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the hutt cartel

  1. P.R.I.M.U.S.

    Slaving With the Hutts (or saving slaves against them)

    Here is the link to the Job. There is a limited number of Slaver spots, but plenty of Opposition spots if you're more of the Chaotic Good type
  2. Raiz

    "Only in death, are we truly free."

    From a short distance, the figure of a deformity would be seen making its way towards the silver palace. It's body twisted and bloated in ways that even a veteran of battle would look away from the sheer utter ugliness of this creature but it continues through as if not being stopped by any...
  3. Zenva Vrotoa

    Approved NPC  Black Talon Slaver Crew

    Name: Black Talon Slavers Intent: A unique pirate crew to assist Revamp and man his custom ordered slave ship. Affiliation: The Hutt Cartel [member="Vinskk Revamp"] Availability: Unique Quality: B - Trained Specialists Type: Infantry Strength: (120 total) 70 Crewmembers 10...
  4. Cadan Tazi

    Approved Tech  Tazi Vibro Mace

    Image Source: Intent: To provide the Hutt Cartel and factions linked with the cartel with a close combat weapon. Development Thread: Cortosis Acquired here: [X] Manufacturer: Tazi's Machines. Model: N/A Affiliation: Hutt Cartel &...
  5. Zenva Vrotoa

    A Demonstration For The Admiral

    Location: Sriluur Blood Hunter's Iron Works Test Facilities 0830 Local Time The sun shone brightly across the open rocky wastes that served as a firing range for clan Vrotoa's aeronautics company. A hot wind scored the wasteland, kicking up dust and debris into small clouds. The sounds of...
  6. Raiz

    The Kahtel Arena: Grand Opening [OOC]

    Greetings, This is the out of character thread regarding the same named thread, “The Kahtel Arena: Grand Opening”. This threads purpose is to give the thread participants a place to ask questions and simply communicate with one another outside, as well as where the rules are placed. Yes, I am...
  7. V

    Approved Starship  Lyecova Imperial Jumpship

    Lyecova Imperial Jumpship Image Source: Bungie, Photoshop. Intent: LAAT-c similar with Hyperspace capability. For the Imperial Remnant's logistical support. Dev Thread: None Affiliation: Imperial Remnant Major Faction Manufacturer: Imperial Remnant Model: LC Mk I Modularity: Yes - 3 Variants...
  8. Raiz

    The Love of Hutts.

    It was a beautiful sunny day on the planet Sriluur, business continued daily and business was good. Shettai made sure to take a long deteur to the palace, simply to speak with the many contractors and members of the cartel, he enjoyed speaking and socializing, this wasn't a shock to many as this...
  9. GhostOfProtocol

    Arm the forces!

    Drawing, accounting, reading and searching. It had become a life, it had taken over the life of the bounty hunting. The Hutt Cartel paid him good money for these ships he made, but it wasn't worth losing out on the fun over. So it was this day that Xander had set up some really decent shooting...
  10. GhostOfProtocol

    Slime Ball [The Hutt Cartel]

    Jardo shook his head. The White Palace, home of the Hutt cartel. Well, he never expected to find himself here anyway. However, he knew it was time to make peace with The Hutt Cartel, get a little work in. Training had died down since Raien had vanished, and Jardo was getting bored. The only...
  11. GhostOfProtocol

    Approved Starship  The Half Drive Fighters

    Image Source: Image found here: Affiliation: Open Market, Hutt Cartel Manufacturer: Half Angel Industries Model: Half Drive Fighters 1SDA Modularity: No Production: Mass Produced. Material: Durasteel, Transparisteel, Ship parts. Classification...
  12. Other Space Kaiden

    Approved Vehicle  All Terrain Scout Transport Mk. II [AT-STM II]

    AT-ST Mk II Basic Information Image Source: Intent: To create a Scout Walker for the Imperial Remnant Development Thread: N/A Manufacturer: Reclaimer Arms & Industrial Model: All Terrain Recon Transport...
  13. Zak Dymo

    A Necessary Evil

    He needed a jumper bypass. The end of a hydrospanner tapped against an open palm, as amber colored eyes stared into the exposed innards of the swoop bike. Parts and tools littered the metal grating on which the blue-hued youth sat, the metal reflecting the harsh lighting of the cargo bay that...
  14. Not Ordo

    Approved Vehicle  H-2 Imperial Assault Tank

    Image Source: Intent: To create a heavy assault tank for the Imperial Remnant. Development Thread: Manufacturer: CRI, RepulsorCorp., Sienar Army Systems Model: Imperial Assault Tank Affiliation: Imperial...
  15. Caius Flavian

    Classification Clarifciation

    Image source: Hello there! So I've been looking forward to the next big project for the IR to set our sights on. I would like to produce the Allegiance Class and the Secutor Class here at some point in the near future. No we will not be having dozens of...
  16. Alva Calvarona

    Approved Starship  ISD III

    Image Credit: By Balsavor Manufacturer: CRI (Production), Imperial Remnant (design), Regent Industries (Droid Crewing) Model: Imperial Star Destroyer III Affiliation: Imperial Remnant Modularity: No Production: Minor Material: Durasteel, Alusteel, Glasteel Classification: Balanced Stardestroyer...
  17. Ekaro

    From beyond the Pale of Darkness

    Introductions Hello and welcome to a collaborative thread between the Primeval and the Imperial Remnant. This thread is intended to give the Primeval a small but significant debut onto the main stage. The thread will proceed in three Acts. The outcome was agreed upon between the faction...
  18. Caius Flavian

    Ash of a Phoenix

    My brow furrowed for a moment. It was late into the evening. According to standard galactic time it was 0300. I was tired. The reports were endless. I was keeping track of a dozen different operations simultaneously in motion. Operation Grave Cart was in motion as a high priority navy...
  19. Caius Flavian

    A Strange Meeting

    The Terraforming Operation was in full swing now. I stood upon the bridge of the Absolution Class Star Destroyer Sound of Justice. I had made the rank of Commodore. I was one step away from achieve a flag officer rank. My hard work had paid off. This combined with my status as an Agent of...
  20. Caius Flavian

    Merry Christmas from the Empire!

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