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light industries

  1. Nyos Val

    Let's Make a Deal...Droid to Cyborg

    Standing aboard the brand new Orbital station owned by his company, Nyos had been doing a little back and forth with another business owner. [member="Break"] had showed interest on a collaboration project or two and was on his way here to meet for the first time. The station was busy with...
  2. Break

    Approved Tech  HRD-DLN-2.0

    Image Source: HRD-DLN-2.0 Intent: A new droid body with advanced integrated weaponry and sensors. Development Thread: If needed Manufacturer: Break Model: HRD-Mk-VII Affiliation: Break (Private Model) Modularity: 2 Hardpoints on each limb can...
  3. Break

    Approved Tech  DLN-02-WURM

    Image Source: Intent: One of the new line of high quality droids being produced by light industries. Development Thread: If needed Manufacturer: Light Industries...
  4. Break

    Light Industries

    Making the Future Brighter. General Information Headquarters: Arcadia-N-30 Market Type: Private Ownership: Break Corporate Size: Tier II Operations: Energy and Droid Production ​Description Light Industries is a company built on loyalty and perfection. We design, build, and test droids with a...
  5. Break

    Approved Tech  Break's Arc Reactor Powersource

    Image Source: Intent: Personal power source for Break Development Thread: If necessary. Manufacturer: Break Model:N/A Affiliation:N/A Modularity: Can be mounted directly on to Break Production: Production:Unique...
  6. Break


    Image Source: Intent: New Alloy for application of Armor and Droid production Development Thread: if needed Manufacturer: Break Model: N/A Affiliation: public Modularity: No Production: Limited Material: Ionized Durasteel, gold and nickel layered with liquid - like robots programmed to...
  7. Break

    Approved Tech  DLN-03 Mining droid

    Intent: Mining droid Development Thread: None Manufacturer: Light Industries Model: DLN-03 Affiliation: Light Industries Modularity: Hydro excavation attachment, Diamond head drill attachment, concussion drill head, quarry bucket Production: Minor Material: Plasteel, Droid brain...
  8. Break

    Approved Tech  DLN-02 scout droid

    Image Source: Intent: Advanced scouting and personal guard droids Development Thread: If needed Manufacturer: Light Industries Model: DLN-02 Affiliation: Open market Modularity: No Production: Limited...
  9. Break

    Approved Tech  PRT-100 Infantry droids

    PRT-100 Infantry droids Intent: The re-purposing of the PRT-01 droids to be mass produced and sold with better armor and less Modularity to fit cost restraints. Development Thread: N/A Manufacturer: Light Industries Model: PRT-100 Droid troopers Affiliation: None Modularity: Jet...
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