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Character Thuux Zethrux

Thuux Zethrux


    • NAME: Thuux Zethrux
    • ALIASES: Numerous; most are quickly discarded.
    • AGE: 67 GSY
    • HOMEWORLD: Falleen (Exiled)
    • CITIZENSHIP: Empress Teta

    • SEX: Male
    • SPECIES: Falleen
    • EYES: Violet
    • HAIR: Black
    • SKIN: Green (Varies)
    • HEIGHT: 1.56 m
    • BUILD: Lithe

    • Soon.

    • FORCE PROWESS: Adept/Knight
    • ALIGNMENT: Dark Side
    • FORCE PRESENCE: Extremely subtle, yet deeply unnerving.
    • SKILLS:
      • Professionally accredited in at least eleven separate legal systems and with decades of experience, Thuux is an exceptional lawyer with an unfortunate tendency to use illicit methods and even mind control when honest methods fail.
      • In addition to his legal (and underworld) knowledge, Thuux has significant experience managing in business management, with a particular aptitude for maintaining employee loyalty.
      • Linguistically gifted, Thuux has achieved native fluency in Falleen, Basic, and High Galactic, as well as professional working proficiency in Huttese, Bocce, Sy Bisti, and Messe Caulf.
      • Thuux's combat training is limited to basic self-defence, training which has never been put to the test.
      • Self-taught through practice and illicitly obtained holocrons, Thuux is largely ignorant of the ways of the Force, with two major exceptions - his extraordinary aptitude for the arts of Force Stealth and Mind Control.

    • THE MIND IS CLAY: Having mastered a combination of mind control, Falleen pheromones, and good old charisma, Thuux is able to twist all but the most strong-willed around his little finger.
    • FALLEEN SUPERIORITY: As a Falleen, Thuux is gifted with everything from a long lifespan, mind-affecting pheromones, to an inborn resistance to mind tricks, further strengthening his already bloated ego.
    • LOVER, NOT A FIGHTER: Aside from mind control, Thuux is completely useless in a fight. He wields no grasping tendrils of force lightning and can barely tell which is the business end of a blaster.
    • PSYCHOPATH: Most people have a sense of right and wrong, a little angel on their shoulder to tell them what they should and should not do? Thuux? Not so much. Either it benefits him, or it doesn't. Anything else is typically discarded as irrelevant, though one must oh-so-frequently pretend to care so as to not frighten the sheep.
    • VAINGLORIOUS: In addition being excessively arrogant and borderline narcissistic, Thuux is a little too fond of hearing about his own accomplishments and receiving praise in regards to his innumerable merits.

  • Thuux Zethrux had always been out for himself, first and foremost. Born on Falleen to a house of lesser nobles, he was always convinced that he was destined for something greater. Not because of fate or any such nonsense, but because he wanted more, and what he wanted, he got. Of course, even a perfect specimen such as himself couldn't succeed every time, a flaw on the part of the universe, no doubt.

    After a failed attempt at seizing the throne through treachery most foul, Thuux was scheduled for execution, but his last remaining allies managed to lobby hard enough for him to instead be exiled from Falleen. Banished from his own homeworld, forbidden to ever return under penalty of death, Thuux was doomed to live in a galaxy plagued with inferior species and empty-headed fools. Determined to make the most of his misfortune, he consolidated what (considerable) resources he had managed to bring with him (and steal) when he was exiled.

    Making his way to Empress Teta, largely due to its reputation as a beacon of culture, he spent a few years immersing himself in the laws of the primitive cultures that dominated the galactic stage, before setting up a legal practice of his own. Establishing Zethrux & Arkoni with the brilliant but freshly educated Sagrax Arkoni, the pair quickly grew to amass quite a reputation amongst the ecumenopolis' elite, largely due to the unique synergy between Arkoni's legal brilliance and Zethrux's mentalism, which had grown considerably in scope since leaving Falleen, a world dominated by a species resistant to mind tricks. For years the firm grew, all the while slowly expanding its influence in Empress Teta's underworld and the gilded halls of the aristocracy alike. Soon, the time would come to enter the grand stage of the galaxy at large. Soon, the wealth and power he so thirsted for would be within reach.

    • Soon.

    • KILLS: "Please, as if I would get my hands dirty."
    • BOUNTIES COLLECTED: "What do you take me for, a common ruffian?"
    • AVATAR SOURCE: Prince Xizor by Unknown
    • BIO ART SOURCE: Inner Struggle by Andres Hurtado

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