crept behind him Adron could not help but stifle a small chuckle. They were certainly a boisterous lot, if nothing else.

Turning to Kay, he inclined his head towards the two with an amused look in his eye. "Your family is very beautiful, my Queen." He told her, his words genuine as he spoke them. Yet, in moments his demeanor had returned to it's more natural state.

When Darben approached, Adron glanced over to him, yet he did not speak yet. His eyes were more focused on scanning the room that surrounded them.

[member="Darben Skirae"][member="Caedyn Arenais"][member="Loreena Arenais"][member="Lady Kay"]


Fire Queen
Kay watched her children interact with one another. It was almost as though no time had passed and that they were back at the Estate with hardly a care in the world. But those good ol' days had come and gone.

She raised a brow as [member="Loreena Arenais"] mentioned [member="Caedyn Arenais"] having a girlfriend. Did he really? Or was she just teasing him? Her body language seemed to suggest that she was just playing around.

Kay looked at [member="Adron Malvern"] as he complimented her children. Beautiful. Well, she could think of other things besides that. "They are a little rough around the edges, but such a thing keeps them more grounded." And it prevents them from getting overinflated egos. However Lori was in danger of that. More than likely she hasn't come across any real battles yet or witnessed suffering. But that'll come in time, sadly.

She turned to [member="Darben Skirae"] and Renla as they approached. Kay bowed her head to them. "You're most welcome. Thank you for coming. I hope that you're both well."

Oh she could really use some tea right now. But for the moment, she refrained.
Caedyn stared back at his Sister in disbelief, her remark about [member="Beth Australis"] hitting dead center with their Mom standing right there listening to them both. "She's not my girlfriend, Bucket-head!" the jest implying Lori wore the helmet of a Mandalorian, slang used to mock them for their rather bulky war attire. Truthfully Caedyn hadn't seen a Mandalorian fully armed but in light of her teasing, it seemed appropriate. Only then did he wonder what exactly they were doing hanging out together, Mando stuff he supposed though the thought crossed his mind that Lori might be telling her stuff about him and that led to his frowning back at his Sister, "You better not be telling her bad stuff about me...".

Despite their typical bickering and poking fun at one another, Lori and Caedyn carried a bond that no other had yet to come close to. The two siblings born seconds apart of one another had already faced life and death within their first days, the Force noticeably more present when they two were together. Caedyn could already tell that there'd probably be very few to turn up to this whole thing that he might actually recognize, thus he would contend with Lori's jokes and tricks all night.

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Resident President Meme
IF [member="Adron Malvern"] had a problem with weapons being visible then he was going to have a rough night. After all, Darlyn wore his arsenal on his sleeve. Or at least the lightsabers, which were clipped to his sithly robe's belt comfortably on either side. What point was there in hiding them? They were as much ceremonial as weapons of death and destruction. At least his collection of pistols was tucked away, he wasn't that open with how much he carried. Though most present, at least [member="Lady Kay"], wouldn't doubt he had brought quite literally everything and then some regardless of the situation. Parties weren't battlefields but that could always stand to change...

Though both were quite adequate stages. After all the doors practically flung open as he walked through, straightening the dark tunic under the cloak with each step. Just slightly behind him, in bright pink, old republic era robes walked his young daughter, a young teen with only her right hand. She was far from quiet, very clearly pestering Darlyn about... something or other (much to his clear amusement) and keeping pace. "Shoden, sweetheart, you won't change my mind. Now go pester your cousins, they look like they might've forgotten you again."

Meanwhile he himself walked up to Kay, offering a wave on his approach. "Didn't miss anything fun did I? I mean considering the company I'd doubt that." Big grin on his face and a small nod to the prince and princess, and everything was dealt with. Well, at least after he'd also given [member="Darben Skirae"] a nod.

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Shoden Moz

Lady Mischief of Nordel
The pink robes. How could anyone forget Shoden's favorite formal wear? It was oddly the most fitting choice of apparel she owned, being something perfectly outrageous and barely restrained considering it was meant for when she couldn't get away with her usual wear. To be fair, no matter what she would be catching everyone's attention.. it wasn't everyday someone in bright pink wandered into government parties. Boring, old people things her dad had to go to because of work, though her auntie tried to make them more entertaining.

At least here there were her 'cousins' to bother. Which she'd get right to! No pranks, no mischief. Granted no one really expected her to be perfectly behaved, that simply wasn't in her nature... "So what's this I hear about Pretty boy having a girlfriend? I feel bad for her." She chuckled as she walked up to the royal siblings, resting her hand and stump on her hips. "Remember me this time?" She gave a head nod to Renla, who she assumed would remember her. Focus on the twins for now.

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Darben Skirae

Well-Known Member
Darben Skirae smiled towards [member="Lady Kay"] and her kindness and her greeting. "Indeed we are doing quite well" he said back, his heart feeling light and warm. He somewhat wished that Stardust had come along, or was here. But he did not see her about. No doubt Kay would notice something was different about him. He was happier, smiling more. He glanced to Renla who was having her own conversation with [member="Shoden Moz"], [member="Loreena Arenais"] and [member="Caedyn Arenais"].

"Hi Loreena! And thank you, I do look pretty don't I?" she greeted back to her dear friend, smiling at the twins. She hoped she looked nice. And she saw Shoden, and hugged her. They had been quite the troublesome pair, and Renla somewhat hoped they still could be. "It's great to see you three!" she said. And her voicebox was getting better, so she was able to speak more clearly.

