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  1. Darth Empyrean

    Junction  Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos - SO/TME Junction of Ma'ar Shaddam & Pzob

    Ma’ar Shaddam An ancient and rocky world, one renowned for the quality of its ore and the smiths that work it, has come under the ever-growing gaze of the Sith Order, and in turn the Enclave. Where one sees conquest, another sees reclamation. While remote, the planet serves as one of the...
  2. Adenn Munin

    Dominion  The Reclamation War: Fanning the Flames | Mandalorian Enclave Dominion of Pzob

    SEASON UNENDING: EPISODE V KEEPING MOMENTUM... They struck first and shocked the Galactic Alliance. From their territories in the Expansion Region to the Core Worlds. Victory belonged to the Mandalorians after years of being dormant, and their success has driven them mad with confidence to...
  3. Mira Athrani

    Private  Cooking with the Devil

    P Z O B Talohn Atar | Voices of The Deep | Sasha Kryze | Eliz Krayt | Gwyneira Krayt | M I R A | Leea Pandac After Drifting in the Deep, Talohn Atar -- and consequentially Leea Pandae and Zlova Rue -- took on a new passenger on their refugee boat. They were the cutest little monster too...
  4. The Quartermaster

    Populate  The Frontier War: Midnight Clearing | Mandalorian Enclave Populate of Pzob

    F R O N T I E R W A R Pzob. Since the joint Jedi-Mandalorian operation on V'shar, the forces of scum and villainy had been left scrambling -- and their panic had only increased when a Pirate Lord of the Kraken Coalition had been captured by Enclave hunters on Tatooine. Thus, eyes had turned...
  5. Kay-Larr

    A Common Partnership; It's Pzob's Law (PM for Invite)

    The Pzob Orbital Array was ready. After months of construction, both sections of it were complete. With Veiere away and both twins occupied, Kay arrived on her own, accompanied by a small team of security forces to watch over her for the grand opening event. Instead of just the Free Lady...
  6. Jairdain

    Moonlight Shadow

    The week passed with Jairdain returning to Commenor and then planning on her return to Pzob. She took care of the small duties she had when she wasn't busy with the prince. When the day arrived for the planned dinner, Jairdain was really excited about it. She felt this was going to be something...
  7. Riamah

    Behind Walls of Stone

    On Trian, Ailurus had learned how to fight hand to hand and the use of short range weapons. So when the opportunity arose for her to have a new weapon crafted for her, she jumped at the chance. There was quite a selection for her to pick from and in the end decided on something she could work...
  8. T

    Dominion Proposal: November Edition

    PROPOSED DOMINION OF ROTHANA 851 ABY [hr] The Line in the Sand; Imperial Dominion of Rothana Description: Rothana has, for the past few millennia, operated under the venerable Kuat Drive Yards as its primaire site for secret projects; with an extensive security system put in place to deter...
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