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  1. Kaaba and Mi

    First Reply  Totally Legal Stuff for Sale

    Location: Phaseera A strange mass of sand darted through the trees with as an angry Rodian tried to catch it. Sand however wasn't easy to keep a grip of, and just seemed to flow out of reach every time. She just couldn't catch the blasted thief.... Well technically thieves. but no way she'd...
  2. D

    Private  Devious Arms Sale

    T A G S | Mairéad Solus O B J E C T I V E | Arm Dealing with the Family T H E M E | Kayfoundo Naweea (Hungry Eyes) The Hutt ancient crime family that once controlled the criminal underworld was nothing but a shadow on the wall having been brought low by the Bryn'adul Monsters...
  3. 001-A-986 "Nix"

    Open Market  End of a Era Hades Corp Sale

    Hades Corp Is a bleeding edge Military technology corporation that makes and produces Armor, Weapons, Cybernetics, Ships and Droids. As well as offers private army services, Each one of the Products you see here has had its product line see combat in one way or the other, and as such is a tried...
  4. Laertia Io

    Scion Series Composite Sail Material (Public Sale)

    Intent: To create Solar Sail Material for sale Image Source: Canon Link: Permissions: Primary Source: PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Scion Mobile Shipyards Affiliation: Scion Mobile Shipyards Market Status: Open Market...
  5. R1-3G

    Open Market  Miscellaneous Objects.

    Disclaimer: I do not produce these, they have been found (not stolen) and I am reselling them, Thus stock may run out. I am willing to exchange both credits as well as trading one item for another. Pricing varies. Mint condition B1 Battledroids Droideka parts, lightly damaged GOUD Information...
  6. William Bradley

    Auction  VMS Limited Item Sale

    Hello all buyers, I will be selling 5 of each of these items for purchase, only one per person, have a nice day. -Felix Hardy CEO x3 Hydra-class Destroyer Carrier x5 Dragon-class Patrol Destroyer x4 Unicorn-class Heavy Cruiser x3 MS-10 Starfighter
  7. Kami Meran

    looking to buy cloning tech

    Meran mechanics is looking to buy cloning equipment. we can offer contracts in return plus any of our stock if needed. the plan is to use the tech for future submissions and tech
  8. Sanya Val Lerium

    Auction  One time deal on a ship Dynamic Class freighter II (Ebon Hawk) 50% off

    Galactic Advertisement Are you sick of that rust bucket of a ship? Do you wish to look amazing flying through the galaxy? Do you want to make your friends and family jealous? Well today is your luck day. Inquisition Industrys is proud to present The dynamic Class freighter II now...
  9. CDPO-2127

    CDPO-2127 is looking for an master...

    CDPO-2127 is an Astromech droid that is currently looking for employment... Anywhere. He doesn't mind if he works for the Sith or the Jedi or neither at this point, he just wants a job. That's a droid's main function, to work, isn't it? CDPO-2127 can be a bit stubborn at times, but always gets...
  10. Seanna Vel

    Nerf patties for sale....

    Salliche Netassa Board Room Salliche Agricultural Corporation Everything was set all her leg work she been doing the last few months. After all why couldn't she see what her grandparents was doing for their family for her. All this time all the classes all the doing of training of the nerf...
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