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  1. R

    Public  Onderon Royal Coronation

    "For far to long, Onderon has been under the imperial yolk of the Silver Jedi Concord. With their collapse we shall see a new era of peace and prosperity for our planet. Onderon will never again be conquered!" - Former Viceroy of Iziz. It was the beginning of a new era for the Planet of...
  2. R

    LFG  King Raglan's Coronation

    Greetings! You have been invited to attend the Coronation of Raglan I Petryph of Onderon and the establishment of a New Royal Government to replace the Outdated Royal Court. Some possible things of interest to do there Gain Influence within the New Royal Government to promote your faction's...
  3. Kha'la Daaray

    Faction  The Queen's Coronation - Hapes Consortium launch [HC & friends]

    The Queen's Coronation Social Event Planet: Hapes Location: Lorell Hall Time: Post Coronation After a live broadcast of several hours, the brief intro tune of the Hapan News Network flashes onto screens across all planets of the Hapes Consortium. The camera shifts back to the friendly...
  4. EllieEx

    Gathering Of Sands - Coronation of Queen Vhei(Open to all mandalorians)

    One week prior... Illness was a strange thing.. Just like time, there was only so much one could do to defend themselves, and both had come for the Alor of House Naudir, Falken. He lay there quietly in his bed, white as a sheet, which was saying something for the naturally pale alor. His purple...
  5. Kay-Larr

    For All The Good We Do

    ~Wedding Invitation~ You are personally invited to the Royal Wedding of Lady Kay Larr and [member="Veiere Arenais"] in the forest near the Royal Palace at Chasin City. Accommodations will be provided. A reception will follow soon afterwards, along with a Coronation and some special...
  6. Ellie Mors

    Side-Story: Empress Teta

    Hi, civilian Lily Kuhn here! I'm not here for military skirmishes or duels or anything, but as a citizen of the Empress Teta Systems in the One Sith I figure this ceremony and the party that will be held afterward should be posted up here, too, so that anyone in the faction can find something...
  7. Ellie Mors

    The Climb (Empress Teta Coronation - Open)

    The Iron Citadel 'Well, this is it.' Lily thought to herself, looking out of the window that overlooked the vast majority of Cinnegar that was visible from the Iron Citadel. Unlike most every day, Lily wasn't at the capitol building for work related reasons. Rather, she was here for the...
  8. Ellie Mors

    Inheritance of Teta

    Monday June 6th will be Lily Kuhn's coronation as Empress of Teta (something that has been worked towards, on and off again, for the last 7-8 months). The thread will be an open public thread, something everyone is invited to join. Just remember that the system, and the planet itself, are within...
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