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sun guards

  1. LT-137

    The Golden Company [Thyrsian Sun Guards.]

    __________________________________________ “War was life for the Sun Guard. Flesh their meat and blood their wine. On days where they did not see combat, they recounted it, learned from it, and found new ways to do it better. That set them apart from other brands of Mercenary, who placed lesser...
  2. LT-137

    The Great Hunt - A Prelude to the Crusade.

    Outer Rim Territories // Sith-Imperial Administrative Oversector II // Carrion Sector // Sojourn, the Hunter’s Moon. Orbital Skyhook, "Corinthia." [x] Throughout the ages, the moon of Sojourn endured much; yet despite the odds remained true to its namesake. It was once rendered inhospitable...
  3. LT-137

    The Golden Company; Mercenaries Extraordinaire

    [Image Source.] ___________________________________________________ “The Pen is mightiest when it writes the Order for more Swords.” - Maxim 58, of the Maximally Effective Mercenary. _________________________________________________________ In a Galaxy aflame with the fires of War...
  4. LT-137

    Approved Tech  VCS-01 “Aspis” Pattern Combat Shield

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To resubmit a hybrid fighting shield for the Sun Guard. Image Source: God of War, Kratos’ Guardian Shield. Fextralife Article. Canon Link: Not Applicable. Permissions: Not Applicable. Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles, Original Submission...
  5. LT-137

    Approved Tech  TTH/FDL-001 “Cerastus” - Pattern Force Lance

    NOTE: Despite the listed properties of this weapon, it does not mean - in any shape or form - that the wielder of this weapon may call hits on their opponent. Damage is, and always, determined by their respective writers. Intent: To create a larger variant of the Force Pike, meant for...
  6. LT-137

    VCC-01 “Crusader” - Pattern Heavy Corvette.

    = OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION = Intent: To create a "Standard" Corvette for use by the Golden Company. Image Source: Fractalsponge - 3D Art. Canon Link: Not Applicable. Restricted Missions: If Required. Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles. = PRODUCTION INFORMATION = Manufacturer: The...
  7. LT-137

    VW-01 "Fatebringer" - Pattern Repeating Gauss Carbine.

    =| VW-01 "Fatebringer" - Pattern Repeating Gauss Carbine |= "The Eye of Thyrsus remains open. The Beacon remains lit." - Attributed to an Ancient Sun Guard, known only by 'Vigilance.' =| OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION |= Intent: To create a Standard (Read: Exotic) Armament for the Sun...
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