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  1. Tae'l Vizsla

    Mission  Wolf's Den || Finale

    1 3 1 3 Four years. Four miserable years had they searched for the lost Alor of Clan Vizsla. Her mother. Stolen from her, by Apollyon The Betrayer . By deluded fanatics and traitors. Tayl watched with disgust as the Dar'manda of Imperialist Death Watch, clad in their accursed Tal'beskar...
  2. Tegan Starfall

    Public  The Series Finale of as Corellia Turns

    OPEN: To all let's have some chaotic old school fun attempt to Kill, Capture, or Redeem(Yeah right) Tegan Starfall . Location: Corellia Long before the Maw existed, long before the Dark Jedi broke away from the Jedi to become the God's of the Sith people and build countless empires, in time...
  3. The Count

    Minor Vote

    As you all saw in our's the poll...
  4. TheFalseRoman

    The Game Of Thrones Finale

    ABSOLUTELY DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU PLAN ON WATCHING THE FINALE YOURSELF I'd like to preface this with the fact that I really do love GoT. I think it was an incredible show and top marks to the cast and crew for visualising such a fantastic world. That being said, for me the ending of Game Of...
  5. Mother Askani

    Fate: Final Hours of a Jedi Master

    It had just a day into their investigation, and still things were as wcattered as they were when they started...but what gave them hope? The fact that they made progress. The Togruta Jedi Master stood silently in front of the observation window that gave view to the room the held the captives...
  6. Nikolas Faselli


    WHO AM I? I mean, what kind of question is it? People know who they are, right? Well, I don’t. Only recently I have started thinking about who I actually am. Maybe I am not the person I think I am? I have realized, that something controls my life, but I’m not sure what the thing is. Maybe it’s…...
  7. Nikolas Faselli

    The Finale of Lilith's ACT II

    Hi! There's a thing I have been thinking about for some time and it's the finale/endgame of Lilith Mae Lancaster's ACT II. If anyone of you remembers July, you might already know Lilith's ACT I was mostly about Lilith being a Jedi and the corruption which turned her to the Dark Side of the...
  8. D

    Onyx Endgame [Force Sensitives/Bounty Hunters]

    So in case no one has heard, I am going to be killing off Onyx soon. By that I mean IC. I am posting OOC as him but IC will be focusing on my other characters. I don't want to kill him till around November but I want to have a lead up to it. I already know who is going to kill me. I have...
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