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  1. Glar Ulchtar

    Public  Breaking The Bank

    Tags: S19-W42 , Ivory Stroud (The Donna) , Xyoz , Mercy , Takumi Tikotzki Time: 8:30, Far Western Telosian Timezone Location: A cheap motel room in Anslaque City, on the planet Telos. Equipment: DL-18 blasters x2, Datapad x1, Ten meters of climbing rope, Pyke dagger x1, EMP grenades x3...
  2. Glar Ulchtar

    Approved Location  Ybraxos Financial Services Building

    The exterior of the building (farthest on the left). OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To provide a location for a possible future RP and expand on the Glolmark Corporation’s lore. Image Credit: (Exterior), (Lobby), (Hallway), (Clientele Information Room), (Droid Storage Room), (Security...
  3. A

    Could use Slicers/Mercs and who ever else for a thread. Help or hinder her take over of the Telos government,
  4. Teynara Jeralyr

    [TSE vs The Dominion] Operation Dominion's Fall: TSE Invasion of Krayiss II Hex

    Aboard the DLS Retribution, one hyperspace jump away from Krayiss II The Sith fleet stood dormant in open space, restlessly awaiting the orders that would send their vessels hurtling forth towards the planetary destinations keyed into their navicomputers. The Dark Lord had decreed that it was...
  5. Danger Arceneau

    Approved Starship  New Citadel Station

    Image Source: Here Affiliation: Arceneau Trade Company | InterGalactic Solutions Manufacturer: Arceneau Trade Company, InterGalactic Solutions, Primeval Fleet Model: New Citadel Station Modularity: Yes Production: Unique Material: Durasteel, Solarium Glasteel. Solaria Glasteel Panels, Solaria...
  6. Danger Arceneau

    New Citadel Station Submission - Telos Discussion

    | New Citadel Station - Telos | In my massive muse for finally subbing the locations I've developed with others the past few years, the reconstructed Citadel Station on Telos is one of them that I'll be hashing out. I have a wealth of lore knowledge from several events and this is one from...
  7. Tarrlok

    The Jedi Council: A Broken Circle

    In seven years, The Sith have left a trail of destruction during their conquest to take the center of the galaxy. Emerging from the Sith Empire, they have carved their way into the thoughts and the hearts of the free people. For these seven years, the Jedi have been fighting a war on two...
  8. Laguz Vald

    Telos the Truth [The Primeval dominion of Telos]

    Dropships descended upon Telos, little did they know that this planet was bombarded to near destruction some millennia ago. The Primeval were here for a different reason; the world was in a sector of space the Host Lord sought to control, but even more important were the rumors of a hidden Jedi...
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