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  1. Tefka

    Staff  Factory Rules updated.

    Link for the lazy: Notable changes: 1. Factory Judge rules are added and publicized. 2. Lots of "flavorful language" removed. For instance, there's like 3 sentences that got removed from telling people to not sub gundams. I don't think we need all that lmao. If they don't get it, they never...
  2. Annika Starfire

    Suggestion  Vassal state rules update

    The Dark Empire usage of the Vassal Mandate to try and pinch Alliance territory is super cool and I'm glad someone is using it. But I think the way that it is defended against is the wrong way round. Currently I think a better way would be This makes more narrative sense that the attacker...
  3. Valiens Nantaris

    Rules Update  Rules Hotfixes

    This thread is for minor rules changes and updates which don't need a whole thread for themselves.
  4. Valiens Nantaris

    Staff  Character Rules & Bio Rework

    The venerable character creation rules and bio template has not been edited since near the very beginning of the site over ten years ago. Therefore we have redone the rules for character creation and with the assistance of Judah Lesan a series of bio templates have been created to be used. The...
  5. Tefka

    New Feature  New Rules: Addressing Drama From The Past Few Years

    After months of deliberation, the SWRP: Chaos Staff Team has enacted 5 new General Rules and will be publishing them today to the General Rule Ruleset. For internal purposes, the General Rules are regarded as the highest tier ruleset in the land, and this particular update has been regarded as...
  6. Sorr Kortu

    Private  Screw the Rules I Have Money!

    Location: Makeb, Talaos City Makeb is a beautiful world, one of the most economically thriving planets in the Galaxy. Not a surprise considering that Makeb is located in SJC space and they were staying out of the Great Hyperspace War and as such wasn't hit with the devastation of war. Sorr...
  7. John Locke

    Staff  Factory and Codex Rules Updates

    Greetings! As you all know during the holiday shutdown the Codex and Factory have undergone a series of changes to their rules and operation. We hope that these changes will make the codex and factory more accessible to both new and old writers alike while preparing them for the creation of the...
  8. Brooke Waters

    LFG  Pamarthe Regatta - Race (Podrace Rules)

    Now, this one may be a bit of a reach, but would anyone be down for a race at Pamarthe, using the podrace rules.... but not podracers? Because me, as a writer, never stops talking about it, I like sailing, and well, with Pamarthe, they created a whole culture around watercraft and put it in...
  9. Tefka

    Staff  Factory Rules Update #3: If you think this has a happy ending...

    ******Removed ******General Guidelines -The entire template must be used in your submission. - If the owner of the image or a musical piece asks you to take it down, please do so - All submissions utilizing images or music must contain a link to a source where the image or musical piece can be...
  10. Tefka

    Staff  Factory Rules Update #2: Thicc Boi Edition

    The SWRP Factory Judge team is now being instructed to allow no maximum caps on Unique Civilian Stations, Combat Ships, or Military Stations. Factory Judges are to use their own discretion in what they allow, meaning members submitting overly large Civilian Stations, Combat Ships, or Military...
  11. Tefka

    Staff  General Rules #3 Removed, General Rule #5 Altered

    Link for the lazy: 3. This forum is rated PG-13 by MPAA standards. What does this even mean anymore. 5. Swearing is strongly discouraged. Has been removed from Rule #5. The word "fuck" has been removed from the Word Censor. To all my haters...
  12. Tefka

    Staff  Factory Rules Update

    This will be the first of many updates to come for the Factory, who is the current target of crazy amounts of useless rules overhead.
  13. Tefka

    Staff  Major Faction Rules | The Classification Of PvE Threads

    Major Changes: 1. Remove Hybrid Support Mandate. 2. Allow Junctions/Populate threads to be provided in place of Dominions. 3. Introduce the classification of "Player Vs Environment (PvE)" threads. 4. Classify Junctions, Dominions, and Populate threads as PvE threads. 5. Cap PvE threads at...
  14. Tefka

    Discussion  How do we feel about the new rules updates?

    Aside from Annihilations, I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten our answer on that already. How’s invasions? Do they hit harder, do they feel more balanced, do you feel like you’re getting your bang for your buck. Rebellions, too confusing? Interesting? Satisified with the chaotic mechanics...
  15. Scherezade deWinter

    Please archive

    Wording needs more work, please remove this, I will re-post later in a better way.
  16. EllieEx

    The Bounty Hunter's Creed, The League, and You

    There are two versions of the Bounty Hunter's League Code of conduct, One That extends to In character interaction, and one that extends to out of character interaction. the OOC variant of our code should be followed whenever possible, Part of bringing bounty hunting back to the galactic table...
  17. S

    What We Are

    SPECTRE is an organization centered around the idea of galactic influence through stealth methodology. In general, the organization was founded on the belief that the Empire and the Sith are at the heart of the major evils the galaxy faces, and as a result they must be eradicated through any...
  18. P

    Rules (OOC)

    OOC Rules are as follows: Follow Chaos Rules Don't be a Douche That's it. That's all. If you have an issue, try and work it out with the other side. If you can't find a middle ground, let faction staff know and we'll move up the chain from there.
  19. Salvador Grim

    Why Is This Restricted (OOC talk about restricted items}

    Stygium Crystal we all know pretty much know what they do but for those of you who do not here is a brief read out ::Stygium crystals were a type of rare crystals that were used to power stealth systems for star ships. The cloaking technology of the Carrion Spike, the personal corvette of Moff...
  20. Netherworld

    Restricted Missions removal

    We did away with dev threads a couple months ago, and the Factory's been running smoother than ever. Balance nips any attempts at OP submissions in the bud, and it's worked really well so far. So I propose we try and do away with RM missions as well. Not Restricted materials as a whole – just...
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