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tionese whiteguard

  1. Caulder Dune

    Fort Xim

    OOC INFORMATION Image Source: Fortress by vladgheneli Intent: To provide a large base of operations for the Tionese Whiteguard and as-of-yet established Tionese Blackguard. CLASSIFICATION: Name: Fort Xim Classification: Military Base STRUCTURE INFORMATION: Location: Lianna, Anxartan Mountains...
  2. Caulder Dune


    All-Terrain Light Enforcer [IMAGE] OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To provide the Tionese Whiteguard with a signature support walker to help them keep the peace in the Tion Cluster. Development Thread: [X] Image Source: [X] PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Model: Mehrunes-Series...
  3. Caulder Dune

    Codex Denied  The Tionese Whiteguard

    OOC INFORMATION Intent: To provide the Tion Cluster with an elite defense force present on all Tionese planets. Links: [ARMOR] [ARMORY] [HAN IMPLANT] [CM PACKAGE] Development Thread: [X] UNIT INFORMATION Name: The Tionese Whiteguard Affiliation: Tion Cluster, Tion Hegemony Availability...
  4. Caulder Dune

    Factory Denied  Tionese Whiteguard Armor: Phase I

    Tionese Whiteguard Armor: Phase I [[IMAGE]] OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To provide the elite fighting force of the Tionese Whiteguard with their own signature armor. Development Thread: N/A Image Source: [X] PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Santhe Corporation Model: Tionese...
  5. Caulder Dune

    Security Under Pressure

    RUDRIG [member="Jared Ovmar"] | [member="Danger Arceneau"] | [member="Rave Merrill"] | [member="Marek Starchaser"] Not long ago, the worlds of the Tion Hegemony had come to this very same chalet to issue the Rudrig Proclamation. Now the very same Tionese leaders of all those Tion Cluster...
  6. Caulder Dune

    The Tionese Whiteguard

    THE TIONESE WHITEGUARD PURPOSE The Tionese Whiteguard are a large, elite force of men and women with the objectives of defending and increasing the prestige of the Tion Cluster. Having the Silver Jedi encroaching on their territory and other unsavory factions nearby, the Tion Hegemony felt...
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