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Approved NPC 103rd Tactical Starfighter Wing - "The Angel of Death Squadron"

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A man's legacy is determined by how the story ends

  • Unit Name: 103rd Tactical Starfighter Wing
  • Affiliation: Silver Jedi Concord, Liram Angellus Liram Angellus
  • Classification: Fighter Pilots
  • Description: The majority of the fighter wing are transferred over from "Voodoo Wing" (the 197th Tactical Air Unit) based out of the SJDF Carrier "Ethereal" formerly under the command of Liram Angellus Liram Angellus , basically, when he was promoted they moved. They have been together for years, in engagements over Circumtore, Sev Tok, Nar Kreeta, and other operations. The wing is made up of more than starfighters. There are interceptors, Recon, and Bombers as well.
COMBAT INFORMATION: The combination of Unit Size and Availability below is the indicator of how numerous your unit is. Stormtroopers for instance would be considered Large/Common, while Rogue Squadron would be a Small/Unique unit. Majority Force User Units are prohibited from being Common or Large. The stronger and more specialized your unit is (FU or NFU), the smaller and less common it should be.

  • Combat Function: The wing was designed primarily to be a self-contained support system. Working with each other and providing not only support but shared tactics at the same time. Each role is defined to the starfighter's abilities, though not limited to them, a long-range interceptor flight(grouping of three-four fighters) can definitely provide cover for a bombing run, a high-speed interceptor can definitely provide recon data. All fighters can and do provide air support for the onboard Marines dropships.
  • HANDPICKED- If they were not chosen by the C.A.G. (brother of the Flight Director), they were chosen by the Flight Director(Long-time wingmate and friend of Angellus), if they were not chosen by the Flight Director, they were chosen by Angellus himself. They would not be here if they did not have the skills and "that little bit extra" (whatever that means, you will have to ask the command staff if you want to know).
  • TIGHT LINKED-The Commodore is making the attempt to do this with the entire crew under his command, but he knows the names and something about each and every pilot under the 103rd, as well as the 197th (still under his command as well). Pilots are not only encouraged, but practically expected to fraternize that is how bonds are formed that are necessary when in combat.
  • "DEVIL PILOTS"- "You don't have to be crazy to work here, but it helps." It's safe to say that every fighter pilot out there has at least one screw loose. These guys are (censored) nuts. No, not "certifiable" but in that, they will take chances that others would not even think to try. It is a part of what makes them successful.
  • CRAZY HIGH STANDARD- There is a reason why they are as good as their reputation states. The men and women of the 103rd train even in their off time. It is (unfortunately) an unwritten rule that you have no social life outside the carrier if you want to be a part of this wing. This was not established by Angellus, or the Powell brothers. This was established by the pilots themselves.
  • ARROGANT SONS OF (CENSORED)S- They're good, they're great, and they know it. You will not find any of them putting themselves above any other SJDF soldier, jarhead, sailor, or pilot (The Powell brothers will claim their wings immediately, kill them, and then serve them up to the Commodore), but this Hubris can lead them into situations that they should not get into. For example, one X-wing did manage to clear out the surface guns of a dreadnaught once, and another managed to destroy a planet-killing superweapon with two proton torpedoes, but those stories are for the holovids. This is real life.
  • TEETERING ON THE EDGE- No, they're not "certifiable", but their ridiculously close-knit bond will be the death of them one day.
When Liram Angellus came over as a Commander from the Galactic Alliance, Rojuh Powell, as well as his brother Scott, followed. Angellus was made the "Commander Air Group" of the Matteus III fleet carrier "Liberation" where he cut his SJDF teeth. "Voodoo Wing" was capable then, but they were individual pilots put together. They were not one unit. That was the only problem that Angellus had with the fighter wing and it was something that he had immediately sought out to change. He was going to make the 197th a wing of legend and would not transfer out or accept promotion until he had done so (not that this was going to happen anyway, but still). Battle after battle and operation after operation occurred before the rug was pulled out from under his plans.

During an operation, the Commanding Officer, and the Executive Officer were killed in an attack directly on the carrier itself when a pirate ship rammed the bridge. Liram was not only C.A.G. but the Flight Director so by attrition, that made him the senior officer assigned to the ship and for the remainder of the mission, the acting Captain. He was soon after promoted for his actions and made legitimate Captain of "The LIberation", naming Rojuh Powell his Flight Director and Scott Powell his C.A.G. The plans may be a little skew, but he could work with this. Then the rug was pulled out again during the invasion of Ossus. The Sith flagship was going to (projected) crash into the Jedi Temple, and Liram, aboard the badly damaged carrier, ordered an evacuation and set the controls himself for a tactical ramming. The carrier was destroyed, the Sith flagship was pushed out of orbit, everything a victory was won by the SJDF.

Liram was without a Command.

Then the carrier "Ethereal" was built and almost the entire "Liberation" crew came over. The ship was new in design and incredibly effective, especially showing off more of the new Captain's abilities to command from the chair and not just the cockpit. Another promotion eventually came for the Captain, now Commodore and he moved to the new "Liberation" class carrier "Silver City" with the "Ethereal" still under his umbrella of command. There was now a need for a larger wing, and so in an almost unprecedented move, the Commodore put it to a vote. Those who wanted to stay in "Voodoo Wing" were welcome to, and those who were wanting to move over to the 103rd were welcome as well. A large percentage of the pilots did stay in "Voodoo", many of them finally able to get promotions that they did deserve, but just as many moved over to the 103rd, especially with the news that pilots from all over the fleet were requesting transfers to fly under the "Angel of Death" as he was being called. This was not necessarily a nickname that Liram liked, but it was something that made for a good nickname (and play on words to an old "squadron"). Liram, usually VERY hands-on is entrusting them to Rojuh (Scott is now full director of Voodoo) but left one rule.

"Fly as one, or fall as many."
Codex Judge
Liram Angellus Liram Angellus

Quick question on this submission --

Under equipment you list what appears to be designations or callsigns with each ship. Are these the name of the ships or are they in fact designations like... Gold leader... Red 5... etc?
A man's legacy is determined by how the story ends
Well look at that. I just copied and pasted off of my posting template, I wasn't really paying attention to detail.

I digress.

In a way, I guess I guess I could answer "both".

The "Angel #" Is the callsign of the Squadron leader when contacting the carrier (like in Top Gun "Mustang, this is 'Voodoo 3'..."). I start with four because Liram is 1, the Flight Director is 2 and the Commander Air Group(CAG) is 3. The Squadfon names are their designations (Razorback 3 for example), and the fighters are... the fighters.
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