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  1. Sha'ri Sorkh

    Character  SHA'RI SORKH - Desperate Bounty Hunter

    Now Playing - Looking For Tracy Tzu SHA'RI - SORKH [Image Source: Claymore - Rado] Age 32 Species Mirialan Gender Female Height 176 cm Weight 60 kg Force Sensitive True PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Sha'ri is always seen in a white porcelain mask tucked into the hood of a large...
  2. S

    Mother Talizin

    Mother Talizin was Night Mother on Dathomir during The Clone Wars. She was exeedingly powerful, able to torment and nearly kill Count Dooku with her Ichorcraft and Voodoo puppet. Talizin was mother of Darth Maul and Savage Opress, Zabrak Night Brothers. She believed her sons woyke have great...
  3. Kha'la Daaray

    Character  Kha'La Daaray — Queen Mother

    [ENCADRE title="Character Details" title_align="center"; block_align="fright" width="390px"] Kha'la Daaray Title Queen Mother Affiliations Hapes Consortium Species Hapan Birthworld Hapes Languages Galactic Basic Education Naval Academy Gender Female Age 30's Eye Color Green...
  4. Tefka

    Discussion  Disease-Ridden Ewok Dancer Looking For Mother

    I have a new character concept for an ewok bounty hunting dancer that needs a mom, preferably human. Tag if interested
  5. Anya Venari

    Approved NPC  The Great Mother

    The Great Mother OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Create a cool and fun friend for all! To troll John Locke Image Credit: Here. Role: To be an interesting and mysterious being to contact. A potential ally or foe. Permissions: N/A Links: Tygara, PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: At least...
  6. Myles Davorak

    Bleeding Heart - Part 1

    Planet : Naboo Location: Theed 13:00 Local Time Myles walked brazenly down the cobbled streets of Theed, familiar and even different sights greeted him. Some vendors he recognized and others he did not. There was only one reason he ever returns to Naboo--to visit his mother. She was getting up...
  7. Kha'la Daaray

    Character  Kha'la Daaray - Queen Mother of Hapes

    Kha'la Daaray Basic Information Faction Hapan Consortium Rank Queen Mother Species Hapan Gender Female Age 29 Eye Color Green Hair Color Red Force-sensitive No Brief History: Born on Hapes and into the royal family as a cousin to Queen Mother Merci, Kha'la began a...
  8. Darth Thonrin

    Work In Progress  Will of the Mother

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create the religion for the Children of Abeloth Image Credit: WIP Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Children of Abeloth GENERAL INFORMATION Religion Name: Will of the Mother Religion Type: Force Based Influence: Minor Influence Area: Osseriton...
  9. Ava Cartwright-Pryce

    Ava Cartwright

    General Ava Cartwright-Pryce (Ret.) NAME: Avalynn "Ava" Marie Cartwright-Pryce SPECIES: Human HOMEWORLD: Ralltiir; Cambriella CURRENT RESIDENCE: Corellia, Corellian Frontier - Starlight Ranch (Pryce family home) CITIZENSHIP(S): Ralltiir, Corellia, Galactic Alliance DEMONYM: Ralltiiri...
  10. Saul

    Need help with a sig for my char xD

    So here is the picture: Is there any way to turn this into a cool looking sig? I was thinking like a dark background maybe with fog or even a red/lava based one? I'm not sure, I'm artistically challenged. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Herr Vanderhing

    Approved NPC  Herr Rimya

    Name: Herr Rimya also goes by Gertrude Rimffön Loyalties: Herr Vanderhing Role: Mother Development Threads: N/A Age: 65 Species: Neimoidian Appearance: Herr Rimya is an elderly Neimoidian whom looks her age. She had bluish green skin pigment and the typical orange and red Neimoidian eyes...
  12. Judah Dashiell

    Approved NPC  Junia Dashiell

    Image credit here Name: Junia Dashiell (nee Millar) Aliases: Ma, Gramma Loyalties: Dashiell Family, Salacia Consolidated Role: Mother to Judah Dashiell , Mother-in-Law to [member="Thessa Kai"] , Grandmother to Makai Dashiell , Aunt to [member="Isaiah Dashiell"] Development...
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