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19 Everyday Situations that are Impossibly Difficult for the Socially Awkward

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
Thing is, I can't sympathize with any of them.

Because I have no friends.

Darc Xavior Talus

Dark Lord of the Sith
Is it bad to say that I am none of these situations? Does that make me weird, different, or some sort of normal?

  • 1. Getting to the restaurant/movies/concert before the rest of your friends.
  • I don't like going out much unless it's important.
  • 2. Deciding whether you’re shaking hands or hugging (or both??).
  • I nod most of the time.
  • 3. Making small talk with hairstylists.
  • The hairstylist usually is the one talking and ignore or dismiss them quickly so they don't screw up my hair.
  • 4. Having absolutely no idea if someone’s flirting with you or just being friendly.
  • I am quite keen of the difference. I like to play stupid naturally.
  • 5. Elevator rides.
  • I don't care who's on the elevator with me. I just like pressing the buttons.
  • 6. The never-ending loop of asking each other “how are you” when greeting someone.
  • I don't ask questions that I don't really care about the responses.
  • 7. Responding to a compliment.
  • I don't. I scrutinize their intentions.
  • 8. Riding the subway with an acquaintance.
  • There are no subways in Miami, FL.
  • 9. Determining the appropriate amount of enthusiasm for dancing.
  • I'm Cuban. There is no limitation in what my culture does when it comes to dancing.
  • 10. Ordering coffee, especially if it’s busy or a new place.
  • I order tea.
  • 11. Trying to decide what to do when you’re walking into someone else’s path.
  • I don't worry about other people. Just myself.
  • 12. When someone actually calls you instead of texting.
  • I hate phones. It's usually off most of the time.
  • 13. Knowing what to do with your arms when you walk.
  • I'm not dense. Why would I be wary of my motor skills?
  • 14. Making eye contact with anyone, ever.
  • I am known to have strong eye contact with people when I speak to them. They are usually the ones looking away most of time.
  • 15. Accidentally liking a Facebook photo you should never have been looking at.
  • I have no shame.
  • 16. Realizing you’re walking near someone you know.
  • Again, I don't worry about other people around me. I'm quite focused on other things.
  • 17. When you can’t hear what someone said, so you say “what?” and they repeat it, and you still can’t hear it.
  • If I am ignoring you I will tell flat out I am so that they stop yapping their mouths.
  • 18. Walking into a party and feeling immediately unsure what to do with yourself.
  • I'm the life of the party. Not the antisocial dweeb.
  • 19. Most of life, just in general.
  • I don't have a traumatic childhood.

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