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19 FEB 2014 - New Map Update

Map Update Link For the Lazy: http://starwarsrp.net/pages/map

Update Notes:
Thustra added just south of Mandalore.
Midvinter added north of Selvaris.
Core Worlds organized a tad bit better.
Ltti IV renamed to Etti IV.
Lords of the Fringe Dominion of Soledad.
Yaga Minor control split between The Sith Empire & The Mandalorians.
Dominion: Republic wins Salucaimi.
Dominion: Sith wins Kwenn.
Dominion: Galactic Empire wins O’reen.
Ylik renamed to Ylix.
Pelagon added just north of Teyr in the Colonies.
Lianna, Rudrig, and Raxus moved slightly to compensate for organization.
Nar Kreeta given a star icon.
Bimmisaari given a star icon.
Airis III renamed to Aaris III.
Maridum renamed to Maridun.
Invasion: Republic takes Ossus.
Dominion: Lords of the Fringe wins Tar Mordren.
New Major Faction: The Fel Imperium.
The Fel Imperium is given Bastion and Helska by the Sith Empire.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
@[member="Tefka"] - Looking at the overlapping influence clouds at Kwenn, could that only be done because Kwenn and Saleucami were taken simultaneously/within the same map update, or can a faction dominion a planet on the other side of another faction?

And thanks for the big territory boost near Soledad. For a minute there we were looking positively tentacular.
Ashin Varanin said:
could that only be done because Kwenn and Saleucami were taken simultaneously/within the same map update
I told you all it could be allowed, but sparingly so. If it happens intentionally, I'll deny it.
@[member="Ashin Varanin"]

I don't wish to shine a brighter light on the subject than necessary. I almost refrained from answering the original question because of this.
King of Midvinter
Great work, boss-man! :D