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Approved NPC 103rd Battle Droid Regiment

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Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War




  • Availability: Common
  • Deployment: Mass - 20.000 Droids
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:
    (+) My Name is Legion: Like the many other legions of battle droids employed by the constituent states of the Confederacy, the 103rd Battle Droid Regiment relies on overwhelming numbers to get the job done
    (+) Hybrid Rifle: Like all other units within the Shrouded Republic Military, the 103rd Battle Droid Regiment is outfitted with the KC-47 Hybrid Strike Rifle, which can fire both blaster bolts and slugs. This makes them more effective against Force Users, than droids armed with regular blasters would
    (-) Not the Brightest Star: In spite of the upgreaded weaponry, the 103rd still consists of regular B1 Battle Droids and their performance reflects that. Relying on mass swarm tactics, these droids have simple programming, often leading them to making stupid decisions in battle and making them easy to outwit
    (-) Cannon Fodder: B1 Battle Droids are designed as cheap, disposable units that can be easily mass produced. As such, they feature very little protection against enemy fire and their limited programming also makes them easy to destroy

The 103rd Battle Droid Regiment came into being as an answer to the Shrouded Republic's manpower problems, which became easily solved once the Shrouded Republic relocated to the planet of Nelvaan and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

The particular variant of B1 Battle Droids that the Shrouded Republic Military employs, is manufactured by Karavin Concern, a military-industrial conglomerate within the Confederacy, in the company's factory on Ryloth. They do not differ much from other B1 variants, other than having a different paint scheme, using slightly different optics that glow and being outfitted with the company's KC-47 hybrid rifles, which have become the standard issue service weapon of the Nelvaanian planetary defense force, as well as the programming to use them.

Additionally, the droids manufactured for the 103rd Regiment are also outfitted with sonic detonators and concussion grenades. These weapons, along with their new rifles, give them a somewhat increased performance against Force users, although they still are not much of a threat to them, unless massed in great numbers.

Neri Rashal

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Everything here looks good!

I just need you to link to CIS (and Shrouded Republic if they have a forum, if not, no worries) in the affiliation field and I can stamp this.
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