Planet : Naboo
Location: Theed
13:00 Local Time

Myles walked brazenly down the cobbled streets of Theed, familiar and even different sights greeted him. Some vendors he recognized and others he did not. There was only one reason he ever returns to Naboo--to visit his mother. She was getting up in age and had finally retired from the government years prior. Myles was always sure to send her credits to help out when he could. Her health was declining and it was time for Myles to spend time with her before she left this world.

Reaching the villa door, he opened the ornate piece of art that stood before him and walked inside. It was just as he remembered. Pieces of historic Naboo relics adorned the shelves in the main hallway. They were replicas of course, as most of the artifacts were held in a viewing Gallery near the city centre. A young woman, who no doubt heard the door; rushed down the hallway to greet Myles.

"I am sorry sir, do you have business with Vera?" Queried the woman.

"Of course I do. I am her son--Myles. It's very urgent business if you don't mind." He chuckled to himself.
"My deepest apologies Myles. I am Leighana. Your mothers caretaker. I am afraid her health has declined since you were last here."

Shooting her a frown, Myles nodded and proceeded down the hallway. Opening the doors to his mother's room he saw her on the bed, hooked up to life support systems. Her eyes widened when the aged veteran stepped through the door.

"My little boy has come home. Come over here son. I have missed you so much."

Myles rushed over and sat on the bed with her, leaning over and embracing his mother.
"Hi there mom. I have missed you. Sorry I didn't arrive earlier."

"That's alright my dear boy. Leighana has been keeping me company. Tell me, how long is your visit?"

Giving her a wide smile, Myles would volunteer further information. "I am staying for good. I have lost so much time with you and I want to make it up to you mother."
A few moments of silence had passed before tears started to roll down Vera's cheeks. Myles looked away to try and avert his mother's gaze, he would get soft around his mother and if she cried, it took a toll on him.

"So much time.....I am much older now. Let us enjoy what time we have together, my little gundark.....LEIGHANA!"
The yell took Myles off guard, to which he chuckled soon after. She was good at yelling, which is why she was a good politician.

Leighana rushed in through the door, almost worried and asked if everything was okay.
"Yes, I am fine. Just letting you know that Myles will be staying here for a while."

The caretaker looked at Myles for a brief moment, as if confused about the circumstances, but got the hint that he would be around to help out as well.
" I don't wish to intrude mother. I can alway stay--"

"Don't sass me son. I may be nearly bedbound but I can still smack ya."
The old woman laughed, followed by a few shallow coughs.
"Besides, I am sure Leighana would enjoy the brief break. She has been a great help, but the poor woman won't rest."
Myles laughed and joked.
"Sounds like a certain politician I know"

His mother's laugh turned into a serious expression, glaring at him before laughing again.
"You told me you had a business, are you sure you can take off a few weeks?"

Myles nodded with a sincere expression before replying.
"I dissolved it until I find it fit to return. I can always work and resume the business when I see fit."

"Very well my boy. You do whatever makes you happy. Now, enough of this. Let's talk about dinner plans. We should celebrate your return with a hearty meal..."

As she went into detail about the dinner arrangements with Leighana. Myles started to stare and space out. His mother looked physically healthy but he knew that she was hooked up to life support systems because her body was failing her. He then reflected on the many good days he had with his mother and even the bad ones. Myles made her so mad sometimes, and she was hard on him as a boy, but he was thankful that she even cared.

Myles went deeper into this trance.

To Be Continued In Part 2
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