Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Ali Kare

    Work In Progress  Testing random stuff

    Fleet Composition: LEAD SHIP: The Equalizer Frigates: Springer Bastion Electric Punisher Hidden Glory Cruisers: Ravager Menace Destroyers: All-Vision Disciple Cloudburst Gladiator Civil Brute Avenger Serpent Thunderbolt M'haeli's Defender Aurora Carriers: Swarm Queen...
  2. Tefka

    Suggestion  Random Shower Thought - Attrition Map Mechanic

    Problem: Major Faction A wants to invade Major Faction B until death. Problem: Major Faction B feels its OOC and does not want to RP with Major Faction A. We had a discussion with the MFO's not long ago how RPJs aren't coming back and we're finalizing that debate after the holidays. This kills...
  3. Mazrith Drihl

    LFG  Random Ideas: The Legions

    So, I have been trying to formulate some ideas for stories and such. I have developed three ideas and am going to dump one of them here to see if it can grow into something. I was hoping this post would gather some interest in some people, and if you want to in any way join in on this particular...
  4. Surea

    LFG  Random Hype For The Character, So Time To Thread.

    You ever have a character that you make on a whim and it clicks with the muse? Ye that's Surea here for me. The idea of a Sith who's body is filled with a rotting decease and uses it to fight sorta gives me Scion vibes (low key one of my favorite Sith just for the 'too angry to die' meme.) Sorta...
  5. Noelle Varanin

    Public  Public Bazaar- Unusual Items Edition

    According to this survey , peeps are interested in the random, fun, unusual subs they can whip out mid thread. For example, a lipstick that can paralyze someone with one kiss. Or a whistle that can be heard by your soul mate regardless of location. Think small, think quirky, think fun! Got some...
  6. Bernard

    Artist  Bernard's Laboratory

    And into my bewildered eyes he throws Visions of festering wounds and filthy clothes, And all Destruction's bloody retinue. ---- Short Change Hero BLUFOR: Dagon Kaze Yula Perl Viers Connory OPFOR: TSE, Closed Strike Team Tano > Krayiss Two > Library Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...
  7. OOM - 87 Commander Droid

    Some Random Battle Droid

    Have you ever wanted to RP with a random OOM Series Battle Droid? Well now's your chance! ... Please, I'm lonely... Anyways, this can go anywhere. The droid in on Dantooine damaged and out of power. So, ya, it needs to be scavenged. Anyways, just reply if your interested.
  8. Darth Abyss

    Darkside Criminal Faction Interest Check

    So looking towards the downfall of the One Sith in the very near future I created a faction of my own some time ago, a faction for darksiders and criminal type characters to unite in something outside the typical empires or republics. Never really worked at that well as interest was kinda low...
  9. Reverance

    Legion Yun'Do Building Materials and Random Species

    Buildings, Rooms, and Spawning Locations Building Materials Fabrics and Clothes Spaceship parts [SIZE=14px]
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