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  1. Srina Talon

    Private  Beautiful Nightmare

    Tag: Valery Noble Wearing: Red Location: The Land of Nod ______________________________________________________ The transition was silent. She looked up from an old tome that she had read a dozen times in the archives of the Malsheem and half expected to see Darth Carnifex looking over her...
  2. Silas Westgard

    Private  The Festive Nightmare

    Location: Azbrian Objective: Check out the life day market Tags: Kahlil Noble Life day, oh how did it come back so slow? It was that time of year when everyone was beginning to wind down and enjoy the excitement that came on the road to celebration. That was no different for Jedi, who were...
  3. A

    Private  Wake From Nightmare To Dream

    Aoede stirred. She was expecting to wake to the same stuffy room as always, thick with ever-present incense and stagnant air. Instead there was a steady breeze as air flowed in through the open windows, causing stray hairs to gently tickle her face. Rolling over, she slowly came to her senses...
  4. Zachariah Conway

    Private  Nightmares

    Location: Zaathru With: Rhiannon Dinn He shot upright, sweating. The young boy hadn't slept well since his arrival on Zaathru, not that he would tell Arcturus Dinn. He was worried his Master would try and offer him advice, try and find ways to fix his problems and he didn't want that. He...
  5. Samara

    Private  I prayed it was just a nightmare..

    Within the ever so expansive mass that was space, a ship owned by Iris Arani would be moving along at a brisk pace away from the foulness of 1313. Throughout the hassle of hauling Samara from the tower to her ship, one would notice that Sam tended to jitter around a lot, kicking and weakly...
  6. Jenzid Channsalj

    Private  A Contractor's Dream, A Hunter's Nightmare

    Tags: Dylan Marsek Location: Coruscant Objective: Hunt down the Targets Wearing: Street Clothes, ENVC-370 Bodyglove, Tinfoil Hat Band, Magno-grip Boots Wielding: 1 Songsteel Dao Sword, 8 Terminus Shivs, 1 Kusak Blaster Pistol, Lodestone Devices, Razzmatazz Holospheres (<<Communicator/Radio>> |...
  7. Silas Westgard

    Private  Undead Nightmare

    Objective: Deal with the undead Kahlil left behind on Dathomir Location: Empire space Tags: Kahlil Noble "18...19...20..." Silas said effortlessly as he quickly performed some quick press ups on the matted floor of the ship. He had been doing his personal endurance training for thirty minutes...
  8. Tefka

    Staff  Star Wars "Jizz Music" Unbanned, Site Owner Pleads With Members To "End This Nightmare."

    By popular vote, Jizz Music has outlasted the proverbial boxing match with the SWRP Staff Team and is once and for all unbanned. For the people having minecraft server issues, I don't know why you people keep ending up at this website but we don't service those sorts of requests, apologies...
  9. Mia Mereel

    Private  One Vod's dream is another Vod's nightmare

    Challenge Accepted LOCATION: Strill Securities’ Darasuum Morut-class Super-heavy Battlecruiser, The Darasuum Morut, their Flag Ship, VIP Landing Bay 1E. Objective: Get a job, don’t get killed. Equipment: Cybernetics, Leather-looking armor, all stun weaponry. Tags: [ Saram Kote ] [ Nyles...
  10. Takumi Tikotzki

    Public  Hunt for some nightmare demons

    Corellia Tags: Dantum Kryszar | J. Jorus Jaxxon | Mikilanna Mihaly | Ran | Viola Valencia Planet: Corellia Location: crowded hangar Ambience: space station ambience Goal: To catch some nightmare demons Bad guys Goal: To cause some trouble on the way. (OOC: If anyone wants to cause...
  11. Nezira Viresh

    Private  The Crude, the Smooth and the Shattering

    Tag: Darth Insatious Location: fa-play fa-pause Nezira woke up with a thumping headache and a blinding light. As she tried to move a hand to her head, a tug in her other hand, forcing it to get pulled down to the cold ground. Blinking a couple of times, she looked down at her hands in...
  12. D

    Character  Darth Cyphos

    Darth Cyphos NAME: Sith name is Darth Cyphos, real name is not known. FACTION: Cyphos works purely for himself. RANK: Sith Master of none SPECIES: Unknown originally, now a force echo. AGE: 7795 Earth years SEX: Male originally, none now. HEIGHT: 1.9 meters originally, none now. WEIGHT...
  13. Noel Strasza


    The Major d o g m a Asoport, Carlac The heat of churning bodies and raging fires licked dangerously at my heels as I ran up those spiraling stairs, climbing higher and higher through the madness with only a prayer of reaching the climax holding any of us to reality. I was scared. Terrified...
  14. Isobel Mattis

    Character  Isobel Mattis

  15. Grrwunhoooll Agaburry

    Arceneaux Priest

    Pronunciation:(Are-cen-o Preest)
  16. T

    Christmas or Halloween

    So here is a true and glorious debate my brothers, come forward and we shall sing our melodies as we debate this subject. One of the greatest movies of our times, or at least my favorite is Nightmare Before Christmas, i love it i have the nightmare revisited album and i love all the songs. So is...
  17. Phalaxgreth


    NAME: Phalaxgreth FACTION: The One Sith RANK: --- SPECIES: Massassi AGE: 16 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 11"1 WEIGHT: 435lbs EYES: Bright luminous yellow distinctive eyes. HAIR: --- SKIN: Blood Red. FORCE SENSITIVE: Affirmative...
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