Stardust Solus Skirae

The Emerald Dragon
Oh dear...that meeting ran a bit longer then she expected. Running a planet surely was difficult when they needed her advice on certain things or issue, about 2 hours later once it finished she realized that she was late! 15 minutes in fact! She cursed to herself and ran for the refresher to got a bit cleaned and then looked through her dresses...she hummed and found a nice one in a lovely red color like wine. Getting dressed she sent a quick holomessage to a friend for a quick pick up

She stepped outside and locked the place up. She turned right as her ride pulled up and opened the passenger door allowing her to step inside of the speeder. She adjusted her lekku a bit and then nodded as they took off for the gathering quickly. She was gonna be a bit late and hoped darben could forgive her

Arriving at the party she nodded to the driver and was out quickly, she entered ans slowed down as she gave a smile looking around the room and spotted darben as she quickly as she had entered.

hey sorry im later meeting ran a bit longer then i wished. And hello kay! Its been awhile!

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Bradshaw Ku

Crown Prince of Commenor
A figure stood ghost-like, the silent observer of the cold granite shard jutting violently into the sky, penetrating an expanse of cloud and dark blue stretching throughout the background. All around were clustered other shards stabbing into the heavens jaggedly. Below the sharp pinnacle on which the figure stood, was his borrowed droid glistening in the waning light of day, the path to the very top too much for the wheels and servos of the little astromech.

The figure was nearly motionless but for a gentle sway as he unconsciously moved with and adjusted to the constant push of wind. He had somewhere to be, but in these moments, time had slowed, or, had it sped up? Perhaps it was both, either way his attention to his place and motion through time had become mixed, muddled, and confused. All there was were moments. The present. Some connected, others disconnected from the rest.

Mirroring his disjointed place in time, his view of the world stretching out below him if he were to open his eyes would be odd. Upside down. He wasn’t so much standing as his legs were pointing straight into the air, head a couple of feet above rock with one hand on the ground and the other at his waist. Only meditation and the Force was keeping him upright, physical exertion being pointless and inadequate.

The astromech/slicer droid some feet below the top whistled for the umpteenth time to no response. Bradshaw Ku was late for [member="Lady Kay"]’s party. Bradshaw never was much for those kinds of parties, but he very much wanted to attend as he knew his siblings, who he saw very rarely, would be there, not to mention [member="Darlyn Excron"]’s adopted child and many family friends.

No doubt [member="Jairdain"] was back at the palace getting ready and increasingly anxious about his absents.

Shorty, the astromech droid, at the end of his metaphorical rope, decided to take a more… impactful approach. A black spheroid about the size of a baseball launched from his dome and slammed into Bradshaw’s legs, tipping him over and snapping him out of his meditation. The smoke bomb then careened down the canyon, ending in an explosion of inky black smog far below.

[An hour or so later]

Having trimmed the long, tangling beard he’d grown during his training around the galaxy down to the shorter length he’d worn it for most of his adult life, Bradshaw entered the suite he shared with Jair looking significantly less like a poor ascetic and more like the Crowned Prince of an intergalactic government. There was a time for everything and the time for his austere appearance and simple living had ended, though he would always carry the lessens and experiences with him for the rest of his life. He was fundamentally a changed person, even if he now looked not so dissimilar from the Bradshaw who left almost two years ago.

He waited for Jair to emerge from one of the adjacent rooms. Right hand in his pocket. The hilt of Shaw-ku’s lightsaber, his late adopted father, clipped to his belt on the left. It was the former Sith Lord’s hilt but with a new crystal, when ignited, it now burned an energetic purple.

Memories repurposed to new beginnings.

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Rahn Haaku

Minister of Foreign Affairs, CSA
The metallic banging of TC-14's metal hand against his office's blast-door continued to harsh Rahn's mellow. In the bad of the Neimoidian's mind he knew that the queen's celebration was beginning soon It was for this special occasion that he had invited Kessel's Baron Administrator Muroth Duule to attend. Rahn had always enjoyed the Rybet's company and he found kinship in their similar life-cycles and difficult upbringings. He had met the Rybet in Hutt Space years ago when he was still a junior officer in the ministry of foreign affairs. The trip to Hutt space wasn't official, it had been one of Rahn's first missions of personal import where he leveraged knowledge of the CSA's trade regulation to receive a modest payout from a shell-company who Muroth Duule ran as a front for his secretive beneficiaries. The two had gotten along splendidly, reveling in their mutual appreciation for conspicuous wealth and intoxicating substances.

In the years since, Rahn had become Minister of Foreign Affairs and Muroth had become the de-facto owner of Kessel and its lucrative spice mines. Replacing slaves with an automated workforce, courtesy of Cato Neimoidia's branch of the Trade Federation, Muroth saved a fortune on labor upkeep and managed to appear benevolent. With bottomless demand and applications beyond simple feelings of euphoria, Rahn wanted to ensure his continued friendship with Muroth and impress him with an invitation to what promised to be a lavish event.

The banging continued, only interrupted by TC-14's metallic voice. "Sir, we really must be getting to the ballroom. It appears that most of the Queen's honored guests have already arrived."

Skeptical the Noimoidian lazily lifted a data-pad and looked for its time-indicator. Caught between a groan and a chuckle the Neimoidian realized they had forgotten the time-altering effects of the substance. "Muroth, it is time to rub elbows with the Cemmenori elite. I promise you all the splendor of a Dsijilic party without all the insufferable death threats and bounty hunters."


The Neimoidian and Rybet arrived as the stately string orchestra finished a rendition of "Nothing Else Matters". The Neimoidian wasted no time in ushering his friend from one Cemmenori Systems entrepreneur to aristocrat to politician. In a moment of calm between introductions and compliments, Rahn considered his surroundings. While he preferred more garish displays of wealth and power, he couldn't help but respect the elegance and quiet power that the ballroom and the royal court exuded and he hoped that Muroth would be overwhelmed with the refinement and dignity of the event and its participants.