Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Taeli Raaf

    Enclave Innovation Exclusive Cards

  2. Taeli Raaf

    Shield of the Rekindler Exclusive Cards

  3. Taeli Raaf

    Mandalorian Tradition Exclusive Cards

  4. Taeli Raaf

    Death Watch Purge Exclusive Cards

  5. Marcella Fiora

    Work In Progress  Fiora Vintners: Scuro Malbec (Exclusive Malbec)

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an exclusive brand of premium Malbec for characters to use to provide a layer of realism for RP. Image Source: Marcella Fiora (Logo), Novikov Designs (Packaging). Canon Link: Permissions: N/A Primary Source...
  6. Taeli Raaf

    Reach of the Tyrant Exclusive Cards

  7. Taeli Raaf

    Eldritch Creations Exclusive Cards

  8. Taeli Raaf

    Swarm of Secrets Exclusive Cards

  9. Tefka

    Resolved  Exclusive item subset removed.

    Exclusive item subsets for the Vault provided unintended behavior and has been removed.
  10. Taeli Raaf

    Lorekeepers of Ashla Exclusive Cards

  11. Taeli Raaf

    Sentinels of Sullust Exclusive Cards

  12. Taeli Raaf

    Pilgrims of the Unknown Exclusive Cards

  13. Taeli Raaf

    Sword of Ashla Exclusive Cards

  14. Taeli Raaf

    Shadow's Light Exclusive Cards

  15. Taeli Raaf

    Technoid Assembly Exclusive Cards

  16. Taeli Raaf

    Arceneau Expanse Exclusive Cards

  17. V

    Exclusive Bounty Posting

    EXCLUSIVE BOUNTY POSTING So, you want to post a bounty contract solely for the Guild? No problem, use the template below, and we can handle things outside of the public contracting hubs and get it sorted. As always, responsibility of the legality of the contract falls to you (the client), so if...
  18. Taeli Raaf

    Winter King's Light Exclusive Cards

  19. Jake Groundrunner

    Major Faction  Groundrunner For Chancellor: Exclusive Interview | The Galactic Alliance

    The camera panned over to a small table, chairs on either side. A few seconds past before men entered from each side of the screen. First to sit down was Josh Inust, host of The Daily Coruscant. Next to sit down was a man than not many knew, but held quite a bit of reputation within the...
  20. Felicity Skye

    Krixus Corp.

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: Hexagon w/ Circles Canon Link: N/A Development Thread: N/A Primary Source: N/A CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: Krixus Corp. Headquarters: Coruscant Locations: Coruscant || Metellos Trade Route Operations: Droid Manufacturing Tool Production...
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