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  1. Rhys Swynol


    Greetings! Welcome to the Grand Zinder Summer Fest! Due to the success of the previous Zinder held event, we have decided with the launch of the revamped app, to host a new and exciting summer fest! A chance for our elite and generous members to match with others and get to enjoy the warm...
  2. Kovhorn

    Private  Burning anger in freezing weather [private]

    Nox tossed the corpse in the snow outside of the office. The deal was brief, he got his credits, and let them deal with the body. The certainly had time now given the weather. His armor definitely gave him some protection but even with it he didn't feel like sticking it out in the snow. His ship...
  3. Aeris Lashiec

    Private  Hot, but also, Cold

    The small cooler in her off-hand was counterbalanced by the slightly bigger tray in the other. People gave Aeris a curious glance as she passed them by in the halls and she gave them a warm smile in return which felt weird given the nature of what her intent was. A friend of hers was in need...
  4. Redentor1

    Character  Hotya “Hot” Wral

    General Info NAME: Hotya "Hot" Wral FACTION: The Enclave RANK:Foundling SPECIES: Human AGE: late teens 16 - 18 GENDER: Male SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straightish HEIGHT: 6'0 WEIGHT: 200lbs EYES: Unknown HAIR: Unknown SKIN: Unknown FORCE SENSITIVE: We'll see Strengths &...
  5. Vletti'azan'uosus

    Approved NPC  Sap Hot

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Manager of singer Tiaza Image Credit: Wookieepedia Role: Handles Tiaza’s singing career, plans tour dates, controls money, hires needed employees Permissions: N/A Links: N/A PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: 57 Force Sensitivity: No Species: Muun Appearance: Like...
  6. Théodred Heavenshield

    Take Me To The River [Boo Heavenshield] Kashyyyk Finding Paradise It had only been a week or so since coming the Kashyyyk, Theo and Boo had been staying in the quarters at the Temple provided for them by Knight [member="Kei Raxis"] for which they were most grateful to him. It was a...
  7. Ellie Mors

    Cut To The Feeling (Open)

    (OOC Note: This was originally posted under the character [member=Nadja], please tag her if you wish to tag me) Cut To The Feeling Coruscant 851 ABY A quiet tune hummed from behind rose colored lips, disinterested eyes staring out of the viewport directly across the maglev train, while...
  8. Ember Asch Igantaus

    Ember 'Asch' Igantaus

    Queen of Embers "I'm coming for you Winter...and i can't wait to watch you burn." PERSONAL INFORMATION Name: Ember 'Asch' Igantaus Alias: Em - Cinder - Coal - Firefly Title: Queen of Embers - Dragon of The East Age: 485 Years Sex: Female Faction: None Faction Rank: N/A FU Rank...
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