Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Starlin Rand

    Approved Tech  The Big Shoe™️

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To codify a weapon. Image Source: Ludacris "Stand Up" Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Concussive baton PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: For All Seasons Affiliation: For All Seasons customers | Anyone who can reasonably acquire it...
  2. Vulpesen

    Catalog  Vitae Security Forces

    VITAE SECURITY FORCES Allies and Affiliates [Galactic Alliance] [Sasori Research] [Si Tech] Personel (Currently being reworked. If you wish for mercenary services, message directly and we can work something out.) Jackals Coyotes Foxes Huskies Shepherds Wild Dogs Wolves Weaponry VSF...
  3. Ballen-Ist

    Holowan Industries Catalog

    Holowan Laboratories "Your Friendly Technology People" A company born anew after the Gulag Plague, Holowan Laboratories strives to bring you the latest and up to date technology, whether it be droids, starships, or weaponry. Planets throughout the Fakir sector agree; we specialize in your...
  4. Priscilla Utorna

    Approved Tech  Pacifier Assault Rifle

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Weapon for civilian defense Image Source: Here - (Link to original creation) Canon Link: Not applicable Development Thread: If necessary Primary Source: Not applicable PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Corellian Arms Model: Not applicable Affiliation...
  5. Dallen Thayne

    Blasters on the House (Thul)

    [member="Suravi Teigra"] [member="Elaine Thul"] Dallen checked his chronometer as he waited patiently for the appointed conference call to begin. It was simply more efficient for a politician with a busy schedule handling committee matters, a business associate with contracts around the galaxy...
  6. Eric Quill

    Approved Starship  Diablo Class Cruiser Affiliation: Hutt Cartel, Public Manufacturer: Quill Industries Model: Diablo-1 Class Cruiser, D.C.C. Modularity: N/A Production: Mass Produced Material: Durasteel, Quadanium Steel Classification: Heavy Cruiser Length: 650...
  7. Amarant

    South Systems Auction Please post here if you wish to help the Black Suns work security for this event. It'll help me keep track of who is doing what. Sample post inbound.
  8. Mariya Pyne

    Tyven Heavy Industries

    Corporation Name: Tyven Heavy Industries Headquarters: Tython. Locations: Tython Operations: Armor, Weaponry Rationale: The business was handed down to Kayleigh after the resignation of her father and the invasion of Coruscant by the Sith. Kayleigh opted to relocate the business to Tython to...
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