Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Secenva

    Character  Bralon Mordan

    BRALON MORDAN Age 19 GSY Homeworld Taris Species Pyke Gender Male Height 1.91 Meters Weight 65 kg Force Sensitive No Voice Josh Keaton as Jax INVENTORY Equipment His father’s Pyke guard uniform, modified to show Bralon’s more individual tastes A Dactillion-leather jacket A...
  2. Zaiya Ceti

      500+ posts Feedback on my Lovalla glowing mood ring teenager

    Hello everyone! I've been rping Zaiya, my Lovalla 14-year old character, for a little over two and a half months. I originally created her back in August of 2020, but unfortunately, wasn't able to get her to stick to really get her going. Thankfully, this time around, I had a great start-up...
  3. Zoey Bradiss

    Character  Zoey Bradiss

    NAME: Zoey Bradiss FACTION: The Galactic Alliance RANK: Civilian, student SPECIES: Human AGE: 16 GSY SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5' 2''/159 cm WEIGHT: 130 lb/60 kg EYES: Bright blue HAIR: Dark blonde SKIN: Fair, traces of light freckles on and around the nose FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
  4. D

    Character  Dani Mueller

    Danielle Mueller Name: Danielle Mueller Nicknames: Dee / Dani Species: Near-Human, Shorak Age: 16 GSY Gender: Female Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Homeworld: Shor Faction: The Confederacy of Independent Systems Mentor/s: Adron Malvern Rank/s: Acanthus School - Knights Obsidian Knight...
  5. Yyrkoon Ren

    Alleya Ke Djo

    ALLEYA KE DJO FACTION: Independent RANK: Witch of Dathomir (apprentice level) SPECIES: Near-Human (Human-Dathomirian Hybrid) AGE: 17 GSY GENDER: Female HEIGHT: 1.68 Meters WEIGHT: 56.25 kg HAIR: Whitish EYES: Light Blue SKIN: Pale FORCE SENSITIVITY: Yes HOME: Dathomir (birthplace)...
  6. Invicta Jos

    Invictious Ramious Deliclecion (Redone, read this one!)

    Full Name:" Invictious Demta Sinsai " Rank: Hover and Spacecraft Mechanical Apprentice, works for his father. Age : 18 years and 2 months Faction: None at the moment, may change later on.. probably something Set during the empire or new republic era. Sex: Male, But somewhat effeminate in...
  7. Invicta Jos

    Invictous Enata Vos

    !(Important!!!)! *This is my first Character sheet Ever, so it may be cringe but I can get better if the style is that Horrid.* Full name : Invictous Enata Vos Gender: Male Eye Color: Light blue and near black brown, (heteochromia You see) Occupation as of Now: Hovercraft...
  8. Talath Lunelle

    Talath Lunelle

    NAME: Talath Lunelle FACTION: None. RANK: Sandwich-eating pansy. SPECIES: Half Miraluka, half Human. AGE: 16 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 182.88 CM WEIGHT: 89.35 KG EYES: Bright blue. HAIR: Dark purple/black. SKIN: Light/tanned. FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
  9. Harry Trichosia

    A Harry Situation

    "'Harry! Harry! Fetch th'um water from the th'tweam hour'th away! And don't dawdle!' Th'tupid witch...." Harry mocks his mother's voice, knowing full well the sorceress can probably hear him through the Force. Magic was like that--full of loopholes that made no sense. Much like Harry's...
  10. Siriwook

    Wyaaaaaa. Lemme be your padawan learner.

    "Wyaaaa [hi]" *continues speaking in Shyriiwook* "[I'm looking for a Jedi to teach me. I'm new--brand new. I don't do evil... not easily. Looking for a Jedi to teach me and help me overcome my fear of Trandoshans from 12 years of barely surviving on their hunting grounds. I don't hate...
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