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wild west

  1. Jessie 'Kaiser' Corvus

    LFG  Wild wild west

    After watching a bunch of westerns recently I am kinda in that mood, Cowboys and guns and stuff. Anyone want to join in?
  2. Tae'l Vizsla

    Approved Tech  The Golden Gun

    "Like a flash of Kaminoan Lightning- The Golden Gun cleared leather" —The Good, The Bad and The Rusty[1] OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Even the playing field against the abundance of Beskar Armor Create a method of participating in "Quick-draw" gunfights against multiple foes in rapid...
  3. Tae'l Vizsla

    Approved Tech  Ejection Star-spurs

    "Don't get your star-spurs all in a twist" —Spacer's proverb OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Expand on a canon technology and create a utilitarian fashion accessory for space cowboys everywhere Image Source: Spurs Boots Canon Link: Star Spur Permissions: N\A Primary Source: Star-spur...
  4. The Black Fleet

    The Black Fleet

    The Black Fleet is an unsanctioned black ops group that has been active since the time of Mand'alor the Reclaimer, having since expanded their operations beyond Mandalore and opened their arms to aruetiise volunteers who- much like these disgruntled Mandalorians- were abandoned by their...
  5. Trextan Voidstalker

    LFG  Wild West

    So there's some pretty cool Cyberpunk shenanigans going on, but I had an idea for a similarly contained wild west theme. Here's the elevator pitch: We make a limited Sandbox playground. A few systems, a handful of worlds. We flesh out a little bit about this frontier region, the dangers, some...
  6. Zyre

    Approved Tech  "Homesteader" .30-30 Slugthrower Repeater

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A slugthrower repeater for wannabe cowboys Image Source: 30-30 Repeater Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Sources: Slugthrower, .30-30 Winchester PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Morellian Mechanica Affiliation: Morellian Mechanica Rimward...
  7. Aloy Vizsla

    Approved Tech  PK-45 "Peacekeeper" Hybrid disruptor pistol

    "Peace through superior firepower!" OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To give Tayl Vizsla and friends a small pvp edge Image Source: Young Kim Canon Link: N\A Permissions: N\A Primary Source: Colt "Peacemaker" Heatbeam Sonic Disruptor Starfire PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer...
  8. Adder

    Ecstasy of Sap A gentle gust of wind, hot and dry, swept across the plains as a single steel-tipped boot touched the red rock. Soon it was followed by another, and with sure steps, the owner made her way towards the settlement in the distance, orange dust rising up...
  9. M

    Fistful of Credits

    (Sorry, but this character has been edited and is now a completely different character!)
  10. Eralam

    Bar at the End of the World (Open to All)

    Unknown World, Outer Rim Most people thought towns like this only existed in the holodramas. The air was hot and dusty. For miles around there was nothing but desert, and not the pretty sort either. There was precious little sand to be had. The terrain was all...
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