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runi verin

  1. Ingrid L'lerim

    Bounty  Eternal Empire Bounty | Runi Verin and Amea Virou

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: The duo killed Adrian Vandiir during the siege of Dantooine, who was not only a high-ranking figure in the Sith Empire, but the prince of the Eternal Empire and the husband of the Empress. Both the TSE and the EE want revenge for this. Compensation: High...
  2. Runi Verin

    Approved Tech  The Brokarra-class Hyperdrive

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a very fast, potentially dangerous hyperdrive for a forthcoming project. Also to take advantage of an obvious canonical loophole that many overlook. Image Source: Shane Nielsen Canon Link: Hyperdrive Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Interdiction...
  3. Jairus Starvald

    Approved Tech  Nwûl

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a gift for someone close to Cerbera. Image Source: x Canon Link: / Primary Source: / PRODUCTION INFORMATION Name: Nwûl Manufacturer: Cerbera Affiliation: Runi Verin (x) Modularity: No Production: Unique Material: Alchemized metals, blister pod...
  4. Jairus Starvald

    Be Prepared

    KOL ATORN -- [member="Runi Verin"] Kol Atorn was exactly the type of world where Jairus Starvald would have thrived. The despair, poverty, the gloom outlook on life were all-pervasive here. The constant encroachment of the Sith Empire, every day a little bit closer only enlarged that sense...
  5. F

    It's an A/B Sort of Day [Runi]

    Zonju V [hr] CJMB Clarke-Porras Mahlowe Freight Level, Cantina Grajo Glasses clinked at the bar, and smoke seemed to cling to the air around Fiolette. She sat in the back, a glass of whiskey in her hand as the Black Label cigarra sat on the ashtray wasting away. Hi-Sense lenses enjoyed...
  6. Arage Bao


    There was a new player in town. ....or rather it was an old player that had finally decided to kick themselves out of the bed and get busy. Stellarwind Reclamation was still in their early days, trying to scrounge up enough people, capital, to actually make a different for their profit margins...
  7. Runi Verin

    Stellarwind Reclamation & Logistics

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: iStock Photo Canon Link: N/A Development Thread: N/A Primary Source: N/A CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: Stellarwind Reclamation & Logistics Headquarters: Ord Mantell Major Locations: Belt of Arah, Brentaal IV, Kol Atorn, Kuat, Terminus...
  8. Lok Xiangu

    Not Like Old Times

    Zygerria He was off in the Galaxy as his own man, making his way in it. Like everyone else. Lok had tried to make the very man that adopted him from the slums of Coruscant proud as a way to thank him for giving him an opportunity of life he never tasted. He thought he'd get the life he always...
  9. Yula Perl

    Boy Meets Galaxy

    Avi loved Tanquilla Beach, mostly because being aboard the station made him feel like a real swashbuckling rogue. The young man had plenty of credits to spend, though they weren’t earned on some daring treasure heist, but rather a stipend given to him by his parents. They’d sent him out to see...
  10. L

    Salvaging a little Free Time

    Outer Rim Shadowport Near Kathol Outback The Explorer running under the registration of the Far Runner was sitting in a berth, E-8 handling the fueling and minor maintenance she needed leaving Laira to explore the asteroid's facilities. The inside of the rock was pressurized allowing for...
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