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imperial knight

  1. Simon Meinrad

    Character  Simon Meinrad

    SIMON MEINRAD � Music Neon Knights Aliases Cavalier Class(es) Bladesman Tactician Enforcer Birthplace Copperline Age Adult Personality Traits Judgemental Dutiful Idealist Rigid Rank(s) Jedi Knight Imperial Knight Imperial Sovereign Faction(s) Galactic Alliance New...
  2. Valkoryen

    Character  Valkoryen

    VALKORYEN Theme The Eternal Throne Full Name Valkoryen Sunfell Alias(es) Prince Wanderer Title(s) Prince-Claimant of the Eternal Empire Master and Protector of Zakuul Address: Valkoryen Sire Class(es) Paladin Noble Crusader Origin Zakuul Age Unknown Rank(s) High...
  3. Amena Kader

    Character  Amena Kader 2.0

    AMENA KADER Music Dance of Night Full name Amena Lailah Kader Aliases Viper Mena Class(es) Imperial Knight-Templar Inquisitor Birthplace Kandara Age Adult Personality Traits Witty Loyal Charismatic Classy Snobbish Reckless Stubborn Education Traits Knowledgeable Minx Lifestyle...
  4. V

    Character  Valerian Sigismund

    Name Valerian Sigismund Callsign / Alias Dawnblade Sword of Dawn Class(es) Fighter Duelist Birthplace Bastion Age Young Adult Personality Traits Dauntless Confident Charismatic Honorable Rugged Education Traits Aspiring Champion Blademaster Chivalry Lifestyle Traits Brothers in...
  5. Argella Gladiolus

    Character  Argella Fiona Gladiolus | The Princess That Was Promised

    || BACKGROUND || Theme: TBA Name: Argella Fiona Gladiolus Alias(es): The Princess That Was Promised Class(es): Knight, Warrior-monk, Aristocrat Birthplace: Hazaria, Anobis Force Sensitive: yes Force Alignment: Light || PHYSICAL PROFILE || Species: Human Age: Late teen Gender: Female Height...
  6. Minako Aoki-Barran

    Approved Tech  Mari Aoki-Barran's Imperial Knight Combat Armor

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A personal "Imperial Knight" armor for Mari Aoki-Barran. Image Source: Here, edited by me; Here. Canon Link: N/A. Permissions: Empire Manifest. Primary Source: Imperial Knight Battle Armor; Aoki Mira's Imperial Combat Armor. PRODUCTION INFORMATION...
  7. Galen Dooku

    First Reply  Channel What's Inside

    // Serenno | Seven years ago... "He is a shame, Elena!" his father hissed. Mother recoiled at the word, more afraid now of what that branding would do to her son than what her husband's wrath would do to her. She clenched her fists, white-knuckled as she stomped at him from across the family...
  8. Galen Dooku

    Character  Galen Dooku

    GALEN DOOKU Music Persona non Grata Aliases Imperator Class(es) Imperial Knight Duelist Birthplace Serenno Age Young Adult Personality Traits Cynical Ambitious Self-determined Lifestyle Traits Blademaster Disavowed Noble Rank(s) Knight Warden Faction(s) The Empire...
  9. Argilac

    Private  Glorious Spring

    OUTFIT: x TAG: Aoki-Barran Mira | Cataca Atra | Imperial Knights LOADOUT: in bio ANOBIS, BRIGHT JEWEL SECTOR, MID RIM, SUMMER 879 ABY "I have never advocated for war except as means of peace, so seek peace, but prepare for war. Because war... War never changes. War is like winter, and...
  10. Argilac

    Character  Argilac

    ARGILAC Theme def rebel - Head of the Table (Piano Mix) | Pink Floyd - Have A Cigar | Blue Öyster Cult - Then Came the Last Days of May Full Name Argilac Alias The Last Storm of Dubrillion Class(es) Sentinel Warlord Birthplace Dubrillion, Bright Jewel Sector, Mid Rim Age 51 (900...
  11. Sala'dine

    Approved Location  Imperial Knight Temple

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To codexify and update various temples of the jedi Image Credit: Imperial City Canon: N/A Permissions: My Subs Links: Clarity Gate Artificial Intelligence Collected Stars Pathway Module Warehouse Module Modular tubing Crew Module Medical Module Internal...
  12. Minako Aoki-Barran

    LFG  The Rebellious Imperial Knight

    Hello there! Mari Aoki-Barran is an Imperial Knight Errant. Well, more like a problem child forced to join them to straighten her out. Anyhow, she's prone to trouble and is already finding things she's not supposed to do! The kinds of threads I'm looking for are: Any interactions with...
  13. S

    Character  Samson Trahvai

  14. Siyndacha Aerin

    Character  Siyndacha Aerin

    SIYNDACHA AERIN Music untouchable Alias Siyn Lady Siyndacha Aerin of Eshan Class(es) Duelist Technomancer Birthplace Eshan Homeworld Bastion Age Early Twenties Personality Traits Ambitious Diligent Perceptive Zealous Education Traits Echani Upbringing Jedi Training Sith...
  15. Aoki-Barran Mira

    Approved Tech  Aoki Mira's Wakizashi ~ Fukaikiru, Deep Cut.

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a traditional wakizashi for the Atrisian hybrid, Aoki Mira. Image Source: Here. Canon Link: N/A. Permissions: N/A. Primary Source: Songsteel; Songsteel Sword; Sword; Utaken; Vibroblade; Vibroweapon. PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Aoki...
  16. Sahar

    Character  Sahar

  17. Aoki-Barran Mira

    The Road To Squirehood.

    "The Jedi were supposed to be peace keepers, defenders of the weak and harbingers of justice. Unfortunately, they had strayed from that path, so I strayed from them. Daughter, I encourage you to do the same." It was high noon. The maple trees lining the edges of the pathway offered little shade...
  18. Simon Meinrad

    Character  Simon Meinrad

    CAVALIER Music Aliases N/A Class(es) Duelist Force User Combatant Birthplace Age Forties Personality Traits Dutiful Brave Inexorable Education Traits Veteran Knight Lifestyle Traits Fighter Knight Rank(s) Master Faction(s) The Jedi Order [Former] New Imperial Order Imperial...
  19. Aoki-Barran Mira

    Approved Tech  Utaken ~ Aoki Mira's Songsteel Katana

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a traditional katana for the Atrisian hybrid, Aoki Mira. Passed down by her father. Image Source: Here. Canon Link: N/A. Permissions: N/A. Primary Source: Songsteel; Songsteel Sword; Sword; Electro Sword. PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Aoki...
  20. Melvain Braxis

    Character  Melvain Braxis - Regent of Feriae Junction

    KNIGHT REGENT Music ECLIPSE Aliases Mel Class(es) Chapter Mission Chapter Birthplace Feriae Junction Age Early Fifties Personality Traits Free-Spirited Dedicated Imperial Womanizer Education Traits Mandalorian Education Noble Education Lifestyle Traits Gallant Bougie PTSD...
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