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  1. Gatz Derrevar

    Private  The Ghosts of Dantooine

    Ship: The Red Night Equipment: Outfit | Lightsaber Tag: Vera Noble For the record, Gatz was well aware of what this assignment was all about: judging whether or not he had the capacity to lead a mission, and whether or not he could serve as guide to the younger Padawans of the Order. Oh, sure...
  2. Mia Monroe

    Duel  Ghosts of the Past

    The fire cracked and popped in the centre of the small hut, almost drowned by the sounds of the rain hammering on the roof. Zanbar had become her retreat, sparsely populated save for the wildlife, it was the easiest place for her to escape without being too far away. And escape was needed, even...
  3. Daxton Bane

    Private  Ghosts of the Past

    Judah Dashiell The Fist of God, Daxton's personal ship could barely be consider a Super Star Destroyer class vessel. Like its owner, it had been heavily modified with lsyers upon layers of the very best shield generators money could buy, and modified hangars filled drone fighters waiting to...
  4. Judah Dashiell

    Private  Ghosts

    SALEUCAMI Fire crackled as he sat outside. Stiff drink in one hand, Judah had just finished typing a message to Danger Arceneau regarding his return to the fold, so to speak. As far has he knew, everyone in the family was out in the Centrality Sector on a space station. He himself had drifted...
  5. Aelina Corsanis

    First Reply  The Mirror on Nathema

    Shani's feet touched the ground, and she took a moment to breathe deeply, trying to steady herself. It had been years since her last visit to Nathema, and the sight that greeted her was one of devastation and decay. The once-majestic Citadel and the surrounding town had not fared well over the...
  6. Caoimhe Crannach

    Private  Ghosts of the Empire: Meeting in the shadows

    Location:Telos IV Allies: Michael Barran FN-999 Laine Gowrie Aoki-Barran Mira Mari Aoki-Barran Elise Vizsla Tulan Kor Velran Kilran Abraxas Colt Argilac Tristan Evore Enemies: Neutral: Equipment:Equipment In Bio Song: Highland Sights She adjusted the uniform again. It had been some time...
  7. Aliris Tremiru

    Private  Ghosts Of The Past

    This was a big one. Of all the little trinkets she'd been searching for, this one had actual merit. A holocron. An actual holocron. It might not be one that directly linked to her family, but the programs in those were sentient, right? They probably knew something more about the Tremiru family...
  8. Maeve Linahan

    Private  A Temple of Ghosts

    Maeve climbed the steep walls of the Pardaith, the glacial mountains that cut across the planet’s landscape like a knife, as the cold bit into her skin. She had never seen a storm come down so fast, so rough. The wind lashed her back, and snow blurred her entire world white. It was like the...
  9. Westenra Mina

    Work In Progress  Heralds of Jedha

    Intent: [ State why you are making this submission and what purpose it will fulfill in RP. ] Image Credit: Role: Powerful, deadly individuals given advanced combat and sword training by Westenra Permissions: [Please link any...
  10. Westenra Mina

    Work In Progress  Wip

  11. Ascendant Resolve

    Faction  Chasing Ghosts || An Ascendancy Story

    Deep within the Eternity Vault, the Ascendancy discovered a piece of history. A mural that detailed a secret history of the Vault. A mural that proved they once worshiped the Unmaker. Upon that mural, a map was found. Incomplete though it was, the destination was unmistakable: The Shiraya...
  12. Kyrel Ren

    Public  Bleeding Ghosts of the Past

    His boots felt heavy against the ash ridden soil with every step. Looking around to the mixture of lava fields and the iron trees that had sprouted in an ever changing hellscape. They had often said that home was where the heart was, and if Kyrel ever had one it was within the world of Mustafar...
  13. Rax Tremira

    Private  Ghosts & Knuckles

    Nar Shaddaa - A little after Midnight local - The Ram Jam Fight Bar & Entertainment Lounge Rax leaned over, snorting into the bucket presented as the club went wild. He didn't look so hot. Bruised and bloodied, sweating like a racehorse, and his lip was clearly split from the bare-knuckle...
  14. Ikenna Tahj

    Work In Progress  Ghosts of Alderaan

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: [ State why you are making this submission and what purpose it will fulfill in RP. ] Image Credit: [ Provide credit to the original artist of the images in your submission. Link to the web page where it can be found and state the name of the original artist...
  15. Atlas Drake

    Public  Ghosts of Ossus (The Scar Worlds)

    fa-play fa-pause SITH CRASH SITE OSSUS WASTELAND THE SCAR WORLDS Romi Jade Brandyn Sal-Soren Kaleleon Kanbei Takezo Aeshi Tillian Audren Sykes Jerek Zenduu Mishel Kryze Gao-Feh-Yu Geiseric Cotan Sar'andor The Nomad "I've got a bad feeling about this." Everything about the Ossus wilds seemed...
  16. Darth Prazutis

    Private  Ghosts

    Pax Insul, Alu'an Village Ruins... Time had passed. Just how long since that day when he embarked on a ritual in support of his daughter Darth Mori who believed the impossible could be done. A decade passed since he lost her. Still no matter how many times he told his child she never stopped...
  17. Volts

    Faction  Ghosts of the Republic

    Remember the Republic Tag: Aloy Vizsla, Black Hand Crime Syndicate It's been over eight centuries since the Clone Wars. A massive conflict that would change the galaxy forever. It's impact would leave scars on most worlds, some still healing. The Galactic Republic of the past is gone along with...
  18. Taliya Kassell

    Private  Chapter 1: New Beginning

    Tag: Sakadi Marathi Sinvala Theme: Awaken Location Silver Rest Time was a funny thing, it flew by when you were having fun or slept and it would slow down when you were awake or performed boring tasks. For Taliya, however, time felt to not more at all as she was falling through a neverending...
  19. Darth Caecus

    Is It Real?

    Figurines that fall like leaves they disappear, keep calling It was more of comet now, she thought absently, staring at the red corona around the great chunk of death as it hurtled through the sky. A tail spread for kilometers behind it, and Xyra decided to use that to her advantage. Though it...
  20. Vora Kaar

    Drexel & Axel

    Name: Drexel Amalon Loyalties: Maxis Role: A ghost that follows Maxis. He can provide tactical advantages due to his knowledge of battle on the field. He is also Maxis' old boss/Friend Development Threads: Age: Forty-three Galactic...
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