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spec ops

  1. Garza

    Approved NPC  Operation Darkstar - Obsidian Ops

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Submit a spec ops unit that works directly with Zephyr, and act within the jurisdiction of the CIS, and can work outside of it freely. Image Credit: Revan654 Role: Special Operations Task Force Links: Approval of Locke and Key weaponry and gear Approval of...
  2. Derrick Veltraa

    Putting Praetorian Squad Together

    Hey there folks! Captain Veltraa here! I'm looking for a few of the finest men and women out there to serve in a small squad, a special forces unit if you will! That sounds exciting don't it? Just wait till I tell you what fun I'll drag you all into! We're talking infiltrating pirate...
  3. Ardgal Raxis

    Approved NPC  Fringe Unit

    From left: General Omar Santiago (head of Commenor's military), Code name: Hobbes (Sniping and Recon, newest addition) and Code name: Pinnochio (logistic and surveillance) Source OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To Create a spec ops unit for the people of Commenor Links: N/A GENERAL...
  4. S

    Shadow Dynasty Spec Ops/Commandos Recruitment

    The Shadow Dynasty Spec Ops/Commando division is select group of men, and women trained through the most hardest drills, live combat training, and hands on. The base is located in the Black Gates of Eclipstica where is constantly rains, making training that much more vigorous, and draining, but...
  5. R

    Bloodfang pack (squad)

    Rogue Regiment: Bloodfang pack (squad) An 8 man squad of highly trained, mission first and at any cost minded men and women, noted for their ability to complete the most hazardous of missions, most of members have a history of disobeying orders for various reasons, but the republic couldn't...
  6. Deagan Hunt

    Deagan Hunt

    NAME: Deagan Hunt ALIAS: Hunt, Lieutenant Hunt (Rebellion), Deags. FACTION: Independent RANK: SPECIES: Full-blooded Zeltron, mate. AGE: 33 SEX: All male, ladies. HEIGHT: 6'1 or 1.854m WEIGHT: 180lbs or 81.64kg EYES: Cobalt blue HAIR: Blue-black SKIN: Coral red. FORCE SENSITIVE: Feth no! FAMILY...
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