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  1. The Third

    Approved Species  Mpira wa Manyoya

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a cute animal for the planet of Esthorhiel, in addition, my other races need something to eat Image Credit: Konami (1) / tenor (2) / Deviantart (3) / Deviantart (4) Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Esthorhiel, Kuonja GENERAL INFORMATION Name...
  2. K

    Character  Kael Syddi

    KAEL Theme Right Now Full Name Kael Syddi Alias(es) N/A Character Class(es) Mercenary/War Monger Homeworld TBD Age Early Twenties Personality Traits Greedy, Brash Education Traits TBD Lifestyle Traits TBD Rank(s) TBD Faction(s) Slice Syndicate - Eclipse Species...
  3. The Third

    Work In Progress  Kuonja

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an interesting insectoid species to be used as PC and NPC's. Also to create a race for my planet Esthorhiel. Image Credit: CephFuzz (1) / Andrew Krivulya (2) / imgur (3) / Dorje Bellbrook (4) / Destinypedia (5) / Destinypedia (6) / Destinypedia...
  4. S

    Codex Denied  Attendants species AKA Unidentified Insectoid Species (incomplete information)

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: These guys are one of the cooler species in Star Wars, and although we don't know much about them, I still think they would make interesting species. Image Credit: N/A (There isn't much art of them that I know of) Canon: Yes, this species is canon...
  5. Bovos

    Character  Bovos Tivken

    NAME: Bovos Tivken FACTION: Mithrax RANK: Mithrax Mechanic SPECIES: Cha'ta'ri AGE: 15 years old SEX: Male HEIGHT: 2.1 meters / 6.8 foot WEIGHT: 200kg EYES: Light Blue HAIR: Bovos does not have a mane nor does he have hair SKIN: Light Grey FORCE SENSITIVE: Force Sensitive but...
  6. Darakses

    Character  Darakses

    Original Image General Information Name: Darakses Faction: N/A Tribe: Mithrax Rank: Hunter Eldest Species: Cha'ta'ri Age: 19 Sex: Male Height: 2.68m Weight: 274Kg Eyes: Blue Hair: N/A Skin: Purple Exoskeleton: Dark Grey Force Sensitive: Yes Strengths and Weaknesses Soft Skills...
  7. Davak


  8. Chkhoz Pikeyy

    Chkhoz Pikeyy

    Chkhoz Pikeyy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Chkhoz Pikeyy Faction: Unaffiliated Rank: N/A Species: Verpine Age: 23 Sex: Hermaphroditic (Male Personality) Height: 1.7m/5'6 ft Weight: 60kg/132lbs...
  9. Dracken Pryce

    Approved Species  Quaug

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an interesting species for NPCs and Player Characters. ​Image Credit: Artist 1 Artist 2 Canon: No Links: Quarth Yuuzhan Vong War Twon Ketee GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Quaug Designation: Sentient Origins: The Quaug originally came from the far...
  10. S

    Approved Species  The Knull

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Antagonist for a subfaction ​Image Credit: Canon:N/A Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Knull Designation: Sentient Homeworld: Korth IV Language: Knull (Needs technology to speak other languages) Average Lifespan: 250...
  11. Varik Ice

    Approved Species  Harkrygsk

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To act as Antagonists for the Sovereignty, and a general threat in Wild Space. ​Image Credit: Image | Image Source Canon: N/A Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Harkrygsk Designation: Sentient Homeworld: Unknown Wild Space planet...
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