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zareca cartel

  1. Blackthorne

    Drol Raw Redux [Wildlands Game Reserve]

    Wildlands Game Reserve Zone 6 - Underground Labs "You've mutated it beyond control. My Beast Masters are not responsible for what you create in this lab." "They are Beast Masters, are they not?" "Only in the traditional sense," pale eyes watched a muddled, grotesque creature behind the film...
  2. Jairus Starvald

    Zareca Cartel

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: < x > Canon Link: N/A Development Thread: N/A Primary Source: [ x ] OOC Note: This is a resubmission as requested by [member="Jamie Pyne"]. CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: Zareca Cartel Headquarters: StarForge Shadowport Locations ...
  3. Gorba the Hutt

    Approved Location  Wildlands Game Reserve

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Disregard Females, Acquire Currency ​Image Credit: N/A Canon: No. Links: Dark Side of the Moon - development. SETTING INFORMATION Space Station Name: Wildlands Game Reserve Station Model:Worldcraft Classification: Tourism Location: Corporate...
  4. Gorba the Hutt

    Mytaranor Lumber

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: N/A Canon Link: N/A Development Thread: N/A ​Primary Source: N/A IN CHARACTER INFORMATION Corporation Name: Mytaranor Lumber Headquarters: Trandosha Locations: Kashyyyk (Lumber Mills), Trandosha (Headquarters) Operations: Lumber Labor...
  5. T


    Barab I No one on this light-forsaken planet ventured top-side during the day, when irradiating rays from the system's red dwarf blasted the surface clean. Ri'shajirr arrived at night. Save for the benefit of not baking him alive, it was not a substantial improvement. Skies above rumbled...
  6. T


    ://runencryption//: To: crimsonking From: scarletlord Greetings, I have your referral from hewhowalksbehind. You do investments. I require one to expand operations: five million hard credits. What is your price? //...// //...// ://encrypted//: [member="Vrak Nashar"]
  7. Alexia Santiago

    Thug Life is for Mooks

    [member="Zareca Cartel"] NAR SHADDA While some folk saw streets filled with the smell of urine and drugs, Alexia saw opportunity. Sure, she'd have better luck hitting up the swanky upper levels of Coruscant for some credit swindling. Maybe even Naboo, though with her Da's incarceration, it...
  8. Gorba the Hutt

    Zareca Cartel

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION: Intent: To denounce the evil of truth and love, to extend our reach to the stars above. Development: ​Celebrations Day One: An Aqualish drug dealer named Narbo tries to sell paint scraped off the side of a starship. TKO - Jelucan: Again, Narbo tries to sell...
  9. Gorba the Hutt

    Approved Location  Rishi Spice Plantations

    OOC INFORMATION Intent: To flesh out the primary growing operations of the Zareca Cartel on Rishi. Submission co-written by Helix Syndicate. Development: Aeten II Slash and Burn CLASSIFICATION: Name: Rishi Spice Plantations Classification: Plantation STRUCTURE INFORMATION...
  10. Gorba the Hutt

    Slash and Burn

    Jostling through the crowded public transport shuttle, Luchius LeFrange managed to find his seat. Right next to a snoring Besalisk. Great. Why did it always have to be Besalisks? “Hey, excuse me? Hey you. Wake up. That’s my seat.” The Besalisk blinked blearily up at Luchy and Luchy gave him a...
  11. Jairus Starvald

    The Setup

    The Centrality, Erilnar. Two Weeks After... -- [member="Maleagant"] Turbulent times ahead to say the least. Tai Fa was many things. Pragmatic to a fault and always willing to see the different types of perspectives in any number of situations. A realist who saw that sometimes you needed to...
  12. Ugoto Chivaro

    But You Say He's Just A Friend

    AETEN II A MINING FACILITY - THE FOREMAN'S OFFICE Grigori was a Sakyian. Not one of those lame Sakyians with office jobs or something. Cooler than that. He was like a bounty hunter but only for killing people. With knives. An assassin. Yeah, that was the word. Or he used to be, before he got...
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