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  1. Rok'taan

    Character  Rok'taan

    ROK'TAAN Age 38 GSY Species Grysk Gender Male Height 1.98 Meters Weight 91 kg Force Sensitive No Voice Azog the Defilier (Manu Bennett) INVENTORY Equipment A set of Fenelar armor A pair of Grysk-made vibroblades A custom maser pistol, made from a Chiss charric Various Grysk...
  2. Korn Kray'ac

    Private  Two Mandalorians And A Politician

    Dermos. Typical world in the Outer Rim. It had seas, mountains, oceans, islands, continents and everything in between. However, its climate was hotter toward its core, so certain civilizations had since erected monuments wherein since founded the great cities on the beaches that now existed...
  3. Anodyne Lyori

    Character  Anodyne Lyori

    Anodyne Lyori Homeworld Jelucan Residence Coruscant Affiliation House Lyori Galactic Alliance Rank Ambassador Species Half-Human, Half-Sephi Age Late Twenties Gender Cis Female Hair Color Black Eye Color Green Skin Color Pale Height 5' (1.52 m) Build Slender...
  4. Z

    Question  Fit for a Politician

    What do you guys think would make for the most over-the-top, vanity-ridden, "Look at me!" type of ship that could be crewed by a single droid to haul one person around in?
  5. Parvati

    Private  Along Came A Politician

    Coruscant HOUSE OF PARVATI nightclub "You know I hate these things." I said as I tied the last string on the front of my corset. The black leather gripping into my ribs. My friend, Alasia, was behind me, zipping the back up for me. "You hate it, but it makes your lavish spending habits easier...
  6. V

    Character  Vehlous Ademar

  7. Lukka Sacchi

    Character  Lukka Sacchi

    SOCIETAL Name: - Lukka Sacchi Alias: - Titles: - Diplomat Homeworld: - Osadia Faction: - Galactic Alliance Force Sensitivity: - Weak Connection APPEARANCE Race: - Human Age: - 21 Gender: - She/Her OOC Discord: Sphinxesto#1776 Text Color: #e6e6fa Lavender...
  8. Kel Se'Taav

    Character  Kel Se'Taav

    KEL SE'TAAV Theme Spectre Induction Aliases Commander; Senator Class/Role Politician; Military Commander Birthplace Bothawui Residence Parliament Suites, Abregado-rae Aboard the 'Tempest' Age Middle-Aged (mid-40s) Personality Traits Honest Loyal Strategic Rank(s) Senator of...
  9. Cessair Berav

    Character  Cessair Berav

    Cessair NAME: Cessair Berav FACTION: Rimward Trade League, Latharran Republic RANK: Senator of Kolanda SPECIES: Zeltron/Pantoran Hybrid AGE: 24 SEX: female HEIGHT: 5’6” (168 cm) WEIGHT: 125 lbs EYES: Black HAIR: Dark blueish purpleish, shoulder-length and wavy SKIN: Lavender, gold...
  10. T

    Character  Mitth'aue'nuru

  11. I

    Character  Ipali Torru

    CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY Full name: Ipali Torru. Preferred Names: Administer Torru. Alias: Ipali. Titles: Senator Concordian. Species: Kaminoan. Birthworld: Kamino. Homeworld: Manaan. Faction(s): The Order of the Silver Jedi. Rank(s): Administer. Senator. Magistrate. Role(s): Ambassador...
  12. Grrwunhoooll Agaburry


  13. Antonius Mark

    Antonius Mark

    NAME: Antonius Mark FACTION: The Corporate Protectorate RANK: None SPECIES: Human AGE: 22 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6' or 1.8288m WEIGHT: 195lbs or 88.4505 kg EYES: Brown HAIR: Blond SKIN: Caucasian FORCE SENSITIVE: NEGATIVE...
  14. Ravenfire

    Brom Burningwood

    NAME: Brom Burningwood FACTION: RANK: Rouge Master SPECIES: Humanlike AGE: Looks 32. Secretly 140 SEX: Male. HEIGHT: 5’ 11” WEIGHT: 125 kg EYES: Brown thanks to an amulet he wears actually yellow. HAIR: Brown SKIN: Brown FORCE SENSITIVE: Oh yeah...
  15. Shran


    NAME: Kwets’hra’nuruodo (Shran) FACTION: The Galactic Alliance RANK: Senator SPECIES: Chiss AGE: 65 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6’3” WEIGHT: 220Lbs. EYES: Red HAIR: Black with grey highlights on the side SKIN: Blue FORCE SENSITIVE: No...
  16. R

    Rose Decoria

    NAME: Rose Decoria FACTION: Silver Jedi Order RANK: Politician SPECIES: Echani AGE: 27 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'11 WEIGHT: 9st EYES: Silver HAIR: Silver SKIN: White, pale FORCE SENSITIVE: No Family: Mother, 54 years old, alive Sister, 18 years old, alive - Kat Decoria...
  17. Paris Trevan

    Paris Trevan

    Security Camera Image of Paris Trevan General Information [hr] [hr] Name | Paris Trevan Aliases | N/A Age | 42 Faction | Rank | Supreme Chancellor Species | Human Gender | Male Vocal Sample | Donald Trump Theme Song | [X] Force Sensitive | No Paris Trevan's ID Picture Physical...
  18. Zoe Rosella

    Zoe Rosella

    Zoe Rosella NAME: Zoe Rosella FACTION: Confederacy of Independent Systems ROLE: Smuggler SOLDIERS: 1st Rosella Detachment SPECIES: Human HOMEWORLD: Balmorra AGE: 25 SEX: Female FORCE SENSITIVE: No? WEAPONS: Z-01 EDUCATION: Balmorran Milita APPEARANCE: - Olive Tan Skin - 152cm (5'7) -...
  19. H


    Hespera "The hammer always falls. Our only choice is whether we are broken or forged." Name: Hespera Sex: Female Species: Human Homeworld: Shulstine V Occupation: Senator Force-Sensitive: No [hr] Hespera seldom dwells on her childhood. She holds her past - and the self of her past - in...
  20. Mattia Borgias

    Mayor Devlyn Kane

    NAME: Devlyn Alxandre Kane FACTION: The Coruscanti People's Union; The Family RANK: Mayor of Coruscant SPECIES: Human AGE: 52 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6'2 WEIGHT: 200 Lbs EYES: Blue HAIR: Light Brown SKIN: Fair FORCE SENSITIVE: Unknown...
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