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Approved NPC Fringe Unit

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From left: General Omar Santiago (head of Commenor's military), Code name: Hobbes (Sniping and Recon, newest addition) and Code name: Pinnochio (logistic and surveillance)


Intent: To Create a spec ops unit for the people of Commenor
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  • [SIZE=9pt]Availability: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Unique[/SIZE]
  • Deployment: Limited
  • [SIZE=9pt]Strengths & Weaknesses: [/SIZE]What they lack in numbers, the Fringe Unit makes up for in skills. This elite unit is trained in assassination, sniping, espionage, counter-intelligence, enhanced interrogation, hit-and-run, forced recon, and the list goes on. When in combat, the Fringe Unit works like an incredibly well oiled machine. Their team work is second to none as this unit uses their cunning, tactics, and skills to overcome incredible odds. One of the most terrifying parts of their skills is the ability to virtually vanish between jobs, without any real trace left. They are unparalleled marksmen and women, fully at home in every environment imaginable.
    When others would just "hit hard" or "shoot till its dead" against larger forces, the Fringe Unit uses more tactical approaches. For instance, instead of killing an entire base of enemy troops in a costly fire fight, they may infiltrate and poison the water supply or destroy their armor or some other sort of cunning skillful strike. Its these kinds of things that makes most of Fringe Unit skilled snipers, almost by nature. They aren't just one-trick ponies though, each member is decent at a wide array of skills since you never know when the other guy is going to be deployed on another mission and your going in solo--or almost solo. This self-reliance means there aren't any medics to speak of in Fringe Unit since everyone has to learn pretty fast how to patch themselves up with whatever they have in the field. You always have to come home some way or the other, after all.
    They work best with surgical-strike operations--but with all out war, that's not their game. Sure, they could hold a fortress for quite some time, or they could sneak into a fortress, and do some great urban warfare, but when it comes to all out classical land battles, they really would be just more canon fodder. With all out engagements they would be used best as skirmishers or flankers to go around and blast enemy artillery, hard points, or high value targets to wreck havoc in the enemy camp.
  • Description:
The Fringe Unit serves as the best of the best from the people of Commenor. Their sheer patriotism that flows through their veins means they are willing to make the greatest sacrifices that could ever be had.It hardens their souls, gives them fervor, tenacity, and the willingness to make tough choices when the going gets tough.

Code name: Lurch
head of the Fringe Unit and dedicated patriot to the Commenori people
The fearless leader of the 80, Codename Lurch has served faithfully for time without knowledge. He is the pinnacle of perfect soldier-hood and a role model to the few who even know he exists. Rumors of Fringe Unit exists through the planet, but as ghosts, they are unable to truly be confirmed as real--or just an urban legend.

Code name: Florence
Medic and sharpshooter

When it comes to combat, they are as tactical and surgical as can be, their use of weaponry is more of a scalpel approach than a hammer--though when needed, they are more than ready to lay down heavy fire.Recruits are drawn from the elite of Commenori fighting Forces, those who love their people and love their culture. A three year training period begins once candidates are selected. Their deaths are faked, for all intents and purposes, Fringe Unit is composed of an elite force of beings that do not exist any more.

Code name: Waters, Infiltration expert

Members of Fringe unit are at home in any enviroment--the frigid cold of Canada Hoth, the scorching heats of Mustafar, the jungles of Felucia, the Forest Moon of Endor, the deserts of Tatooine, the Swamps of Degobah, and everything in between. They were trained by the best--RMIA.

Their skills are vast, greater than most beings could bring themselves to ever come to truly understand. But when you are the tactical decision maker for Queen and Country, that is what you have to be.Members of Fringe Unit could find themselves doing tactical recon one minute, enhanced interrogation the next, surveillance and spy work soon after, assassinations and counter terrorism that next week and so on and so forth.These are the men and women Commenori sends when the crap is serious, when the only answer is either "send in the Fringe Unit" or "Go to war."Even the Queen has no idea how many wars the Fringe Unit has stopped by their actions.

When the odds are impossible, Fringe Unit finds a way. Backs to the wall and in the face of fire they do what has to be done. If you want a real world relation, think USA's SEAL team 6.
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[What is the name of this unit? Example: “Imperial Stormtroopers” or “Republic Commandos.”]
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From left: General Omar Santiago (head of Commenor's military), Code name: Hobbes (Sniping and Recon, newest addition) and Code name: Pinnochio (logistic and surveillance)
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Code name: Waters, Infiltration expert
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