Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Sage Lumiya

    Character  Sage Lumiya

    Sage Lumiya NAME: Sage Lumiya ALIASES: None so far FACTION: Lumiya undine tribe - Felucia Sith Order RANK AND QUALIFICATIONS: Tribal Warrior Sith Acolyte SPECIES: Maszlaime Jeviso AGE: Presents as young adult, is a late-teenager relative to her species age Progression HEIGHT: 1.51m...
  2. Zhea Nox

    Character  Zhea Nox

    ZHEA NOX Music Beautiful Life Full name Zhea Nox Aliases Z Eclipse Class(es) Sage Jedi Birthplace Kiffu Age Adult Personality Traits Patient Loyal Empathetic Protective Too forgiving Blunt Stubborn Education Traits Spiritual Teacher Lifestyle Traits Historian Tracker...
  3. Marcella Fiora

    Approved Tech  Fiora Cigarras: Sage & Ruby

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To expand on a brand of high-quality cigarras (cigarettes) for characters to use to provide a layer of realism for RP. Image Source: (Packaging) Marcella Fiora (Logo) Canon Link...
  4. A


    Hiya! my latest character, Aayaith, has been created and is ready to join SJO! Looking forward to threading with you all ^-^
  5. A

    Aayaith Siosa

    Aayaith Siosa Miralukan Jedi Sage ______________________________________ NAME: Aayaith Siosa FACTION: ROLE: Sage (Healer, Ambassador & Duellist) SPECIES: Half Miralukan / Half Human HOMEWORLD: Alpheridies AGE: 26 SEX: Female FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes / Adept Force-User WEAPON: Curved Hilt...
  6. Julius Sedaire

    Anthelme Kardec

    Anthelme Kardec - The Quiet Wanderer "Silence is true wisdom's best reply" - Euripedes NAME: Anthelme Kardec FACTION: The Je’daii Order RANK: Knight (FU) SPECIES: Miralukan AGE: 20~ SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5’10” WEIGHT: 210lbs EYES: N/A HAIR: Red SKIN: Pale FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
  7. Aristomache Mothma

    Aristomache "Mach" Mothma

    OOC/MACH'S THEME A Vignette: There were once two guards who approached Mach the Mad, who even at an early age was known for her wisdom. Under the employ of a wealthy Kel Dor smuggler, they were tasked with bringing her back to either be the mob boss's wife, or as his slave. Mach: They say...
  8. Riz Carter

    Evangeline Sage - I believe in wisties! *clap, clap, clap*

    "One night on our plodding journey we were visited by what I can only call fairylights at our evening campfires. These tiny, luminous flying creatures come out at night with buzzing, squeaking noises." ―Pfilbee Jhorn[src] NAME: Evangeline Sage FACTION: N/A RANK: Firefolk Princess SPECIES...
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