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tanomas graf

  1. Hansen

    Approved Lore  Imperial Confederated Systems of the Core Worlds Constitution

    Imperial Confederated Systems Coat of Arms "We will defend our ideals by force of arms. We will give no ground to our enemies and will stand together against attacks from within or without." -Emperor Sheev Palpatine I OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: This Constitution serves to flesh out...
  2. T

    Approved NPC  Arvis

    - High Admiral Arvis greets Inferno Squadron after a successful mission (851 ABY) Intent: I want a dog. Image Credit: Here, Star Trek: Enterprise Role: Acts as a companion to Graf Links: Dog (Legends) Beagle Porthos Age: Four Months (Born late 850 ABY) Species: Canine, Beagle Height: 28 cm...
  3. Riamah

    Chasing Curiosity

    Ailuros had been given a mission from her people to reach out, study and learn of the galaxy at large. Since leaving Trian, she had met with the Jedi and learned from them. It was time to move on though and learn more. Sending a report home, Ailuros left Voss and headed back out into the wilds...
  4. T

    Ten Thousand Years of Peace

    B A S T I O N 8 5 0 A B Y The sound of wood striking against the floor signaled the aged form of one Tanomas Graf, cane in hand, striding comfortably into the Dark Lord's chambers accompanied by two Imperial sovereign protectors, both strong in their respective sides of the Force, who stopped...
  5. T

    Approved Tech  Replica of Lord Darth Vader's Armor

    Image Source: Here. Intent: To create a suit of armor that looks like the one donned by Lord Darth Vader to protect Emperor Graf and serve as a symbol of his reign over the Imperial Remnant. Development Thread: Bronze Omega Reward Manufacturer: The Imperial Remnant, Tanomas Graf Model: N/A...
  6. T

    A Beneficial Assignment

    The graceful durasteel form of the FIV Admonitor sailed through deep space, propelled by three massive ion engines in the aft section of the ship. The rest of Death Squadron was currently deployed on a different system patrol, besides the Admonitor desperately needed to re-supply after the...
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