Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. G

    Character  Garon Myles | Rock Star

    Music BLACK VELVET Name Garon Myles Occupation Singer Assignment Coruscant Birthplace Khemost Age Created 5+ years ago Personality Traits Party Animal Charismatic Sociopathic Lifestyle Traits Rock Star Martial Artist Rich & Famous Rank(s) Citizen-Soldier Faction(s)...
  2. Secenva

    Character  Dyzzruptor

    D Y Z Z R U P T O R Real Name: Davbo Zigg Faction: Darkwire Species: Zeltron Homeworld: Daiyu Gender: Male Age: 20 GSY Height: 1.78 Meters Weight: 70 kg Hair: Deep Blue Eyes: Violet Skin: Pink Face: {X} Voice: Liam O'Brien as Axl Low Before he became the dazzling shadowrunner known as...
  3. Sonya Grace

    Sonya Grace

    Sonya Grace, WIP. Sonya has always lived on Corellia. Her parents, both government officials, raised her in the capital -- between private schooling, tutoring, and anything else she could want, they spared no expense in shaping Sonya into the young woman they wanted her to be. It was thus a...
  4. Kit "Zee" Zeevex

    Kit "Zee" Zeevex

    NAME: Kit "Zee" Zeevex. Nicknames include "Zee" or "Zee Bard" (her channel name for her videos). She prefers if people don't refer to her as "Kitten" however. FACTION: The Confederacy of Independent Systems RANK: Minor Social Media Influencer and Holonet tube star SPECIES: Falleen AGE: 29...
  5. Christine Dellard

    Christine Dellard

    NAME: Christine 'Chris' Dellard FACTION: The Galactic Alliance RANK: Musician (lead guitar and vocals of the De'Rifts), AMS Deputy Marshal SPECIES: Human/Epicanthix AGE: 28 GSY SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5' 7''/170 cm WEIGHT: Fit EYES: Green HAIR: Blonde SKIN: Pale FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
  6. W


    Between the mountains and sea his realm was fair and free. Of him harpers sweetly sing; Gil-miniual, the noble lord. His sword was long, his lance was keen. His shning helm afar was seen; the countless stars of heaven's field were mirrored in his silver shield. His Song (x) Gil-miniual of...
  7. Helly Reyne

    Helly Reyne

    Don't be wary, Hartliters! We've got the fix you've been craving and we've got it all month long! Your favorite renegades are back in action and they're not taking any prisoners in this galactic tour! Days 1-2 Hall 8 Tal'cara, Kothlis Days 5-8 Ektra Music- ...... Da͇͈̥͓͖y͙̲̘s̠͚͍͚̤̳͈...
  8. Nyx


    Welcome. Please input query. //Search 'Anixya'; Query accepted. Retrieving all files including the term "Anixya" __________________________________________________ File: "Anixya" Look at that collar. She must be into some weird stuff. Full Name: Unknown Alias: Anixya Marital Status...
  9. Onrai

    Terminus Vox - WIP

    Terminus Vox NAME: Terminus Vox FACTION: Jedi/Republic RANK: Apprentice SPECIES: Human - Nubian AGE: 28 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 5' 11" WEIGHT: 190 lbs EYES: Hazel HAIR: Black with blond spiked tips. SKIN: Caucasian/White FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
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