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A Belated Introduction


A Raging Inferno
Greetings fellow roleplayers and writings, it is my pleasure to meet you all. A lovely friend of mine (Ms. @[member="Ven'Rain Sekairo"] to be exact) told me about the site some time back, but alas, I never had time to pop on over here until recently. Unfortunately I couldn't stay long, and had to leave for a bit before I could really enjoy the site. Now that several issues have been resolved, I am free to return to this apparently wondrous place.

Oh, but I've forgotten to introduce myself... how rude.
My name is Blaire, I am of the female gender, I love Star Wars, I spend far to much time on Tumblr, and I'm a high school student. I pride myself on trying to be polite as often as possible, and I enjoy drinking sweet and spicy tea while chatting with friends. Music is something I love very dearly, and I listen to a large variety, so there's almost no chance we won't both like a band or musician.

This is only the second site I've ever been on, but I've been writing since I was a wee little lass, and love it so.

That's about it, so I'm off to roleplay and have fantastic adventures, along with weaving stories in this vast universe.

Antoir Setrrin

I've Met My End
*jazz hands*
*hug tackles*
Yay! You're off haitus! Unlike all our favorite web comics...
It's awesome to see you here. Let's go do our thread we talked about!


Multipurpose Advanced Infiltrator
Greetings and Welcome. :)

Gajjulla the Hutt

Useful bit of advice don't comment on Gajjulla's weight... grrrr