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  1. John Locke

    Staff Factory and Codex Rules Updates

    Greetings! As you all know during the holiday shutdown the Codex and Factory have undergone a series of changes to their rules and operation. We hope that these changes will make the codex and factory more accessible to both new and old writers alike while preparing them for the creation of the...
  2. Tefka

    Oblivion Map Updates

    ALL OFF-TOPIC SPAM IN THIS THREAD WILL RECEIVE IMMEDIATE DISCIPLINARY ACTION. OBLIVION LOCATION Location Name: (Insert Name Here) Link To Approved Codex Submission: (Insert URL) Precise Description Of Where The Location Goes: (Top Left of Bunduki, for example. Pictures are preferred but not...
  3. Tefka

    Discussion How do we feel about the new rules updates?

    Aside from Annihilations, I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten our answer on that already. How’s invasions? Do they hit harder, do they feel more balanced, do you feel like you’re getting your bang for your buck. Rebellions, too confusing? Interesting? Satisified with the chaotic mechanics...
  4. Aloy Vizsla

    Character The Ghost of Cin'Vode WIP

    was born on Concordia in the hidden valley of Cin'Vode to the Mandalorian Clan Jjota. Her Mother was Jordis Jjota, A pragmatic and stubborn warrior, And her father was Karris Jjota, Alor of Clan Jjota, And an equally stubborn, Honour bound warrior. The two of them were always busy with...
  5. T

    Thiavi - The Mos Espa Sharpshooter

    (Correction: Height: 5'5) (Correction: Weight: 120 lbs Voice With\Without helmet: Mass effect: Tali (Watch till the end for non helmet ver.) Current Nicknames and Alias(s): "The Mos Espa Sharpshooter" Ship: Ugly Ball of Doom Yes. it's a thing. Kills: N\A Bounties: N\A Character Inspiration...
  6. Lirka Ka

    Lirka Ka

    PHYSICAL INFORMATION Name: Lirka Ka Age: 137 Sex: Female Species: Sephi Height: 1.90 Meters Weight: 79 Kilograms Eyes: They are an icy blue in coloration Hair Midnight black Skin It’s very pale, partially from Dark Side Degeneration Appearance Lirka is incredibly fit, in those rare...
  7. Quietus

    Codex Updates/Changes

    This is the thread where the Administration Team keeps a change log of what happens within the Codex. Check here and see the changes when they happen.
  8. Bryce Bantam

    TKO Radio!

    WERE ON THE AIR! TKO RADIO! Your one stop shop for all the news that is TKO Click HERE for current episode
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