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krayiss ii

  1. Aspect of Resolve

    Populate  Krayiss Inquisitorius | (SO Populate of Najarka)

    Darth Vesanus, governor of Krayiss Two has gone rogue! Be it madness or the first salvo of a new war within Sith space, and on the eve of the Sith Order's new expansion no less, the man handpicked by Darth Carnifex to rule the world that was once a fortress of Darth Ophidia has betrayed his...
  2. Darth Ophidia

    Private  Hear it Sing

    The winds blew high on Krayiss Two. The pilot had taken Alisteri Haxim from one arrid planet to the next. At a glance one could easily mistake Krayiss for Ambria, if not for the distinct sensation of the planet's nature in the Force; where Ambria had all its past darkness locked in a single...
  3. Kahlil Noble

    Shh! No Talking In The Library

    To be an aspiring Sorcerer was a path filled with difficulty at first. Spells were hard to come by, as it often took spells to deal with the challenges left by those who came from before. Dubiety had heard of a time when these lessons were given out more freely, a time when the One Sith ruled...
  4. Darth Ophidia

    Approved Location  Library Temple of Krayiss II

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To submit a rebuilt Sith Library Temple on Krayiss II to replace the one that was destroyed by the Dominon, and to expand upon the lore of library temples and an under-used ancient sith-world. ​Image Credit: None used. Canon: Krayiss II Sith Obelisk and...
  5. Darth Ophidia

    Approved Species  Sithspawn - The Sentinel

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a Sithspawn monster guardian for the Library Temple of Krayiss II. ​Image Credit: Sarlacc-like by TheDjib on deviantArt Canon: [N/A] Links: ​Sarlacc [Wookiepedia article] Taozin [Wookiepedia article] Taozin Amulet [Wookiepedia article] Rathtar...
  6. Darth Ophidia

    Bloodshine Blades (Sinya)

    KRAYISS II Near the ancient library. Sith grow in strife. Bloodshed culls the weak and hardens the strong. Yet, some wounds hurt the order as a whole; venom dripping on the roots of a great tree. Those who called themselves Sith and struck at the structure of their order were Zati: False. They...
  7. Teynara Jeralyr

    [TSE vs The Dominion] Operation Dominion's Fall: TSE Invasion of Krayiss II Hex

    Aboard the DLS Retribution, one hyperspace jump away from Krayiss II The Sith fleet stood dormant in open space, restlessly awaiting the orders that would send their vessels hurtling forth towards the planetary destinations keyed into their navicomputers. The Dark Lord had decreed that it was...
  8. D

    Approved Location  Templestone

    TEMPLESTONE Name: Templestone Image Source: Lucis from FFXV Classification: Sith Fortified City Location: Krayiss II Affiliation: Grimoire (The Sith Order) Population: 70,000 Demographics: 70% Humanoid 30% Alien Points of Interest: The Count’s Tower: Once the set of a...
  9. Ellie Mors

    A Legacy of Monsters

    Krayiss II - 847 A.B.Y 2132 Hours What became of the ancient Sith empire was all but an afterthought nowadays, with the One Sith stampeding throughout the galaxy and free thought suppressed like almost never before, but even the sands of time have only hidden, buried, the relics of that past...
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