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  1. Eternal Storm

    Unorthodox Tactics | Naval Command

    W A R G A M E S Arkanis Naval Academy The twin suns of the Arkanis system reflected brightly against the gleaming metal plating of the newly-minted orbital campus of the Arkanis Naval Academy. The behemoth station had been constructed to replace the aging facilities that the historic academy...
  2. Kiff Brayde

    Approved Location Arkanis Naval Academy

    A R K A N I S N A V A L A C A D E M Y OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To flesh out the new location for the Arkanis Naval Academy. Image Credit: x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Fizzle | Kasava Delight Fizzle | Juicy Jogan Fizzle | Spring Shuura SETTING...
  3. Kiff Brayde

    Encrypted Transmission II - Bassadro Sector Armada

    Archive Date: [REDACTED] 860 ABY. Time: 0830 Hours. Location: CNS [REDACTED]. Recipients: HIGHCOM [Begin encryption sequencing Forn-Besh-Mern-Qek] mxowu exmovvo rahnvb bf mt ggophixjmthau kf ngo jtk ffcin bu rdofmgep mmo nolvvfwi ab phkyf dkhhw mpipas jj wqgtmk. lg pdx vptlqb caay, heb upa...
  4. Amelia von Sorenn

    From the Office of the Grand Marshal - NAVCOM

    From the Office of the Grand Marshal - NAVCOM Archive Date: 860 ABY Time: 1800 Hours Location: Office of the Grand Marshal, Naboo Recipients: HIGHCOM, Office of the Vicelord, Office of the Exarchs, Sector Commands - NAVCOM CC: Ceasar Kenway, Minister of War; Luna Terrik, Grand Marshal...
  5. Kiff Brayde

    Encrypted Transmission - Bassadro Sector Armada

    From the desk of Kiff Brayde, High Marshal of Bassadro Sector Armada Archive Date: [REDACTED] 860 ABY. Time: 0830 Hours. Location: Bassadro Sector Command, Fondor Recipients: HIGHCOM [Begin encryption sequencing Foxtrot-Beta-Mike-Quebec] mxowu exmovvo kxhpbu -- ibkogy paih - huatwv twz...
  6. Kiff Brayde

    Approved Tech Confederacy Naval Command Standard Uniform

    N A V C O M S T A N D A R D U N I F O R M OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a standard naval uniform for the Confederacy. Image Source: x Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Confederacy of Independent Systems Affiliation...
  7. Anashla Deshal

    Character Anashla Deshal

    ANASHLA DESHAL .Physical Traits.||.Personal Attributes .SpeciesHuman || FactionConfederacy of Independent Systems .SexFemale || Position Confederate Naval Command .Age24 || RankCommander .Height5'9" || .. .Weight110 || Known Alias(es)None .Eye ColorBlue || Force SensitiveYes...
  8. Anashla Deshal

    Anashla Deshal