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  1. Kei Amadis

    LOA  Heavy Workload - Slower Posting

    Hey all. If you know me its either all or nothing for work. Now its all. All three invasion posts will get a reply later today. Don't worry I won't leave you hanging. Everything else is slowed: SJO, Barbarian Empire, and Landra arcs will continue but at a reduced pace. Where it makes sense...
  2. Ellie Mors

    not a loa, slow posting

    I forgot it was mother's day week and got blindsided by call-ins and super late nights, so I'm behind right now on a couple of threads (which I am writing replies to at this moment) but I will probably not be able to post right away like I initially was until monday evening or tuesday thanks to...
  3. Gatz Derrevar

    LOA  Posting might be sporadic going forward

    A few of you who write with me know that I'm the primary care giver to my mother, who has two different terminal illnesses. We heard some pretty difficult news during lunch today, in regards to her health, and it means a whole lot more doctor's visits and trips down South to the state-of-the-art...
  4. Amani Serys

    Slower Posting

    Hey y'all, just wanted to officially put it out there that my post rate is probably gonna be pretty inconsistent for the foreseeable future. I started my career full time this week, and first year in education means a lot of work both on and off the clock. Between that and the rest of my...
  5. Salamander

    Slower Posting

    I feel sort of silly posting this because I feel like few people will even notice a difference, but yes, I have finally caught a case of Real Life. I have a new job and it is becoming very apparent that I cannot keep up with threads at the same rate I used to. There have been several incidents...
  6. Amelia von Sorenn

    LOA  Posting LOA (May 23 - May 28)

    A handful of Chaos peeps know that I work Casino Security in Vegas; and this week work is going to be short a few Officers. Meaning, I’ve volunteered to pickup the slack and fill in which unfortunately includes pulling doubles. My current work week is staggering to say the least. 8:45pm...
  7. Briana Sal-Soren

    Bug  Template Posting Error

    I've been working on some new templates and when I went to post them I got this error: Only afterwards did I see that the templates are still posting? But this shows up every time. I didn't do anything that I haven't done before, just took an older template and changed around some of the...
  8. Sylvia Virtos

    LOA  Slow posting for a little while

    This has been going on for a little bit now, but I suppose I should make it official. Posting is going to be slow for a while. You could say my mental health has hit a pretty major low point and that has heavily affected my muse and general motivation to write. I don't know how long it's going...
  9. A

    LOA  Reduced Posting

    Sorry guys, ya girl can't breathe properly right now. I'll still be doing replies here and there, but if I take a couple of days to get back to you please be patient <3 Just figured I'd make this publicly known, since I've really been trying to keep on top of everything!
  10. V

    LOA  Slow(er) posting

    Recently got over covid and went back to work.. to find out almost everyone else got covid while I was gone. Whatever threads I'm in I'll continue posting to, whenever I have the chance and it doesn't interfere with making sure I still sleep at night, but it's looking like a lot of 16-20 hour...
  11. Caltin Vanagor

    Linited posting for a bit

    Family stuff. Only going to post to threads I'm active in and limited in that
  12. V

    Exclusive Bounty Posting

    EXCLUSIVE BOUNTY POSTING So, you want to post a bounty contract solely for the Guild? No problem, use the template below, and we can handle things outside of the public contracting hubs and get it sorted. As always, responsibility of the legality of the contract falls to you (the client), so if...
  13. Kitter Bitters

    LOA  Slow Posting Warning

    I defend my dissertation in less than a week so I am busy preparing. I am still around but I will be a bit slow.
  14. Sergeant Omen

    Private  Running Like A Blind Tatoo-rat- Open to Darkwire and Denon Underworld, Ask First Before Posting

    TAG: @Peyton Steele In one of Denon's many corporate towers: Owen Gates looked at his office out onto the beautiful city he called home, or at least the upper sections of the city that is. The lower portions he probably couldn't step in without being shot by "revolutionaries" as they loosey...
  15. Z

    Work In Progress  How do resize an image for posting on forum?

    I want to post a picture and have the BBCode. The usual things like img=50x20 or img=w,50 arent working. Any tips? For reference the code i have looks like (obviously with the correct bracket type) {Img}https://__blahblahblah___.png{/img}
  16. Kaleleon

    LOA  Coming back to Posting

    So for the past week I have been nearly silent on the site as well as Discord. Reason for that is I had a host of Job Offers within the past week and so I had to go to all of them, accept the job I want, Do car shopping, get the car, wait for all the paperwork, Drive the wife back and forth to...
  17. Jen

    Rate the Song Above You

    Never really seen a thread like this, but I thought it might be fun to play around with. So here goes. It's rather simply, rate the song above you from 1/10. Provide a link if possible or use (media) link (/media), with [ brackets. Remember! Be respectful and if possible leave a comment on why...
  18. Anija Betna

    Active Threads: As of 4.7.15

    Dominion of Topwara: 79/100 posts Dominion of Bimmiel: 34/100 posts The Taung Project [Mandalorian Flagship]: 20/400 posts - can span several threads Shades of the Past [Mandalorian Relic Hunting]: Intro Thread; Complete? Memoirs of a Supercommando Pt 1: Oovo IV: 7/?? Dominion of Gallos: 10/100...
  19. Alin Proko

    What's eating you?

    this is a joke, this is not about cannabalism or actually being eaten. Im being eating by a giant flaming rainbow peacock
  20. Puta'Nium Theynyn

    Corellia, kriff yeah!

    This is a basic posting game where you post pictures of the biggest weapons and guns you can find.
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