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  1. Tertius C. Nargath

    Private  What's the deal with...?

    Generally, Tertius usually knew what to expect when he wanted to get what he wanted. Be it through long and arduous discussions with politicians, discussing terms and contracts with businessfolk or even sometimes the occasional dealings with thieves and smugglers that think they could outwit the...
  2. N

    Faction  The Deal (No Deal) | Invited SIA

    SIA BLACKSITE - UNDISCLOSED LOCATION CORUSCANT 2338 LOCAL TIME Nikolai Messervy was more comfortable here, in this place that didn't officially or politically exist, than he did in the SIA headquarters with its glass and gleaming chrome. This was an old building -- very secure but not...
  3. Evelynn Ostium

    LFG  Anyone wanting to talk or deal with a Crime boss on Coruscant?

    Hey, is anyone up for a thread with Evelynn? She's a crime boss on Coruscant with a tenacity to match her beauty. Comment if you want to try something. We can go public or private. Evelynn has a few locations in her ownership so we can go there or somewhere else if you prefer.
  4. Ivory Stroud

    Boost  The Coruscant Connection (Darkwire/Family Arms Deal, Invite Only)

    fa-play fa-pause (Don't Get In My Way, Zack Hemsey) Location: An abandoned warehouse Objectives: 1. Complete the arms deal. 2. Do not attract the attention of CorpSec. 3. Remain Anonymous. Family Writers: Yu Karloo Marcella Fiora Kenth Hoan Dedata | Celty Ree Ally: Jocelyn Pavaliah...
  5. Arcturus Dinn

    Private  One Deal Is What We Made

    "No, no, I really must insist against it, Mister." Even as the stout creature continued to chide him, words barely gracing his ears, Arcturus finished pulling the stopper off a bottle of some drink or another and brought it to his lips. It was a decidedly large bottle by Tynnan standards...
  6. Jax Thio

    Private  No Money, No Parts, No Deal!

    Location: Ossus Equipment: Jedi Desert Robes, Jax's Prosthetic Arm, Jax's Second Lightsaber, Promise Ring to Jairdain, Eyepatch Tag: Valery Noble "Ah chit. The shifter on Jax's Pod broke again, cheap piece of junk kept dangling from his cockpit for what felt like the hundredth time...
  7. Aliris Tremiru

    Private  Deal With A Devil

    There were fewer things that sent a chill down the young Sith's spine like necromancy. Despite her families reputation for sorcery and alchemy, it was the one subject she never truly delved into. Incantations, spell books, they were never really her thing. Her raw power in the Force had her...
  8. Shot Sutaz

    Private  The deal

    Location: Naboo, Locke and Key head office Time: Noon It was a sunny day on the planet of Naboo, as per usual. As she made her way through the brick laid streets and old architecture, her pure black eyes can't help but be enthralled by it all. This wasn't like anything she'd seen before...
  9. Aloy Vizsla

    Private  Face to Face

    Face to Face: The Mandalorian Several days ago: An encrypted message had been sent to Loreena Arenais personally through channels unknown, Carefully hidden from Imperials and other prying eyes. Tracing the message to it's source led back to a tourist trap on Shuldene, Centered in neutral...
  10. Jorco Czeku

    Business is Good

    The business deal meeting would be held on Rodia. It being common ground for the Confederacy of Independent Systems and POM Security. For it was territory to the faction and housed the second location for his company. This was supposed to be the big day to make things official before the battle...
  11. Ras'kala'han

    The Common Good [Commenor]

    Lorian would have drummed his fingers, but his arms were currently being scanned by a few remarkably patient and well-mannered security personnel. His clothing was a simple, black surcoat with his company's logo above his heart, worn over a slim-fit, white shirt and slacks. His face was sharply...
  12. Kurt Meyer

    This Is Where They'll Go

    [member="Triam Akovin"] Kiran wasn't a business man. He had never been one, and he would never be one. Alric had always taken care of the business that surrounded Kiran, he had even helped the Zeltron create Saeva before he disappeared. Yet he knew from watching his friend that a business...
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