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khaleel malvern

  1. Loxa Visl

    Private  I Roved Out: Ch 3 - What We've Become

    Kal Shebbol Khaleel Malvern It only took one word: Moross. "There is a temple about an hour south of the starport," the twi'lek help desk clerk said, handing her a map and circling the symbol, "would you like me to call you a cab Miss?" Loxa understood the words temple, south, and starport...
  2. Khaleel Malvern

    The Prism

    "Where One Becomes Many." OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: x Canon Link: NA Primary Source: NA CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: The Prism Headquarters: The Interstellar Locations: Nar Shaddaa Coruscant Corellia Dubrillion Cantonica Terminus Operations: Wet work House...
  3. Khaleel Malvern

    Character  Khaleel Malvern

    "We are doomed to repeat the same patterns. Over... and over again." NAME: Khaleel Malvern FACTION: The Underworld RANK: Crime Boss SPECIES: Icarii AGE: 50s SEX: Male HEIGHT: Tol WEIGHT: Stocky EYES: Sapphire HAIR: Dark honey FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes No STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES [+] Able...
  4. Arage Bao

    Approved NPC  The Regulators

    Name: The Regulators Intent: To establish Khal's inner-circle. Affiliation: Khaleel Malvern. Availability: Rare Quality: [B] Type: Infantry - Special Ops. Strength: 24 Description: A decade ago Khaleel Malvern was a Jedi Knight serving the Republic, after being saved from a future of...
  5. Alleycat

    Shock Till You Drop

    Nar Shaddaa… Oh how Sasha had missed the lights and sounds, the comings and goings of the busy vertical city that was known as the Smugglers' Moon. For too long had she been stashed away on Arbra at Sanctuary Rock; the hideaway that her and [member="Jaron Lesan"] had made together. But with...
  6. Leilani Paaie

    Where do Pink Ravens roost?

    She was not a half breed zeltron she was full blooded with skin that wore an eternal glowing pink flush, her hair was so black it seemed to have blue highlights. She refrained from wearing the neon colors that others of her species wore she wore a form fitted red dress with a scoop neck, three...
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