Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Zaiya Ceti

    Approved Tech  Aris Noble's Prototype Earpiece Glasses/Helm

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a neat auto-shrinking helmet a la Starlord/Ironman Helmet that can be used to protect Aris's super-sensitive eyes Image Source: I created this via AI on my Imagine Art account. The Starlord gif is from tumblr but originates from the Guardians of...
  2. John Locke

    Approved Tech  Raiju Armour

    Intent: To submit an Armour package for John Locke. Image Source(s): All photoshop work done by me Locke and Key Symbol: Me in photoshop Floating Header: Godfall | Youtube Bodyglove: Batman Beyond by Furio Tedeschi Combat Armour: Godfall | Youtube Iron Coffin: V.E.R.O.N.I.C.A. | Aliexpress...
  3. John Locke

    Approved Tech  Nanohive

    Intent: To submit a component for use in later submissions Image Source: Second Life Canon Link: N/a Permissions: N/a Primary Source: Nanotechnology Manufacturer: Locke and Key Mechanics Affiliation: Company Name: Locke and Key Mechanics Model: Nanohive Modularity: Programming can be...
  4. Taru Cadera

    Approved Tech  Project CREATION: Void Beskar'gam

    Project CREATION: Void Armor OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To revolutionize the idea of personal armor on Chaos. And to give Taru a nice, brand new set of armor. Image Source: X & Y & Z Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: Nanoweave PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: The Armoury...
  5. John Locke

    Approved Starship  Pridwen-Class Cruiser

    Intent: A new ship for production and use by Locke and Key Mechanics Image Source: DeviantArt Canon Link: N/a Primary Source: Acclamator Manufacturer: Locke and Key Mechanics Affiliation: Company Name: Locke and Key Mechanics Model: Pridwen-Class Cruiser Production...
  6. LT-137

    Approved Tech  TTH/MND-001 Medical Nanodroid(s)

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a medical nano-droid for use in a future submission, and for use by the Thyrsian Military. Image Source: Big picture education article. [x] Canon Link: Not Applicable. Permissions: Not Applicable. Primary Source: Nanotechnology (Canon and...
  7. Dash Kessler

    The Progredior Research Institute

    THE PROGREDIOR RESEARCH INSTITUTE A BETTER TOMORROW FOR A BETTER YOU. OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: Illusive-Designs Canon Link: N/A Development Thread: N/A Primary Source: N/A CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: The Progredior Research Institute (PRI) Headquarters...
  8. Amara Zarides

    Approved Tech  Ambrosia Nano-Restoration

    Ambrosia Nano-Restoration OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a powerful way of using nano-technology to restore and heal rather than destroy. This technology is in its early stages, but still has fantastic potential. Image Source: Here. John Dickinson on Motionworks. Canon Link...
  9. Davion Khan

    Nano Augmentations

    Intent Partially, to expand upon a stub on wookieepedia and give it a larger sense of place in the Star Wars universe. Partially to increase non Force-User abilities in combat with other NFUs and even Force Users. IT IS NOT THE INTENT OF MY SELF TO CREATE INVINCIBLE CHARACTERS. Development...
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